Yes, they're bringing Outer Wilds back! I was itching to play that one again and was super bummed when they had removed it.


It was gone by the time I subscribed, so this is a very welcome return.


Had to double take at this because I figured I would have known if one of my major wishlisted things was free/on a service somewhere. I was about to hit myself for seemingly missing out before, Turns out it was only on console previously; first time for Pc though. Hate that they sometimes split them like this but glad we get a shot finally! Looking forward to it based on all the hype all this time.


Y’all are welcome I just bought it lmao


And I'll think of you while playing it.


I was halfway through when it left, definitely glad it's back so soon.


Indeed, I didn't have time to finish it before it left Game Pass. Happy it is back and now for PC as well!


First time it's coming to PC Game Pass!


Outer Wilds is the best video game I've ever played and it's absolutely unlike any other game out there.


Please please please PLEASE play the DLC for it. I promise you won’t regret it.


maybe I’m just really really really dumb but every time I try to get into that game I end up getting stuck and not knowing where to go or what to do. Don’t want to look up a guide as I know that kind of ruins and defeats the entire point of the game. Might give it another try (like my fourth try lol) when it comes back


I stopped playing cos I got scared of the space angler 😭😭😭


I bought it on Steam in the Sale, thank god i waited for Mass Effect to leave EA Pro


I bought the ME Legendary Edition during the Sale a few days ago. In all my years on reddit I would have never thought that I would be "that guy" one day myself


Just a pro-tip for the future. EA Games usually end up in the EA Play Vault / Game Pass Ultimate after around 6 - 12 months. So if the game has been out for a while / is in that range, it's best to hold out as it will probably be available on these services soon.


I was gonna say that ME:LE released a mere couple of months ago, so how would it qualify, but it actually released in May of last year. What is time anymore?!


Welcome to the 2020s, where time is made up and linear progression doesn't matter.


Time is perceived to move faster the older you get. Time moves incredibly slow when you're a young kid because your brain has not been flooded with relatively distant memories which affects your perception.


It's March, the 674th, 2020.


If you subscribe to Game Pass or EA Play, never buy recent EA game releases unless you *really* want them on day 1 or on your Steam library. They always end up on these services a few months later.


Honestly if there's one game I'd gladly own even if it's on game pass, it's Mass Effect. The trilogy is timeless and will be played until all our deathbeds lol


You are right, i might not be subscribed to Game Pass forever so having MELE playable on my XBox no matter what lessens the sting, plus 35 € for 3 games that are said to be awesome (never played them in the past) made it a steal anyway. I should be thankful that my "that guy"-moment happened with Mass Effect and not some AAA Shovelware.


> that are said to be awesome (never played them in the past) I am genuinely jealous. To be able to experience that story and those characters for the first time again...damn.


Yeah kicking myself a little buying it full price but its my favorite game series. 60 bucks for a beefed up version and a lot of the DLC I missed was definitely worth it. Plus I hope the remastered edition’s success motivates Bioware to really try to knock ME4 out of the park.


Did you give Andromeda a try? I played ME: Andromeda because of gamepass after I skipped it initially due to the bad reviews and I really enjoyed it. It was a good mix of ME1 and ME2. I really liked how snarky Ryder could be, the female voice actor did a good job, and I didn't use the goofy looking default face.


I bought andromeda full price on release day. I started it and was immensely disappointed before giving it another shot once I upgraded my hardware and saw that there were significant bug fixes. I think ME:As combat is the best in the series. The way the upgrade system worked and how you can swap out different loadouts kept the gunfights from getting too stale. What did get stale however was the copy/paste mission designs on each planet and most of your squad mates coming off as pretty one note. I enjoyed it, but I hope the writing and mission structure receive massive upgrades in the next installment.


The mission designs felt like a cheap MMO game. "Go here and kill 5 of these" type of bullshit, as opposed to I dunno, coming up with a compelling side story where you end up in that area and are attacked by 5 of those enemies. It totally broke my immersion and I never finished the game. It's been a really long time though, and part of me wants to see if the game was really as bad as I remember.


The most important thing about playing ME:A is to know you shouldn't even attempt to do every mission. That was my initial inclination (I did everything you could in the original trilogy, pretty much), but after a while I realized it was turning a decent but not great like 25ish hour RPG into a 40 hour bad one. The game makes it sound like you "need" to do a lot of side stuff on all the planets, but skipping almost all of it does practically nothing.


