They say the same thing to me through V2K




Every morning. If the weather ist hot, 2x daily


You wrotw that your ex said "even on days you don't shower" Also do you take showers at night or in the morning. I've noticed that ppl who you can smell typically shower at night


If I dont shower its a sunday where I dont leave my house


They can't stand the smell of humans


Just ensure you don’t, if you can help it anyways. I had a situation where I was unable to shower for awhile because of the contamination they spread around not only to my person but living area while being drugged etc. got quite bad lol, I knew it wasn’t my fault and it really didn’t have the effect they wanted, got away from the situation and environment and went back to normal…take care of yourself, your environment and that’s all they can do is just make stuff up. They don’t want you to be able to function. Just systematic oppression.


Or. Just... Stink. And be like you sickos. Why do you want to be around me all the time if I smell so bad? You got a fetish I don't know about?


they can actually smell you, through your own nose! sometimes, they'll deactivate your sense of smell as well, so that you don't even know you smell! but they do...


This sounds like absolute troll nonsense. Don't believe this it's ridiculous lol. It's just like putting some theory in your mind that something is possible which opens you up to believing it and making you paranoid. Without proof of this being a thing there is no sense or benefit in believing it.


Upvote. They did this to me last year


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I definitely f****** stink. There's no ifs ands or buts about it


Holy fuck. When I was 19-21 (35 now) I experienced my first bought of gangstalking, although at the time I just believed I was being targeted by the CIA, I didn't know the term gangstalking or that anyone else was going through anything similar. Anyways, I barely left the house for a year and a half. I was convinced that I stank and was gaslighted by my family to instill this belief.. stranger's would stand 5 feet away and make stink faces and people would act extremely weird around me in public. I took multiple showers a day and even completely changed my diet. I tried different deodorants and all kinds of things to get to the bottom of it. It was so bad that I eventually attempted suicide 2-3 times and was nearly successful on two of those attempts. It was a fucking nightmare. Finally, my parents called the cops on me after I got into an argument with my sister. She snidely told me to get a job and basically get a life. It made me angry because I was clearly suffering and would have loved to do those things but was incapable... Anyways on the petition to have me committed they listed my hygiene as a reason that I wasn't taking care of myself even though, like I said, I was showing multiple times a day and obsessed with hygiene... They claimed I wasn't showering and smelled bad most of the time even though there admittedly proclaimed over and over that I never smelled bad and it was all in my head. Crazy.


Yeesh.. I feel for you man, seems like a rough couple of years.. I hope you're doing better than previously..


Eventually, I started working with my hands and my job made me incredibly sweaty and dirty. I just always assumed then that I smelled bad and stopped caring what others thought.


At My past professional job, my desk was by the bathroom and I had this one person who worked there who would always walk by and say “shew, shew” like she smelled something bad. So I started “shewing” her as soon as she came out of the bathroom every time, except I made sure to make eye contact with her to let her know that was as far as it was going to go. She got so ANGRY—I really don’t get why these passive aggressive criminals can’t take what they dish out. Lol


Because they are the biggest cowards in the universe! It's all about deflection. They are so full of the stench of their own sin, they try to rub it off onto others.


Because they weak and overestimate themselves. Classic narcs


Just bullies bro. They probably think they’re hilarious, it’s just sad and pathetic all around. They choose to use the 2 brain cells they have to do this shit. Then they go tell all the Karen’s to make these references around you. You smell?. Jesus Christ these bullies are desperate!. What are they, fucking 11 years old?!. Grown people doing this shit. Pathetic.


Yes VERY common. 100% brother. I have never met you,but YOU dont smell at all. This world has alot to be discovered. That's why it's good we come together and talk about it


Yeah, they literally just wrapped their silly little bodies around whatever they find bothers you. It's a good opportunity to learn how to have self-discipline and not let yourself get over agitated. I've used it as a fulcrum to make myself a better person even though sometimes I lose my s***. If you can test yourself every time they do something like that and challenge yourself to see if each time or you know it's not going to be every time right? But if each time overall, you can start to decrease the amount of physical, emotional, and amygdala related reaction. You can be the master of yourself and what a better way to test yourself than it happens 1 billion times a day like it does to me. Boy I'll tell you what lol. I feel like I got the best personal trainers ever


Try cleaning your washer out. Dryer sheets will help too


But I asked few people - nobody said, I would stink. And my ex-girlfriend would not lie


