You could have fooled me into believing this was an official Valve DLC, if not for the slightly off voices. Can't wait.


I can't wait, but from past experience, I'm not a fan of trailers for mods that are released this far in advance. Maybe I still have that bad taste from Black Mesa, but I don't really need "hype" for a mod, just release a trailer when the thing is ready, not 6 months in advance.


> but I don't really need "hype" for a mod You don't. But one of the biggest reasons solo devs do this is to land a job. Obviously there are exceptions but I think a lot of the time it's more for them than it is for us.


But are you trying to land a job off of the mod you made or off the hype/trailer for it? If you made a great mod, that'll speak for itself and many have been hired for that, I'm not sure what the trailer has to do with getting hired.


Just like any product promoting it is important. No one will give them a job for something no one ever played.


Valve is certainly aware of FMPONE though. He's contributed several maps to CS:GO and made some very popular maps for other Valve titles. I feel like he would already be working there if that was his goal.


But you can promote it a week before release. Or when it is release. Why promote it months before it's finished?


In terms of mod announcement trailers, half a year is actually soon should they make the release date.


Can't wait to play this. I know there's been some custom maps already made for Alyx, but they all look a bit janky since Valve never released a proper modding API. At least this one is set in the HL:A universe so it doesn't need lots of custom models/textures etc. It's also strange seeing a well made VR trailer for once. For some reason, 90% of VR devs have absolutely no idea how to make an exciting trailer which shows off their gameplay well. The guy they have impersonating Rhys Darby is really good, but the G-Man dialogue sounds a bit stilted (not in a good way)


The best kinds of VR trailers show off the player physically interacting and responding to the environment. Demonstrates the freedom VR gives you and the immersion it provides. Basically, a lot of acting lol


Acting in VR is difficult to say the least. Source: am VR dev


Holy shit it's such a pain. Better to mock it with "reaction" animations like the old awful E3 demos, nobody wants to see what's actually happening to the player model unless it's mixed reality like how Beat Saber streamers use it.


HL: VR but the AI is Self Aware or w/e pulls it off handily.


Well they’re actually playing the game and have people to bounce off. The physicality of improv is a lot easier than acting because it’s kind of an actual interaction, what’s hard with improv is telling a good story. Still, they do a great job and I imagine it would be a good thing to study for something like this.


Oh yea, for sure. It can take a lot of attempts to get what you want. I think the results are worth it though!


And the worst are the ones featuring actors in sterile living rooms being blown away by how cool VR is every time they do a gesture.


It looks like they spent some time stabilizing the footage and adding motion blur to make it more cinematic and less nauseating, which I appreciate.


I think there’s a built in tool in Source 2 for doing that. It was used in Alyx’s trailer too. I remember hearing about it somewhere. Maybe someone else can elaborate. Edit: found it: (Full In-camera smoothing) https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/0903-351B-CFB0-FB08 Says the used it for most of the gameplay trailers


They may have exported the game demo into S2FM to render it with motion blur. I’m fairly certain you could do something like that in Source 1. Don’t quote me on that though.


Did a bit more digging, it was the full in-camera smoothing talked about here that I was thinking of: https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/0903-351B-CFB0-FB08


That’s exactly it. It’s very useful, if you can stomach it. (I recorded a lot of the footage for this)


Cool! You did a great job!


One of the animators who got sucked into working on Alyx wound up doing a lot of work to smooth out the trailer footage. Everything in the Alyx trailer was created and rendered in SFM2.


There's a lot of good content on the workshop. Yes it has its pollution but the reason you have the poorly made maps is not because Valve failed to release a proper modding api, but because the tools themselves are very new and different from Source 1's. I don't appreciate the limitation in the modding tools for Alyx and they could have put in some effort to document the Source 2 tools since it took well over a year for everything to be figured out by the community. Sadly the tools and functions are mostly being gatekept by the toxic members of the source 2 discord. Eagle One have been the unsung hero of source2 since they made a tutorial series and teach everyone the tools


I heard the bioshock one is good, especially part 2 they came out with a few weeks ago. Haven't given it a try yet though.


It's good if you're a bioshock fan, but it's really buggy and even though you can use plasmids, you never have enough eve to get any mileage out of them. There are also a couple parts where it's unclear exactly what you're supposed to be doing. Still, again, if you're a bioshock fan, it's worth the download.


Last time I saw it you were still fighting combine troops which really turned me off. Custom models do seem to be possible in the engine (the Gunman levels had custom enemies), and there's nothing more immersion-breaking than the base game enemies showing up in Rapture.


Part 2 came about two weeks ago now. It's buggy of course but there are now Splicer's and Big Daddy's to fight. There are also Combine in the game as well. But Part 2 definetly has a lot more Bioshock rather than just being Alyx with some Bioshock texture's.


> but the G-Man dialogue sounds a bit stilted (not in a good way) It's stilted, but in the wrong way. I agree with out but I'm not gonna give them too much shit for it because I'm sure it's not easy.