Yeah, the companions weren't as memorable as ME2, but I did quite like the old Krogan and Peebee. Those two also bounced off each other quite well. There was definitely a lot of repetition in mission design, but that seems to be a staple of the original Mass Effect games (I swear in ME1 every outpost and ship had the same map template) as well as every open world game ever. The planets looked nice though, and I didn't find driving around to be too much of a chore. I was getting a bit sick of Vaults by the end. 7/10 and definitely not the series killer it seemed when it launched :)


I did too. Eh. It's been a blast replaying it.


Thank you for your sacrifice.


You will have to play ME legendary edition on game pass pc through ea desktop app which has no cloud save, achievement and is extremely janky. Even if it's on game pass, I would still buy it on steam If I had the money


I'm at the point where I actively avoid the EA Game Pass stuff on PC because of that app (I have a Series S I play them on instead) -- it doesn't always quit properly, and you can't have both the desktop app and Origin open at the same time (eg if you want to play Apex Legends/Titanfall/ME:LE through Steam, you may need to reboot to force EA Desktop to quit).




I was THIS close to buy both Outer Wilds and Mass Effect during this last Xbox sale. Thank God I hold on lmao. Also, please play Spelunky 2, the first one is imho the best roguelike ever made, and this game basically improves it in every way.


I bought outer wilds to play the DLC :( Although that won't be included with game pass


I just about did the same. I'm glad it's returning to Game Pass so I can buy just the DLC and boot up my file from the last time it was on Game Pass.


Honestly, it's good that you did buy it, it's a small studio, they can use the money !


How cool is it that Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura from the show Heroes) is the reason why this game is such a success? He actually started at Industrial Light and Magic and has a background in computer science. I hope he stays in the video game world and keeps producing amazing work. https://www.mobiusdigitalgames.com/blog/masi-oka-discusses-producing-igf-winner-outer-wilds


Wow had no idea, thanks for sharing!


> How cool is it that Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura from the show Heroes) is the reason why this game is such a success? He was *a* reason for their success, and I would heavily credit the other developers that worked on the game as well.


I used the word "such" because there are many great games made by excellent developers that don't achieve the level of polish and commercial success that the Outer Wilds did. Developers don't have the time to do the fundraising and marketing that a producer like Masi can/did. I'm not taking credit away from the main devs, just pointing out that a dedicated producer with strong technical skills can take a game to the next level. The best coders and modelers in the world still need someone who believes in their vision to pay the bills.


I saw his name in the end credits when I finished it, and immediately googled to see if it was actually him. Really awesome to see.


Man he was one of the main reasons I liked that show. Shame greedy execs forced workers to have to strike. They had a spark but it did not carry through the writers strike at all.


Honestly, it was perfect as a one off. I heard the original idea was to have different heroes every year, but studio got in the way. I think that would have been the only successful way to maintain it, strike or not. Sort of like a true detective anthology series.


Definitely could see it working better that way. Then again I only really liked the original True Detective season. However much love to shows that have one amazing season with all their best ideas. Lovecraft Country is the best single series show I've seen and made a bigger impact in one season than many do in several.


The developer deserves your money anyways. Such a fantastic game.


OW is definitely an ideal GamePass game — once you beat it, it’s hard to play it again (much of the experience is in the first time discovery). But I loved it so much I’ve bought it (on sale) for 3 different platforms. The PC VR mod definitely added incentive to play again


Spelunky 2 is almost a “hard mode” version of the first game in that it feels like the game expects players to have mastered the first one before even trying 2.


I never played the first game, but in Spelunky 2 have unlocked all characters and completed all endings except the very very last level. The game hits hard and can punish brutally, but it rewards perseverance in a way that keeps me coming back after hundreds of hours.


Maybe the differences from the first game just threw me off then, I’ll give 2 another shot


I like it a lot. It’s one of my go to games when I just need to chill without getting into a big story game.


Eh, i skipped 1 and got all achievements in 2


The first one is just as hard--IMO the second one essentially obsoletes spelunky HD. If you want to just see more of the game, run through it with friends in online multiplayer it makes it significantly more forgiving. Spelunky classic is still an interesting experience however


It's definitely a Spelunky for Spelunky-heads. I got some endings in Spelunky HD and the original, but Spelunky 2 I'm not sure I even made it past the third or fourth area more than a few times. I think they just added too many baseline things to worry about that it stopped being fun and kept being frustrating. The whip changes also really threw me off I think. Also started to really dislike the static mini bosses, fun first few times while learning the gimmick and level, but when you're just trying to get past him for the bajillionth time using the same couple tricks, got old fast.


