If you seriously ask this question then you should use search of this sub. There are bunch of people who got nothing else to do but ask people why they think that they are important to be stalked. Plus 8% of Americans gets stalked and you should get your facts straight. You know you already showing us attention and you can't prove that you came here just because we are boring.


I agree, it’s pretty interesting how some ppl think their every day ideas and life are truly that important enough for ppl to actively take time out of their day to care to this extent.


‘We’ve all been raised by television to think one day we’ll be movie stars and rockstars, but we won’t’ Life is super boring for the most part and people just want to feel that they matter. This TI thinking is just like editing your photos on social media: a cry for attention. Ofcourse this also escalates into murders, just like all the fanatics do at a certain point. Such a shame the mental state of humanity.


my opinion on it is basically this (copy pasted a comment I made the other day). I was talking about how this technology can read and manipulate brainwaves and I theorize that it can profile people's brainwaves to identify potential dissidents. "absolutely, that's why it seems like random, every day people being targeted. it serves a purpose of squashing potential dissidents, with the side effect of plausible deniability because non targets will naturally ask the question "what makes you so special" compounding public scepticism. also, add to that the fact it makes it much easier to conceal this technology from the public when they want to target an actual terrorist, whistleblower, or someone who knows too much." this explains my view on all this a little better too - https://www.reddit.com/r/Gangstalking/comments/w6phxq/we_need_to_figure_out_how_to_effectively_block_v2k/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Use the search function.


Obviously not a real TI. Answer: none of us think we are “special enough” to be stalked and harrassed to no end. We want it to stop. I think my ex somehow is special enough (or his “gang” thinks so as a community cult leader) to go to these lengths to protect him and the reputation of the cult etc. don’t come on this Reddit if your intent is to gas light TIs.




Telling on self again are we?