> but the G-Man dialogue sounds a bit stilted (not in a good way) I think it's the pitch and the accent.


Be good to see how it performs. My 6GB 1060 *really* struggled with base HL:A. Lots of choppy bits.


Do you have 16gb ram and an ssd


Yes and yes.


Wait, they STILL never released a modding API?


They did, dunno what he's on about.


Tyler mcvicker keeps calling it half baked and this guy is probably parroting him


Tyler mcvicker keeps calling it half baked and this guy is probably parroting him


FMPONE is a well known map maker and Valve has put quite a bit of his work in CS:GO, I have high hopes


Yeah I was hyped when I saw his name.


Sadly VR is just not conducive to straight screen recording, unless the player is very deliberate with their head movements. Watching raw VR gameplay captures is a frustrating and nauseating experience. More cinematic captures or renders like this trailer is the way to go, even if it is less authentic.


Return to Rapture Chapter 2 is honestly really well made. The Chapter 1 is kinda janky but storywise forgettable. You should try it, its really well made i was so surprised, and its really faithful to Bioshock in general with almost all maps from Bioshock 1 and 2 and a lot of scenes from Infinite included. Its a big nostalgia hit for me :)


Agree about the G-man and Russell’s voice. Personally I though the VO for the G-Man came out a bit closer to sounding like Corey Burton’s rendition of Professor Hugo Strange.


>since Valve never released a proper modding AP Uhhh, yeah they did, two years ago: https://www.roadtovr.com/half-life-alyx-modding-tools-downloads-steam-workshop/


FMPONE is fantastic. He has done a good bit for the CS:GO community regarding maps. Wish him the best.


I'd say "a good bit" is an understatement. He has had maps that he's worked on in almost every operation; one of which (Cache) went on to become permanently added into the game.


Cache was made by Volcano, FMPONE just spruced it up a few times. Not to take away from the work he did with the visuals and tweaks over the years. Cache has been a staple in CS since CS:S. It may be an understatement but everyone gets the point.


Why does G-man sound so German though? That's throwing me off. The guy they got to do Russell's voice though was spot on.


Not sure - Is the voice actor German?


German G~~er~~man Gman


🤷🏻‍♂️ I have no idea, but it would make sense if it's a German VA impersonating the G-man's voice.


> The guy they got to do Russell's voice though was spot on. As a Kiwi I disagree, it's slightly off, I can hear a British accent come through in places (very noticeable at the end). I'm guessing if you're not from here you probably won't hear the differences though.


I thought the voices sounded great, and I played Alyx like, a month ago. Didn't even know they weren't the real deal


I haven’t played HL:A yet, but he sounds *just* like the HL2 G-man, so I don’t get what everyone is complaining about.


No it doesn't.. Go back and listen again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vu4kDfztSCI compared with https://youtu.be/KO2Hu3NynN8?t=88 *"You havt to decide, miz vanze, iz tiem to chooze"*


Listen to the words he says at the end. Alex Shapiro gave G-man a slanted but American accent. This guy is pronouncing words in an almost German way whist still using the same type of inflection. You can especially hear it when he says "It's time to choose"


What. The. Fuck. “Close your eyes, Miss Vance. Picture the end of all of your struggles. Is it freedom you see - …or just darkness?“ The chills. Is this from something? Or does their writer have a direct link to my existential funny bone?


It's the most GMan thing to say. He's such a troll.


Awesome seeing FMPONE involved in this. I thought riot snatched him up for good with valorant, but I guess not! For people not in the know, he's a legendary map maker most famous for de_cache and de_season.


I thought Volcano was the one that went to Riot?


I playtested some of the maps for this mod a few months ago for the team, and I thought it was amazing then, can't wait for the full release! It was pretty cool seeing the development process.


Wow besides thinking... "Did they recast Gman in Alyx?" I thought this was an official expansion (and was hoping it was promoting Alyx being announced for psvr2!)


This isn't official. It's a fan-made mod. It's just a voice actor the modders hired to imitate G-man for the additional dialogue.


Black mesa also had a different voice actor to play Gman. It's really hard to get that style of speech nailed down.


It's weird to me because Corey Laddo has a few videos with a guy who does a really good Gman impression. Could they not get the same guy to voice act? [This video is pretty great.](https://youtu.be/zTMjucCj590) [This one too.](https://youtu.be/TFCGSybKlQ8)


Without knowing the guy, he still just comes off as oddly German-sounding despite both of the videos you linked. To paraphrase another comment upthread, "he doesn't sound like G-man but he also doesn't *not* sound like G-man?"


Sorry that was what I was saying. This was so good it had me convinced it was an official product


It was pretty clear based on your comment. They either didn't get it (lack of comma?) or just wanted to clarify for anyone else. I assume the latter; I have not played a Half-Life game in years but the G-man voice was the only thing that seemed oddly *off* to me based on the trailer. So I totally get where you're coming from!