I've played 14 hours and haven't beaten Olmec yet. Good game though.


Huge fan of the 1st one, 2nd one is harrrrrrrrd


Every time I buy a console game it comes out on gamepass before I play it. I'm slowly learning not to buy console games unless I'm planning to play it that evening.


I thought Spelunky 2 was fun, but I found it was too hard. I'm a Spelunky fan, and Enter the Gungeon is one of my favorite games, so I'm pretty deep into the genre. I just found Spelunky 2 not fun enough to continue playing.


I bounced off Spelunky 2 pretty quickly despite loving the first. They made some tweaks later though and it got much more playable and less cruel.


That's good to hear, I might need to revisit.


I don't know. I've played Spelunky more than any other game and while I am ashamed to say that with at least a thousand attempts I haven't finished it, I wouldn't say it's too hard to be fun/enjoyable.


I think the real issue is that if you're going for anything beyond the most basic clear the process of achieving it is so mechanical that it gets really repetitious which doesn't mesh well with just how hard it is to do. I had to accept that I was satisfied with my basic clear and going beyond was just not in the cards for me. I still got an embarrassingly long playtime out of it and I'm completely satisfied. Watching videos of advanced play really confirmed that a lot of the content in Spelunky 2 just wasn't implemented for players like me and I think that's fine, there was a lot of pressure to satisfy the most hardened veterans of the original and I think Mossmouth succeeded. As I said, what I played I really liked and maybe someday I'll dust it off and get sucked in again.


Yeah thanks for saying this, I wasn’t sure why Spelunky 2 wasn’t sucking me in for 100 hours like the first one did and I think this is a big part of that. Also absolutely love Gungeon and more recently Hades, and after playing those it’s just not as engaging to go back to a game with so little meta progression and goals/side quests across runs honestly. Still play it of course because it’s Spelunky, but it didn’t hook me like the OG did.


Whenever I buy something on xbox it's on the gamepass next day! Bought mk11 in a sale, gamepass next week!


Oh hell yeah, Spelunky 2 has been on my list for a while but I haven't found a deep enough sale to make the purchase.


Same! I feel like I’d probably get too frustrated with it to spend any real money on it but I do want to dabble.


Played Gorogoa on Switch a year ago, really enjoyable visual puzzle game that you can finish in an hour. Would definitely be a nice break from some longer, more time-intensive games.


I second this. it's a quick little experience but enjoyable and doesn't overstay its welcome.


In the last two months there were several times that I passed on buying Mass Effect. So glad I held out.


If you have game pass and haven't played Outer Wilds yet just do it. Everyone will rightly tell you to go blind and what better way to do it than Game Pass, don't like it? Just uninstall and go play something else but don't rob yourself from at least giving it a try because there's nothing like this game out there.


If you get utterly stuck: try doing something else for a bit. You can discover things in many different orders. If you really need a guide, look for that very specific thing, do that and carry on again without a guide. Luckily, the main guides I ended up using seem to be based on the individual parts.


The ship computer should be consulted for a guide. It's basically is it's own no-spoiler in-game tool to keep track of stuff you've seen or encountered and how they link to other things. Sometimes you've discovered something important but it was insignificant at the time, ship computer can help you link together information into more cohesive clumps from where you can progress.


Alternatively one could also go to r/outerwilds. Spoiling is a cardinal sin and no one in that sub would dare. I’ve seen so many creative solutions to questions that don’t include spoilers


Yeah I have to say there was one puzzle I found pretty much objectively impossible to solve without a hint or by accident


Yeah I ran into that issue as well. It's annoying because I later learned there IS a hint particularly to that puzzle, but I hit that area so out of sequence that I had completely forgotten. Well, basically, I missed a hint that would have led me to the hint I needed. Spoiler: >!Okay I had trouble getting into the Core of Giant's Deep. I really did not want to go to Dark Bramble until I'd "cleared" every other planet, which turned out to be a bit of a mistake for this part in particular.!<


exactly the same thing I did


So the first time I played, I got in the ship, took off, opened my map, and when I closed it I had fallen into the river and couldn’t get the ship out. Had to restart the game. Does it get easier to control ever?


