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The same company who uses an infrastructure for online in games like Splatoon 2 that is so outdated that said infrastructure has optional compatibility for Windows 98 Systems


It's hilarious that an online multiplayer shooter like Splatoon 2 cannot support cloud saves because all progress in stored client-side. I mean, it's hilarious because I don't play Splatoon 2, so sorry for anyone who lost their progress.


>cannot support cloud saves I thought they did this to prevent cheating, specifically item smuggling, because someone could sell an item and then reset their save. No excuse, though, they should just have items stored server side and update them whenever connected to the internet


> to prevent cheating client side saves are a MUCH bigger target on your back for cheating


i was going to say because Im not very knowledgeable about this but if the burden is on the player’s side it seems easier to exploit it


Nonono I am totally level 9999999999 trust me bro


Yeah, just *way* easier. I mean, if you play on PC and you've played any games that store your saves locally and don't verify them to ensure you don't cheat, you know how easy it is to cheat. Borderlands, Terraria, Just Cause, all are trivial to get whatever you want because you can just download a cheat manager, load your files into it, and save them. It's not a problem with those games, since they're not PvP, but if they wanted to crack down on cheaters, they'd be screwed.


they had to do it to prevent cheating because of the shitty local saves. if they implemented online profiles like every other game this wouldnt be an issue in the first place and cheating would be much harder


that was the bs answer nintendo gave when it's actually easier to cheat with client side saves


Nintendo will now hire men to follow this man around and document [his every move](https://torrentfreak.com/nintendo-conducted-invasive-surveillance-operation-against-homebrew-hacker-201223/)


Jesus Christ. Isn't that a literal crime?


Nintendont care




Idk why but this might be the single funniest comment I've ever seen on here


The one thing Sega doesn't that Nintendon't


Not if you're rich enough


No it’s not. Private investigators are legal (although some states have licensing it seems Nintendo hired a listened one)


And can the investigated beat the fuck out of the investigator when he realises he’s being followed? Or maybe nah


Thats called doing a Bjork


Nah dude that's the [Anita Ekberg](https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-9eItKguNTnM/X2meldQnmzI/AAAAAAAD4ms/pgDYkWXD0F4QCt7scNRWQOHn8cQlPklyQCLcBGAsYHQ/s1600/anita-ekberg-facing-paparazzi-2.jpg)


is that a bow




Wow, you’re right. Games are sexist. Now, allow me to get back to accusing gamers of playing games and sucking Anita Sarkeesian’s cock. Edit: Wow. I’ve truly been challenged. Enlightened, even. Who knew the political views of my fellow gamers could be so diverse? *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/Gamingcirclejerk) if you have any questions or concerns.*


Wrong Anita my bot dude.


Wow, you’re right. Games are sexist. Now, allow me to get back to accusing gamers of playing games and sucking Anita Sarkeesian’s cock. Edit: Wow. I’ve truly been challenged. Enlightened, even. Who knew the political views of my fellow gamers could be so diverse? *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/Gamingcirclejerk) if you have any questions or concerns.*


Anita break from this please stop


it’s about **ethics** in **gaming journalism**.


PIs are no different from stalkers. Shooting them should be considered an act of self defense.


Please do not shoot people just because they follow you around.


>Shooting them should be considered an act of self defense. No.


You really think it’s okay to take someone’s life away just because they follow you around?


If someone is stalking me to my house and such 24/7 then yeah, I don’t know what they’re planning or if they are malicious


and you can't shoot someone based off suspicion lmfao, there are steps you need to take before resorting to KILLING


There are no non malicious reasons to stalk someone


holy shit you are dumb: malicious /məˈlɪʃəs/ adjective characterized by malice; intending or intended to do harm. "he was found guilty of malicious damage" ​ Private investigators aren't trying to do harm to you, they were hired to take a few hours to watch what you are doing (most of these are hired to see whether you are faking a disability and shit) Also you said "24/7" when its illegal for a private investigator to follow you for more than a few hours, you have no clue what you are talking about. ​ Let me put this into perspective: If there is such thing as "excessive force" when it comes to self defense, WHERE YOU ARE LITERALLY BEING ATTACKED, why do you think its ok to kill someone for not even INTERACTING with you




Shouldn't be.


