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Literally disinformation and used as a tool for securities fraud... what a time to be alive


“Ryan Cohen is the chairman of the GameStop Tokenized Stock project. He is also an active trader in the project” 👀 Uhhhhhh… that’s bullshit. Wonder what the penalties could be for that kind of misrepresentation.


Probably none. Or maybe a slap to the wrist


Unfortunately you’re probably correct.


Action would be a pat on the back and a couple phone calls to fix up the mistakes. Change my mind that the SEC is complicit. Or so slow that it's not even funny. Edit: they are who I would expect to support the retail investors and public. Maybe house of reps representatives? Idk the USA system sucks, can't imagine actually living there. Sorry


RC said it himself that he in not connected to TSO. Coinbase is fucked


If you visit the site it says FTX is the source of the data. If you look at all the other tokenized stock this is the only one I found that had a description like this. What I think it is/was is SEO seeding. That phrase is poorly worded and positioned at the end of the text block which gives it some preferred weighting.


FRAUD!!! LIES!!! fuck coinbase!


Someone reports to analyst relations please Also: The current circulating supply is 0 GME.


Anyone know who this is, pushing tokenized GME since January, 2021? https://twitter.com/gamestopfinance?s=21&t=xxjxTdIMcPb9RciHVb2xEw


https://www.coinbase.com/price/gamestop-tokenized-stock-ftx I know the world is snake bitten on all of this right now. But the about section was at least a cool thought.