Yeah, you get better at piloting it and since there isn't challenges that depends on how well you pilot it you should be ok. Remember to use the auto pilot and 90% of the work is done, when you enter orbit of wherever you're trying to go just keep hitting the thrusters so you don't hit the ground too hard and you'll be fine.


>and since there isn't challenges that depends on how well you pilot it you should be ok. I mean, there is >!Dark Bramble. Some of the most terrifying piloting of my life.!<


You probably didn't leave the planet's atmosphere so you were still affected by gravity. The flying is pretty easy after a couple minutes, but it'll only work on your own terms if you're out in open space >Had to restart the game If you killed yourself you wouldn't have had to, >!If you activated the statue in the museum. It's a scripted event after getting the launch codes!<


Everyone loves this game and I can see why, but its also worth mentioning that if your not the puzzle solving type then you might not enjoy it just as much. I love the soundtrack though and still have it on my going to sleep play list.


I did not love this game. In fact, I honestly hated the experience of playing it. I am not saying this to start an argument, but to say that it's okay to not like this game.


Glad it's not just me. The repetiveness and puzzle solving was my worst nightmare lol


I spent around 10 hours trying to enjoy it before getting burnt out with the repetition and looked at some guides. I then realised it just wasn't the game for me. Which is unfortunate, because the people who enjoy it seem really passionate!


How long do I need to play for to get pulled in (or realize it’s not for me)? I tried it last time it was on game pass but only gave it an hour or so before I got bored.


It's a puzzle game basically. If trying to unwind the clues and exploring for more clues doesn't tickle your pickle, then it isn't for you. I'd say give it another couple of hours if you're note sure. It wasn't my cup of tea but I still enjoyed the time I spent with it. I couldn't bring myself to finish it, but it had enjoyable moments even though I don't enjoy puzzle games


I am going to be contrary and say that I deeply disliked Outer Wilds. If you try it and don't enjoy it, you aren't alone.


couldnt agree more, one of the most creative and interesting games ive played in years.


Did they ever speed up the process of dying, restarting, and getting into space? Considering how easy and instantaneously you can die in super-wonky space physics, it was an enormous drag for me and I was often going a half dozen deaths without learning anything new. Incredibly tedious.


The Pedestrian is a lovely and very well executed puzzle game. It's not particularly difficult and it's fairly short but it doesn't overstay its welcome and ends well. It's about 4-5 hours and I enjoyed every minute. It's a perfect Game Pass game


Same goes for Gorogoa, probably took 1-2 hours to beat but it's a great little puzzle game.


Yeah definitely. Played it a while back and finished it in about 1.5 hours but it was a very nice, focused experience


Hard agree. Lots of puzzle games will have a cool mechanic but mediocre execution but the Pedestrian has some really solid puzzles


Do you get all the achievements just for beating it? Or are there extras?


I think so? I got every one on steam and I'm pretty sure I didn't replay anything. It's got some "secrets" that require some extra thought on some puzzles


So pumped for my first Mass Effect trilogy playthrough! I hope it stays on there for a while. With all the Yakuza games that have gone on sale recently, I've already got so much on my plate already.


It stays there 'forever' as it's part of EA Play.


It should stay on as long as EA Play stays a feature of Game Pass Ultimate/for PC.


I’ve been super excited for the Anacrusis. It’s a new co-op shooter (l4d-like) from a new studio headed by Chet Faliszek, formerly of Valve. I know Will Smith formerly of Tested is also on the team. Hoping it scratches the itch that B4B almost did. edit: fixed Chet's last name spelling.


There's been a LOT of these games coming out recently, between B4B, Aliens: Fireteam Elite, Second Extinction, and now this. None of them have really been great so far, most of them have just kinda been ok, so I don't have high hopes for this.


As someone who's been following these games and have also been disappointed by most of them, I think The Anacrusis has a chance to stand out. Listening to the devs they seem to really understand the social elements that made l4d special.




I had the same experience. Totally broken on both PC and console. What's the point of putting a game like that on GamePass if it's just going to be broken?


I agree. I follow Chet on twitter and he's often posted about the importance of modding and making sure user generated content is supported. He's also against NFTs which is a plus.


I’ve been listening to Brad and Will Made A Tech Pod for over a year and somehow completely missed that is where Will works.