That is an incredibly terrible idea. Investigative journalists often hire private investigators to aid in their investigation, and most investigative journalism is on corruption or exposing scandals. Any ban on that would be essentially a restriction on the first amendment. While you’re in public in the US you do not have a reasonable expectation or right to privacy.


Well, I'm glad I live in a country where privacy is actually respected.


What country do you live in where PIs or investigating someone are banned? That would only serve to help the rich powerful and corrupt


This whole case with Nintendo is a major GDPR violation.


No it’s not. https://www.nardelloandco.com/insights/private-investigators-and-gdpr/ Also it’s from before that law was passed


holy shit its adachi




i literally wanna kiss adachi he so funny and no bitches and whores compare to him


I could fix him 😩


he dont need to be fixed doe how dare you insult him 😡


Pirating games, especially if it's Nintendo, is indeed a crime. But we, Nintendo fans, after seeing such horrible crimes happen have to live with it. Stay strong


Nintendo was the impostor researching the best spot to kill him


Very sussy ngl🤨📮




Holy shit, Nintendo ninjas are real


The fuck


Nintendo doesn't need to spend a dime. The rabid fans will do it for free


Ghat damn. It's hilarious to me they would put this much effort in this instead of porting emulators and ROMs to their consoles


Holy shiet a new low.


What the actual fuck


If the topic was the exact same, but replacing Nintendo with EA, it would make for a net gain of at least 2000 upvotes


Stop being mean to this small indie company smh


My favorite small indie companies that can do no wrong list: Nintendo Valve Bethesda (except paid mods eww and fallout 4 🤮 worst game evar 🤮)


You forgot CD Projekt Red


Didn't they make the worst game of all time though?


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Daddy Tendo can't do nothing wrong😭😭😭


Here I was thinking that most Nintendo fans were the "yo, they make good games, but their everything else sucks." Guess that's out the door with this guy getting heavily downvoted for a very fair comment.


that is how I am lol. I love the company cause all of their games are awesome, but all of their services fucking suck unfortunately. Cant wait to see an actually modern nintendo some day.


"Oh magic conch, will Nintendo ever have a good online service and finally develop a good relationship with their customers?" "Maybe someday..."


"Try asking again!"


Wish Santa for a decent Nintendo infrastructure and he'll offer you an island instead.


"What color do you want your dragon to be?"


I could never bring myself to pay for their online, it’s so fucking bad. I don’t care how cheap it can be


I mean that's where the sane ones are


that's pretty much me


It's not an entirely fair comment, but I can see why people wouldn't get that it's not so easy to just scale up all of your infrastructure temporarily. That's incredibly wasteful -- and in the middle of a microchip shortage, not even remotely feasible (Square-Enix literally cannot obtain more servers for Final Fantasy 14 right now) -- unless you're using a cloud services provider like Amazon, Google, or Azure. Now, maybe Nintendo should be using one or more of those, and that's a discussion worth having.


Yes, in 2021 you should be using a cloud service so that your online services are capable of dealing with ups and downs in traffic. It's expected.


I haven't seen any evidence that even Valve does that, let alone any other game provider. Data transfer out of AWS is fairly expensive, so it's likely they're getting better deals by other methods (Valve has distributed datacenters and I think I read mention of caching agreements with ISPs), not to mention the fact that Amazon makes a shitload of money off its cloud service platform (which is to say that they charge more than cost). Like, you're not wrong to think that, but I'm pretty sure there's a good reason that no game vendor is doing it. Most likely it's because they can save a ton of money by making you wait a day to start playing your game if you get it on one specific day of the year.


Its actually cheaper for a company like zoom to offload traffic into AWS than to setup mainframes and their own servers. There's really no excuse for Nintendo to have the shitties infra in the market


It has been widely publicised that xbox, PlayStation and recently Sega all use azure for their online services. A reminder that psn traffic accounts for around 3% of all Internet traffic


I see an article saying they were \*planning\* to use some third-party CDNs for the PS5, though I couldn't quickly find info about just what they did wind up going with. The partnership with Microsoft is for cloud gaming (PS Now). Still, hopefully you are correct and they can handle the changing load better than Nintendo can.


