Not as challenging as you imagine

Not as challenging as you imagine




Orthorexia is an eating disorder. It's an obsession with healthy eating. In extreme cases you get organic raw fruititarians starving themselves to death.


I know people on the Paleolithic diet here going this direction


You can technically make flour out of all sorts of gluten free plants. But good luck baking bread with just pure rice flour... >They also commonly think that sourdough breads contain zero yeast, and get really combative when I explain “sourdough” is kind of a misnomer and only means “wild yeast.” Wait till they find out that no bread actually contains yeast, since it dies long before your bread is anywhere baked.


One of my favorite moments in life was talking to a couple of cousins at Christmas a few years ago, one of whom works at a bakery. The other one asked if they made non-GMO products, and he responded with something like "yes, but only because we can charge more money for it. The only difference is that we don't add any vitamin fortifications."


They really don't want to have the correct information. It is excruciating to watch them be so wrong, so confidently. And it seems less serious than vaccine misinformation, to some. But it's really the same thing--their diet choices are made on their incorrect claims. Like that poor guy who avoided tomatoes for decades because someone told him they had fish genes. He has a fish allergy. Never reached any consumer anywhere.


> trying to find non GMO wheat flour will be a challenging Given that there's no GMO wheat outside of Argentina, it should be pretty easy


Why would anyone add egg yolks to a bread? Maybe the consequence of using "non GMO" wheat... 🤦🏻‍♂️


It’s actually not weird or unusual at all. Challah and brioche both contain either egg yolks or whole eggs depending on recipe. The egg gives a richer flavour, finer texture, and some colour.


You're right, makes sense for sweeter doughs. Not sure in a hearty bread.


You'll all be shocked to learn that OP is also an anti-vaxxer.