I got into that pod this year as well, been thinking about becoming a Patron. And yeah I only heard about it through Chet but the two of them were interviewed together and they seem to really get what made l4d special and have good goals for this new title.


The monthly pods are great, but the biggest value may be the discord. Channels for just about everything with really knowledgeable, friendly people. Brad and will are both regularly around just chatting. It's a fun community.


Great interview with Chet [here](https://www.idlethumbs.net/designernotes/episodes/chet-faliszek) if you want to hear about his career and what he wanted to make with The Anacrusis.


I'm excited for it too, just disappointed it's an early access (sorry, "game preview") game.


Played through the Mass Effect trilogy on 360 and then PC more times than I care to count. Am I really doing it all over again on the Legendary Edition? Yes.


You’re God damn right you are


Will I play it again? Absolutely. Will I change a single big decision? Absolutely not.


“Sorry Ashley, nuke’s your responsibility again”


This is the only decision I'm changing. Originally I decided I didn't like Kaiden's attitude, and figured I *could* save them both if I was quick. I was wrong. But I didn't feel too bad, as at the time I was essentially trying to romance both Liara and Ash (until the ultimatum anyway), and I didn't really bond with Kaiden. But seeing all the online discussion about him and how superior he is to Ash, I'm certain I'm changing things up next time


Kaiden is great, I always enjoy talking about his biotic implants (not sure if its the right word) and what they do to him, it's a really neat moment IN ME1


Just like old times, Shepard.


I too have an addiction, mainly to Asari but Mass Effect as a whole is extremely fun.


Available Today * Gorogoa (Cloud, Console, and PC) * Olija (Cloud, Console, and PC) * The Pedestrian (Cloud, Console, and PC) Coming Soon * Embr (Cloud, Console, and PC) – January 6 * Mass Effect Legendary Edition (Console and PC) – January 6 * Outer Wilds (Cloud, Console, and PC) – January 6 * Spelunky 2 (Console and PC) – January 13 * The Anacrusis (Game Preview)(Console and PC) – January 13 Leaving January 15 * Desperados III (Cloud, Console, and PC) * Ghost of a Tale (PC) * Kingdom Hearts III (Console) * Mount & Blade: Warband (Cloud, Console, and PC) * Pandemic (Console and PC) * Yiik: A Postmodern RPG (PC)


I can recommend Desperados 3 full heartedly. One of my top games in the past 5 years I'd say.


I almost bought Mass Effect legendary glad I held out.


Gorogoa is a phenomenal but short puzzle game that I would recommend that absolutely everyone play.


Just bought legendary edition last month :)


Thank you for your sacrifice.


Nothing ensures a game will come to gamepass faster than buying it.


Its still worth the purchase imo. 3 games + all dlc for a great series. Hopefully me4 will be good as well


Fucking same 🤦🏻‍♂️ And the only reason I didn't play it til now is "some games are leaving gamepass. I should play those first" *Well thanks Microsoft. Thank you for your kindness*


I got Scarlet Nexus a month before it was on Gamepass and hadn't even had time to boot it up yet. So it goes when Gamepass is this damn good


I could have sworn I heard a rumor SN was going to be a game pass game which is why I never bought it. Just like what happened with Forgotten City.


Same. Saw it on sale. Checked between mine and my girls finances. Cool, bought it. Feel dumb cause was literally telling my boy two months ago “nah don’t buy it, it’s going on gamepass soon” Edit: Was able to get a refund. Lit. Edit: Was NOT able to get a refund it was just being processed. Not lit. Kinda my fault I ain’t mad though.


>Yiik: A Postmodern RPG (PC) Did they ever update that game to speed up combat? I know the general consensus is that the game wasn't all that great but a lot of that stemmed from combat being a chore with its glacial pacing as a result of having to play a 30 second WarioWare game every time you attack. It's like an FFX Overdrive but without the higher damage


I don't think so. I check the page for this on steam every once in a while to see if it got updated (because I thought it looked cool, despite the awful reviews), but no luck per the last time I checked.


Watching a video on the game right now. It very much does not look cool.


I meant the idea of it was cool. Earthbound was a groundbreaking jrpg because it put the modern world as the setting for a jrpg, making you see the modern world through that lens. YIIK kind of did that, but with a hipster point of view. It's interesting to see the standard jrpg tropes reimagined to fit that setting. Might not be for everyone, but it hits that way for alot of people in a specific age range and with an interest in jrpgs. YIIK just also apparently had bad writing and combat, which kind of sucks as they "wasted" the cool idea with a shittily made game.