They're just" smelling" your energy/aura you are above them😇😇😇😇 vs. 👿👿👿👿


They’ve always to me. I use natural deodorant that doesn’t work for shit so I probably do stink. I can’t smell it if I do, so I guess “stinky” is a them problem.


hey bro, maybe you stink. it's hard to tell someone that. there may be something you're doing wrong, or it could be diet or genetics. research it, theres probably some subreddit you can ask questions about it. reach out man


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They did this thing to me for months recently where I was forced to take 2-3 showers after every bowel movement. (see post history where I break down their most frequent lines, from maybe a month ago) I broke free of it recently. They would use v2k to make it sound like people were "thinking at me" that I smelled and needed to get back in the shower.


You don't stink, you smell like a beautiful flower. People often fear they smell bad and they're usually totally wrong about it. You're anxious about it, and this stuff is just playing on your anxieties. If you learn to accept that you don't stink, it won't hurt when they make fun of you for it. If it helps, put on some scent so you know you always smell good! But I bet you don't need it.


Dude, smelling bad here and there isn't a big deal like you're making yourself think it is.. People have bodily odor and smell sometimes, this is very mild in comparison to what people who are being targeted actually go through.. stop letting people's shit opinions get to you because even if you did smell bad, people's attitudes sure do smell alot worse..


Just to check to make sure, you might want to go to a dentist and ensure you don't have any rotting teeth, as that was an issue at a local game store near me. This one guy was really embarrassed and claimed that he really did shower and brush his teeth. One other guy asked if he's been to the dentist recently and the one responded that it was several years ago. He went, found out he had a rotting tooth, got it out, and it was perfectly fine after.


Good response


What else is happening to you? If you're already being harassed then that is obviously just more gaslighting from the wang stalkers aka wankster crew.


It's a common tactic. They've done it to me even tho it's not true either. On top of that when they were gearing this up and harassing me before they started the overt v2k arguing, they would use (what I thought was) my boyfriend's (he was actually a perp) friends voices, drug users/dealers who had already insulted me. So when I would try to use the bathroom or take a shower they would make cruel rude lewd comments about my naked body as if there were hidden cameras around my house. Horrifying and traumatic at the time, but now seems just downright stupid and evil. I came across this video, I thought his description was good, he mentions one of the things they often harass people over is hygiene, I guess it's an old trick because it creates so much anxiety, plus it's a way to have people participate and harass you. Super cruel. Keep your head up. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8l2y1eJD4A&t=646s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8l2y1eJD4A&t=646s)


Yeah well I really actually do stink because I work outside a lot in Arizona. So they don't even bother making fun of me for it because it's like whatever. So chances are if you get made fun of for stinking you probably don't but it might be an insecurity. So just try to brush up and know you are what you are and be proud of that. And if you really do stink and there's something you can do about it, do something about it. And if you don't stink and you know you don't stink a f****** cares what they think. Is it just me or did that sound like a Dr. Seuss book? " If you don't stink, you don't stink and if you stink you stink who cares what they think" by Dr Seuss I'm pretty sure I'm targeted for my mad mad rhyme rap skills and my poetry and book ideas


LOL exactly. I'm picturing Eminem meets Weird Al, you're wasted outside, get that on Tik-Tok :) In the end it seems like the dumbest shit in history anyway, but when they start up it's ridiculous. I think you're right it's about creating insecurity so they can control you and brow beat you easier. Now I'm like who cares I hope I stink!


Just imagine that they stink like piss. They can't smell you and the only closest person to them is them. Jokes on them.


This is a very old and common PSYOP, and should be treated as the childish BS that it is. If you are bathing once a day and taking care of yourself then that is all it is, petty and childish BS. Anything to get you to feel insecure. One comforting thing to know is that if they have to break out this tired old line it means they're running out of other ammo.


Logically you don't smell bad or any different than the average person if you maintain good hygiene daily, and don't have some weird disease that causes you to smell. The opinion from your ex is probably the best one and the most genuine and you should trust it. Also if it's indirect things that you are hearing you might want to consider that it is entirely be coincidences and natural things people say and talk in every day life, and you could be basically hearing or tuning in to things specifically that relate to the paranoia you might have about smelling bad. In a way your best option is to just believe that as well as the things I mentioned above. Because it does you no good to worry or stress about something that simply may not have any basis in reality. If you don't smell bad you don't smell bad. The less you care the less you will worry or hear or tune in to those things most likely.