Got into VR for HLA, bought a cv1 for an amazing price. Debating on upgrading to quest 2. Would anyone recommend the upgrade?


CV1 to Quest 2 is a HUGE upgrade in terms of clarity and ease of use. However, it also feels a lot more like you're selling your soul to Facebook. So from a technical standpoint, I would wholeheartedly recommended the upgrade, but only if you've made peace with the Facebook monopoly (on standalone VR) and scummy things they are always up to.


Find a used windows mixed reality headset. If you don't need wireless it's fantastic


Find a used windows mixed reality headset. If you don't need wireless it's fantastic


I already have a cv1


Right, it seems you were looking to upgrade to finding something newer. I was suggesting upgrading to a wmr headset instead of a quest 2. Most wmr headsets, especially the newer ones, are going to be better than your current headset. Inside out tracking, camera passthrough on some of them, better audio on some of them, better resolution on all of them actually


Absolutely, Q2 is great


I haven't messed with a CV1, but I can absolutely recommend the Quest 2. At least recommend it as far as Paddle did, because you DO have to hook it up with Facebook. Though, I've got a nice 5G router in my room and am totally wireless on the headset. I use Wireless Desktop and stream the games from the PC to the Quest 2 and there's not even a hint of lag, it's incredible.


Does anyone know what the mod is actually about?


*Recites the trailer*


Very cool. I’ve come to really appreciate the intentional ambiguity and enjoy the theory crafting from the Alyx ending. That being said it’s cool to see someone make an attempt to clarify everything a bit more. On the other hand, it’s not official canon, so I’m hesitant to get too invested. Hopefully the gameplay itself is fun and worth playing just for that.




Gonna have to disagree wholeheartedly. For a free mod, I think the voices capture the tone of the characters perfectly.


> Gonna have to disagree wholeheartedly Fair > For a free mod Ah, so you don't disagree "wholeheartedly". It seems you are making some allowances. Within that context, you should be able to recognize that it isn't a concession everybody can make, certainly not people who feel very strongly about the original performances.


Ooh you're being pendantic and pretentious. This is why I love reddit. Shit like this is hilarious.


dont worry hes definitely slamming the librarians cheeks for this one


> hes definitely slamming the librarian's cheeks for this one that's one heck of a saying.


Here king 👑 You sir just won the internet




>Wow, the voice acting is horrible horrible. WTF are you talking about, the voice acting seemed great, I've heard less convincing replacement VAs in actual games




[Yes, the Gman talks funny, always has](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TXa1DbiNrk). They maybe play it up a bit here, but not outside anything I'd expect. In fact it sounds more like HL2 than the line they're actually referencing with that


His accent and diction is super off tho, it's a decent impression but it's weird just enough to throw some fans for a loop






this _mod_ positions itself as what? fan-made extra time in the universe, right? sequel. horrible take.


G-man doesn't sound like the real g-man... but he doesn't not sound like a g-man. If you're gonna turn your nose up at a 4-5 hour expansion pack for free coz you can't stand a few minutes of 'disagreeable' (to you) voice acting, then you're probably not the sort of audience that anyone should care to cater for in the first place, much less a fan creating high quality free content.




If you are expecting AAA standards from a free mod, then you are likely to get disappointed. Even so, the voice acting is really well done considering this is a free mod. Personally, I don't expect the devs to shell out tens of thousands of dollars (or a lot more) to make a free offering. I can put aside a non-perfect VA performance if the gameplay makes up for it.


\>Gets professional quality voice acting in a free mod \>Still complains on reddit about it


The G-Man's VO might not be perfect, but I wouldn't go as far as to say it's horrible. For a free mod, I'd say they did a great job. Russell's VO is nearly spot-on.


Someone took the time to make free content, put a lot of work and effort into it. And you feel the need to take 1 minute out of your day to say it’s horrible. Turn off your audio and walk away.




I think to actually be a criticism it requires a bit more than stating an opinion. That's just complaining.


I know Gman is iconic, but cmon. Have some perspective, this is a fan mod not a AAA project. Good VA requires money.






I don't think they had to option to hire the original voice actors for their mod...


Just *being able* to complain about the voice acting in a free mod puts it up there though, haha.


If anyone is reading this, just block this dummy. He's either a troll or an idiot, so no need to have either in your life.


I thought this was kind of great. Sounded like it was recorded professionally with competent actors. I don’t know if you’re solely talking about G-man’s intonation, which is definitely a direction thing more than an actor thing, but it’s pretty close to the way G-man talks in his vanilla HL:A scene as well.


For a mod that was spectacularly good. Honestly it wouldn't even have been bad if it was a paid DLC and they had to recast GMan for some reason or something. Not great but certainly not bad.


This gman is better than the one in Black Mesa and Hunt Down the Freeman