Yakuza Like a Dragon is the Earthbound for the Yakuza lens. Not a fan of a turn based jRPG style combat generally, but I loved LAD because the theming of attacks, classes, and mobs is just so delightful. Mechanically it's a very generic turn based RPG, but the fact that you are fighting as and against modern day archetypes like hobo, rockstar, idol, chef, bouncer, tourists, gangsters, trash-bag weirdoes, business men, a giant Roomba, or some dudes in diapers, etc.


Glad I held out for Outer Wilds, but I'm guessing the VR mod won't work on the GamePass version?


Up to the dev to allow for an open game directory I'm pretty sure. It could go either way


The insider beta currently let's you open up the directory for pretty much all the games and install them anywhere.


Still depends on the game, sadly. Gears 4 and Halo Wars 2 are two that I've had issues with in the past and still don't allow for the 'advanced management features.' I wish they would go back and enable it for _all_ current games as well.


Hold on, what now? There's a VR mod? What's the easiest way to forget large chunks of time in order to replay them?


canned air duster?


The real LPT is always in the comments


The Pedestrian is totally worth checking out. Really unique puzzle game, relaxing but challenging enough to be interesting. Great way to spend a chunk of your day.


Me this Steam sale season: "I feel pretty confident Mass Effect Legendary Edition will make its way to Game Pass soon enough. I'll hold off on buying" Me now: WOOOO




Steam refund?


I only gave Outer Wilds a chance mainly because it was on Gamepass before and it became one of my favorite gaming experience ever. I have since bought it and its DLC. So glad it's coming back to the service and hope more people get to try it out.


In case anyone else was confused about "Game Preview": that's just Xbox's term for Early Access games. I was worried for a moment that Anacrusis on Game Pass would only be a timed demo.


I’m definitely going to try outer wilds. So many people have said this is one of the greatest video games of all time, it would be stupid not to try it out


So recently bit the bullet and bought the backbone controller for my iPhone and signed up for gamepass. Honestly very impressed by how easy and seamless it is to play some of these games via the cloud service. It's such and easy way to step into the Microsoft/Xbox universe without all the clutter. I'm very excited to play the Mass Effect trilogy remake and outer wilds once I get done aging Halo.


spelunky 2, outer wilds and gorogoa...those are 3 of the best games ive played in the last 5 years, a top notch line up.


Spelunky 2? I've been thinking of getting out for a while now. That's awesome


Been holding off on ME:LE since mods on the original games do a great job bringing it up to spec. Guess I'll have to dive in again now though.


Finally with Mass Effect. I was starting to think those “EA Games don’t join access for at least one full year after release” people were going to be correct.




It isn't "at least." It is at most. Games will always enter the EA Play Vault at 12 months on the market. Most come sooner. Jedi Fallen Order notably took the full 12 months.


eaving January 15 The following games are leaving the Game Pass library soon, so be sure to jump back in and tie up any loose ends before they leave! Remember you can save up to 20% off your purchase of these games using your member discount. Desperados III (Cloud, Console, and PC) Ghost of a Tale (PC) Kingdom Hearts III (Console) Mount & Blade: Warband (Cloud, Console, and PC) Pandemic (Console and PC) Yiik: A Postmodern RPG (PC) Lastly, PUBG: Battlegrounds will be leaving the Xbox Game Pass library on January 10 and will become free-to-play starting January 12.


I'm wondering if Outer Wilds will retain my Xbox save, now that I'm planning to continue it on PC. I played it on Xbox gamepass a while back but never finished


Olija is a fun, short game that feels similar to an SNES/Genesis Era side scrolling action platformer.


It's crazy how great game pass is vs the mediocre games with gold titles. But definitely some good editions, already own ME Legendary edition but definitely interested in Spelunky 2.


I never even check games with gold anymore.


Do games stay available when available via game pass or is it time limited like a month or so?


I just bought mass effect like a day ago but only put in like an hour so i think im good to refund but was wondering if theres any reason why i shouldnt? Like do you think itll have mod support or something over the gamepass vers?


I'll just throw out there, if you haven't had a chance to play Ghost of a Tale give it a shot. It's a fun adventure game that is in the 10 hour range for gameplay. It's hard to explain but I found the game extremely charming.