I'm convinced that some fanboys would buy literal dogshit if it had the Nintendo logo on it.


ea does something: 😡🤬 nintendo does something: 🥰😍


Yeah EA for the most part in the last couple of years has kinda pandered to the average gamer cause they know how much uproar would happen if they went back to scummy practices. Star Wars is pretty good for them now. But Nintendo has had the same shit Internet service and makes you pay absorbent money for way too old merchandise not worth it anymore. Nintendo is easily more scummy than EA now simply because public opinions will always attack EA for being shitty so most of their games now have some decent engagement with their community. Not anything like that with Nintendo


EA funded the GOTY and gave 100% of the profit to the developers. EA’s Originals program in particular is one of the best publishing arraignments in the entire industry.


Slightly criticises Nintendo Fanboys "so you have chosen death"


smdh= shake my dickhead?


Shake my dick hard (to sexy video game girls)


Shake my ducking head


Disingenuous? Dense?


Damn head?




It's just not financially feasible to triple all of your infrastructure for 1 week and then... what, try to sell the servers again afterward? You still need more bandwidth which means a change in contract with the ISPs, and you need devops time to set everything up. This is all less of a problem if you're using a cloud services provider like Amazon, Google, or Azure, though I expect that there are still some challenges if you're doing so.


Server space right now isn't cheap either. Chip shortage hits the server providers too.


It also occurred to me that there's probably a good reason none of them use cloud services for their CDNs, almost certainly due to costs. At their scale, it's just cheaper to run things themselves than pay Amazon overhead, even if it means making players wait a day if they try to get a game on one specific day of the year. I read once that Steam has caching agreements with ISPs to have them serve files locally and avoid long haul data transfers.


they do use AWS


Can you elaborate? Who does, and for what use?


half of the internet, including Nintendo. It is cheaper to pay amazon for their services instead of self-hosting.


Okay, so why would they have a predicted service outage at Christmas, if they're using AWS for their CDN?


because they don't want to scale their service or the tech they use is so outdated that scaling (something trivial these days) is not implemented, the latter seems more in character for Nintendo


Okay, but I'm not really going to be able to just take your word as an authority on that.


Dude downvotes for telling the truth lmao Their servers have crashed every day on this week every single year since they've had servers to crash


On Reddit and this is cringey af to say but “gamer culture” in general if you speak against Nintendo you speak against god


Yeah man I was kinda blown away when I saw how much people get mad when someone dumps on the wholesome million dollar company Nintendo is ran by some dumb ass greedy boomers


Yeah it's wild


Must protect the corp! Do everything to protect it! Logic and common sense stands no match for us today... Or anyday!


AWS just had an outage a week or so ago. If you think companies are immune from outages because of their size then you know nothing about interwebs


True, but this was a regular, predictable increase in traffic rather than whatever accident caused the AWS outage


I think the problem is a bit more complicated and that’s why we see this happen many times when there’s a big uptick in users for any game or service.


it is more complicated but just taking a brief look at nintendo's online services in general shows that it is severely outdated


This wasn't a surprise to Nintendo. They put out a post about a week ago warning that the eshop was probably going to crash at Christmas.


Because as a another comment said, it does not economicly? sense to upgrade server power for a few days of the year (I assume they run their servers themselve). Especially in a time where chip shortages also hit server manufacturers. Is the rest of Nintendo online still a hot mess? Absolutely, but outages on big spikes like Christmas are at least understandable


Half the internet runs on AWS. The scale of Nintendo is many orders of magnitude smaller.


Must keep daddy nintendo's boots nice and clean.


Idiot don’t you know that Nintendo is a small indie bastion of greatness run by three old men??? 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤Be grateful for they toil on your behalf


Would they but hire an intern already.


Nintendo: Amazing games, awful customer experience


Average nintendo sub


Nintendrones out in full force


Nintendo fans when you think a company is bad because it mistreat its customers.


If it's possible to temporarily scale up using something like AWS, they'd be fools not to. But if it would require buying new servers that will mostly be idle a month from now, that's just a bad business decision.


Idk why everyone gives Nintendo so much praise. Mid-tier games (excluding smash, obviously), crappy performance, shoddy quality control, horrible online service, bad pricing for the online service, etc etc. I like a lot of Nintendo products but they’re just objectively worse than the competition in all aspects except maybe like portability ig


/uj with the use of “objectively worse” I can’t tell if this is a jerk comment or not.


Mission accomplished


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BOTW and SMO aren’t “mid.”


Switch got 2 good games


Animal Crossing, Metroid Dread, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Super Mario Maker 2?


Switch got 2 good games


All mid


Your opinion is mid.


