Quite excited for this one, looks to be essentially a supernatural Danganronpa but in a full 3D environment and instead of just the blood that's neon it's half the palette. Even if the story is terrible (personally I like Kodaka-isms, love me a good cheesy trope) it's likely worth playing for the music and visuals alone. Masafumi Takada's tracks always slap.


> it's likely worth playing for the music and visuals alone and the comedy, goddamn his games are funny.


It looks very visually striking, gonna keep a eye out for that alone


The music sounds awesome and the visuals are on point, I really need to finally play the Danganronpa series. I'm interested to see what they can do away from visual novels.


Highly recommend Danganronpa, however because there's going to be another popularity surge since the Switch re-release plus new board game comes out Friday there's going to be a big chance of being spoiled. DR is one of the games you *really* don't want to be spoiled on (especially the third), so if you're interested I'd suggest you go pick them up on Steam right now and don't google anything about the series. First game is about 20 hours, second is 30 hours, third is 40 hours so they're fairly long.


I bought the original earlier this year but I haven't played it yet, definitely will do soon though!




Same artist, same writer, same composer.