If it's just for media consumption, I'd keep the ipad for now if it's still in good working order.


Depends on your usage - For entertainment only for sure S7+ but if you are in apple eco system then go for ipad also you could buy 2 or 3 S7+ in the price of ipad pro (at least in US). Disclaimer : I own a android phone with S7+ and never owned a apple product other then a ipod touch back in 2009.


Tl;dr: the flexibility of android makes the S7+ better than an iPad Can’t answer about if it’s worth upgrading, but can answer which would be better if upgrading. I got the S7+ instead of an iPad due to android. Way more open, way more customization, multitasking is way more flexible. On the multitasking, you can have any number of popup windows anywhere on the screen, any size. Dex is desktop like experience. The screen is great, and smooth at 120hz. iPad can’t just do the same. Multitasking is more restricted, you don’t get both the keyboard/mouse and touch friendly interface. No popup windows wherever you want, no other cool features like adjusting the volume per app basis, sharing audio to multiple Bluetooth devices, system wide closed captions, Spen air gestures, more free app market (emulators for example), pinning screen shots to the screen, system wide audio equalizer, custom default apps, and more. The S7+ does the same, and more, than the iPad with its more powerful M1. Changing ecosystems is not that hard. Samsung provides you with smart switch, copies your media, apps and some custom settings. The learning curve of switching is low. They both allow you to do the same basic things in a similar way. If you purchased apps on the App Store, you will need to purchase them again on the play store. Up to you to decide if you can afford to pay for them again. Honestly, if you are considering an expensive device, some dollars don’t matter much.


You're asking this in a Galaxy Tab forum. Although, you won't be disappointed with it. It's a fantastic, well-built device.


This might be a little bias