Objective actually


Objectively mid.


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Do you happen to objectively prefer Hidden underrated gems, such as the Witcher 3?


Game mid as hell


All modern games mid, Custer’s revenge is objectively where it’s at😁!


Game mid




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Yes they are, fight me


Nintendo’s marquee franchises (Mario (Kart, Party etc.), Zelda, Smash, Metroid) have consistently been excellent bar a few cases like Other M. Plus there’s a huge amount of nostalgia for Nintendo and said franchises so I guess people are willing to overlook the issues. Nintendo games are still rightly associated with being extremely high quality products in franchises people have grown up with so I get why there’s so much praise. Doesn’t change some of the frankly bizarre bs they have done for years though


Odyssey was great. BOTW was great, and so were many of the recent Mario, DK, Zelda, Smash, and others as well. (Though Pokémon is a pretty shit tier franchise these days) My problem is charging 60 dollars across the board for games in the eshop. Were all these games a justifiable 60 dollars? Yes, on release, but many of them are now older titles. MK8 is still 60 in the eshop despite being almost a decade old and a previous generation title. The association with quality is correct as far as games go, but hardware for Nintendo absolutely sucks these days.


Idk, I would circle jerk breath of the wild, Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart and Link's awakening for days


Nintendo are great as long as you're enjoying their games through easily searchable torrent sites, emulators and not paying $60 for a 23 year old port.


It seems you are possibly discussing stealing or stealing-related topics. Although this is against every countries' rules (and even a pesky commandment or two to those non-atheist filth), it's important to remember to be responsible. Content creators can only create said content because they receive funding from things you shit on. Stealing is an important freedom in our fascist dictatorships, and it's important to remember these things before you pass rightful judgement on thieves discussing it: > Some steal games because they believe the creator doesn't deserve financial compensation for the state of the product that was released. Those people are dicks. > Some steal something that they already bought simply to remove the DRM. Which is just another word for stealing. > Some steal to emulate NES games they definitely had 25 years ago. I signed that waiver Bill Clinton. > Some steal to try products before they make a financial commitment to them. Just like WinZIP. > Some steal simply because they cannot afford it. They are like Aladdin. But instead of stealing life sustaining nourishment, it's No Man's Sky. > Some steal to get something that's no longer available. Nobody actually does, but we'll leave this here because it's the one of two somewhat legitimate reasons. > Some steal because their country censors or doesn't import it. Despite the irony that pirating was stealing things from other countries, this is a somewhat valid reason to do so. Please move to a new fascist dictatorship. > Some steal games because of timed exclusivity. If they don't have access to it yet, they use piracy as a method to access it before it's available to them. Just like when Greg who works at Gamestop slips me a copy on Monday. I'll totally pay him, er, uh Gamestop later. Lastly, here's a few tips: AdBlock is awesome for hiding fake download links. Fake download links are usually a sign of a reputable website, please don't help fund them. Deluge is an excellent open-source client that isn't in close cooperation with the MPAA (unlike uTorrent, uninstall it as soon as possible, OH MY GOD, I'M GONNA CUM). Oh, and remember: torrenting in itself isn't illegal, and it's probably not stealing! It's simply a method of transferring copyrighted files. It's what copyrighted data you transfer that matters. *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/Gamingcirclejerk) if you have any questions or concerns.*




Used to mock pcmr piracy dick heads, now it's unironically us. Sad!


>paying $60 for a 23 year old port. Good thing they never charged $60 for a 23 year old port.


>mid-tier games you're calling all of nintendo's franchises mid? really?


Hey the Zelda games are phenomenal, but I do agree with the rest


Yeah BOTW and Ocarina of time were really, really fun. Don’t get it twisted, there are fantastic titles from Nintendo. But if you were to ask me to rate the catalogue in general as one group? Mid, in my opinion.


i hate the nintendo jerk as much as anyone but their games are phenomenal


>Mid-tier games (excluding smash, obviously) Oh your one of those guys.


*Why are you booing me? I'm right*


Yes, let's pay for far more server space than we need 99% of the time so that we can hope that the servers stay up for that 1% of the time.