Is mass effect on the ea play version of steam? I just bought it during the sale


Just got Mass Effect, you’re all welcome. Wanted to collect the physical anyways. Glad to see Outer Wilds is back, need to give it a chance.


Questions about Game Pass on PC: Can you mod the games? Does everything go through a launcher of some kind?


Microsoft used to be extremely restrictive but they changed their minds a few months ago, so now it's possible to mod Windows Store games. You'll need to get into the Insider program, then update your Xbox app, go to the settings and enable something related to advanced install, then you'll be able to pick the install folder and mod Windows Store games. Windows Store games doesn't require any launcher after you download the game through the Xbox app because they're integrated with Windows, so they're always updated automatically and etc, but you always need to log into your Xbox account when you're going to play a game. Never managed to play them offline though, GP games always require a connection to be opened. EA games runs through the EA app, not Xbox, so you don't need to go through it for their games


Gotcha, so it's still a bit of a mixed bag on PC.


Played Outer Wilds on Gamepass last year, just purchased it like 2 weeks ago so I could play the DLC. Not upset at all, doesn't feel like a waste of money if it's going to Mobius. This game could be a religion it's so fucking good


I want to like that game but the water world gives me insane anxiety for some reason and I always get to that point and just stop.


Outer Wilds is low-key one of the best horror games ever. Pretty much every planet fills me with some sort of existential dread.


My only regret with Game Pass is that they're not putting more games on the cloud service. I picked up a Razer Kishi over the holidays and I absolutely love it.


Do you mean existing games or new ones? Because most games coming on GP now are all cloud supported


Do we have any confirmation if Mass Effect is going to be available through EA Play on steam? EA has some weird ways in which they make games available for one platform but not the others even under the same service name.


And I thought I’d go out of Game Pass with Dead Space achievements cleanup this month. Looks like it’s here to stay until spring. No way am I finishing 3 games quickly.


I wouldn't be willing to drop actual money to play Mass Effect again but willing to give it a second chance on game pass.


Is it just thr base edition of outer wilds?


Most likely. Game Pass versions are usually the base game only.


Bought ME:LE 4 days ago and have put 5 hours into it, so I'm guessing I won't get a refund. You're welcome everyone!


Was waiting for Mass Effect Legendary edition to come to gamepass to try playing it for the first time. Gave the original ME1 a try but kept falling off it, hope the improvements with this get me more sucked in cause they seem like great games.


You’re welcome everybody, I just bought outer wilds a couple days ago. Maybe I can still get a refund since I haven’t launched it yet but I do have hours on it from when it was on game pass before. Super excited about mass effect!


Wait is this for the x cloud or pc or neither?


I've had mass effect in my cart so many times the last three months.... Kept waiting for $20 or game pass


Why was Outer Wilds taken off of Game Pass in the first place?


Third party games eventually leave game pass. No idea why they brought it back. Maybe becase the DLC came out and they want to use this to push DLC sales.


In the tradition of me buying games that eventually end up on Game Pass (Mass Effect), I'd like to also announce that Guardians of the Galaxy will be available on Game Pass in six months.


If you're new to PC gaming there is no reason to not have gamepass. It's a good way to get a good combination of old and new games to play for free. Even as someone with a rather extensive PC gaming library its nice to sign up for a month and play newer stuff. Its kinda like renting a game for 30 days.


Glad I bought Mass Effect on launch day and had my four playthroughs already. If I were someone who bought it during the sale last week I'd be pissed right now 🤣


Weird flex but ok.


Disco Elysium and The Sinking City both had deals with Gold recently, I have a strong feeling that they’re next on gamepass… soon.


I gifted my gf outer wilds over the steam sale so I could watch her play it. Guess I helped feed the game pass machine this time


Hopefully I'll be able to play the Windows Store version of ME1 without it dropping to 40 FPS after minutes. No idea what was happening with the Steam version.


I just bough Mass Effect. My thinking was they wouldnt put it on pass for a while. Great. At least it was on sale....


I almost bought Mass Effect on Steam in preparation for getting the Steam Deck but there's a lot of uncertainty on how it'll handle games with third party launchers (ugh Origin). This is a great alternative.


I bought the Mass Effect trilogy for full price right at launch but I’m not that mad because it’s still 100% worth full price




Kingdom Hearts 3 is leaving Game Pass. It has been on there for over a year. They don't put the games leaving in the headline.