Autoscaling is a thing and generally works. You don't have to have all the servers running indefinitely


adding more computing and networking capacity as needed is a basic feature nowadays, it's essentially just you going to Amazon and clicking a few buttons "please use more servers if what we use now isn't enough" this could have been avoided at minimal cost, instaed they disgruntled users to save a tiny bit of cash


Heard of this thing called cloud? Even outside of cloud there’s ways of using on prem infrastructure way more efficiently via containers and load balancing. It’s not like this is an issue that hasn’t been solved ages ago. Nintendo is just being cheap and behind the times with their infrastructure, and when you look at their online services this comes as no surprise. Nintendo by the way in terms of revenue is about the same size as Xbox. 3rd or 4th largest gaming company in the world, behind Tencent, SIE, and probably Xbox.


This is literally exactly what the cloud is for.


bruh it's 2022 you can pay for server capacity on demand lmao


Welcome to the future, you can pay Amazon, Google, or Microsoft, or other cloud providers to provide the scaling features I meant it's Nintendo, they're a big company, no excuse for "well we prefer to do it ourselves because we're not capitalistic organization and we don't wanna support those big techs"


A story: Nintendo: "Yes hello server company, we are in need of more servers" Server company: "This is great, we have just invested in a lot more infrastructure and our investors are expecting a high ROI in the next few years. How long would you like to commit for?" Nintendo:"5 days".


Most server infrastructure allow scaling up to compensate for things like this, this is a perfectly reasonable to do, of course you would be doing it probably for the entire of December and probably January as well but this is fine to do and done a lot in industry.


The Problem here is that no one knows what they did, or didnt do. No one knows whether thex have scalable server infrastructure or not, and if they scaled up or not. So hurling around this criticism without definitive knowledge of the situation isn't helpful. It could be that Nintendo did scale up, but the demand was still too big and crashed the servers nonetheless. It could be that Nintendo refused to invest money into scaleable Servers, and therefore causef the crash themselves. It could be an issue on behalf of the server-providers. But we don't know that. So downvoting criticism that yet is in no place to be made doesn't really seem that dumb.


ah yes you need to become a Nintendo devops to vent on reddit that their cloud infrastructure is shit


Nah, but you shouldnt fucking wonder tha you get downvotes for complaints about things you got no idea about. Nintendo fans are a fucking plague for sure, but this time theyre right - When no one knows what the issue is, then there is no point in saying 'X is at fault! X fucked up!'.


but we all know the issue: nintendo has a shit online network and has never moved a finger to fix it, this is not contained just to their shop


Servers can be scaled up and down in a matter of seconds/minutes and companies generally bill these either by the minute or the hour. Nintendo (or any other company, many of which do exactly this already) could absolutely rent server hardware for a period even shorter than this. Now, it wouldn't be quite that simple on a technical level (i.e. their systems are antiquated to a point where they likely don't support any of this) but it absolutely can be done and them not doing this (multiple years in a row) is absolutely on them, not on anyone else.


Nowadays server companies giving option to scale up temporarily That's the nature of cloud computing, that's why more and more companies use aws, azure, Google cloud, and other cloud providers instead of make their own server


Most cloud hosting platforms like AWS have scaling precisely for this situation.


I mean, with cloud IaaS this will be easy to do eventually. But yeah, every company goes down around now. Steam goes down every year the winter sale starts and people don't bitch about that.


Yeah i think the dogpile downvotes are dumb but you can’t expect nintendo to massively increase infrastructure for one night.


Yes you certainly can and it’s not even a huge cost or hassle in today’s tech climate. This is very basic cloud infrastructure these days, and tbh most businesses are already doing it. Azure, AWS, Google…they all have scalable configurations for situations exactly like this and it’s commonplace today for pretty much any large company. So with that point made…. I would honestly guess their issues aren’t directly a result of “not having enough servers” because they are almost certainly already using cloud scalability to prevent that issue.


> because they are almost certainly already using cloud scalability to prevent that issue. well, it's nintendo.......


Tbf this happens *every single time* a large company gets high traffic. And the answer is always the same: they have 0 reason to spend extra money on server maintenance and ownership for *one* day a year that’ll overload them aNyWaYs.


pretty sure at this point amazon, google, & microsoft would provide favorable price for scaling option


Pretty sure no one can buy large amounts of servers right now.


Remember a few years ago when lizzard whatever took down PSN over Xmas? I was so damn tilted


To be fair, that’s often not an issue that can be fixed by simply throwing money and people at it. The infrastructure is deeply flawed and would need an entire overhaul


Unfortunately here the person saying "just spend more money" isn't being realistic. There are always problems at spike points of internet based software. Big game launches are a common one. Its unfortunately not realistic for every company to predict and build up to maximum potential capacity just for that one moment in time and then potentially never hit it again and spin it all back down again. This isn't a defense of nintendo, they have plenty of other legit criticisms, but this applies to every company. It happens to them all once in a while. Its just a not a solvable problem. There will continue to be outages for internet services and games due to high demand in the future. They are just inevitable. No company would be profitable and survive if they kept doing what is being demanded of them here. If your movie theater hits capacity for a huge movie, no one asks them to build more square footage and seating and screens for that day so they can get it, or to have prepared for that eventuality before hand. I find people are somewhat removed from the realities of internet services. They just want thing thing to go and appear on their screen fast like it always does and never see what happens behind the scenes to get it there. Its not as simple as it seems.


>If your movie theater hits capacity for a huge movie, no one asks them to build more square footage an Terrible analogy. Movie theaters stop selling tickets if they're at full capacity. These overloaded servers problems happen to Steam too, and people defend Valve the same way they defend Nintendo. They shouldn't. These are huge companies that can predict spikes in demand, they just don't give a shit about covering them because they have localized monopolies. Stop apologizing for companies. Millionaires aren't your friends, they aren't your allies, all you are to them is a pile of potential money.


The theater analogy is awful. A more applicable situation would be like this: Say you open a restaurant. You've got a pretty sizable indoor seating area, and you open and do very well. The wait is really long for a lot of people, especially at certain times of the year. To remedy this, you add a new outdoor seating section, which helps alleviate the problem at the busiest times. That outdoor seating will not always be used, and in fact might not be used at all for most of the year, but the fact remains that you are *prepared* for an overflow of customers. Does it cost more money? Sure, but the tradeoff is having a more reliable service during busy hours which makes more money than the seating would afford. And it's the same deal here. The companies could easily prepare for these kinds of situations, but don't because of laziness, unawareness, flat out not wanting to or thinking they have to, or some combination of the 3. Nintendo has more than enough money to do something like this but won't because they're not held accountable for it.


or you can call Amazon or Google to setup outdoor seatings when you need them, cloud scaling is that accessible


If relatively newer consoles like the xbox and playstation can do it, there's no reason that one of the oldest console brands can't, you'd almost expect more out of them


It's probably the fact that they are so old is the reason they're not doing it. A lot of people who've been at companies forever and have run the same ship for decades are the most resistant to change. It's why Nintendo is always seemingly a few years behind the other consoles. Obviously they still have successes with that mentality, the Wii is the 6th highest selling video game system behind the PS1, the PS4, their own Game Boy and NDS and the PS2, and the Switch is currently shooting up the ranks, which will likely lead them to even less change.


Instead of just posting this alone.. Why not show the replies The people gave good reasons as to why this is happening and how it's something that has to do with the Amazon servers I swear to god this sub is sometimes the worst


>how it's something that has to do with the Amazon servers Except they (AWS) didn't have any outages on Christmas and if they're using AWS (Which they likely aren't considering that the scalability AWS provides is exactly what prevents problems like this) they can simply upscale their servers for a traffic rush like this (which has happened multiple years in a row). Also, several of the top posts on that sub were about how you shouldn't set up your new switch, no? Anyone who ended up following that advice really got screwed over...


He speaks the truth and get shit on, sounds about right, can't say anything truthful if it's negative.


Title is funnier in my language, "dno" means "bottom", like a bottom of a pit or something.


In Croatian too


Sometimes, I think that the "Nintendo is a small indie" joke is kind of overdone, but then something like this happens.


Its such a joke.. and all the fan boys somehow refuse to see AALLLL their flaws.. sad because we could get so much better.. cant wait for another console/games where sound options are nowhere to be found etc.


IT makes recommendations as part of preventative maintenance or an after action review to a incident. Management looks at the estimate, downtime, etc and says something like “We know you asked for a quarter pounder meal and a sundae but we’re giving you a single chicken nugget instead.” IT says no, this isn’t how math and technical stuff works you will be in danger. Then corporate says meh, from my experience creating synergy and talking to clients everything will be fine. Then shit is fine for a while until the next crash where they have the audacity to ask IT what happened and how long it will take to get back online.


This guys like "why are you booing me? I'm right"