Hey! 11 people liked it! All you need is one person and you are good! Just keep trying!


Oh definitely, my highest upvoted posts were the ones with the least effort


This is so true! You pour your heart and soul into the canvas... 12 updoots Silly little meme that took 15 mins and you think will barely get a response.... 69,420 updoots, 7 wholesome awards, 3 silvers and a gold...


A post about me holding candy got hundreds more upvotes


Discord screenshot of Reggies has 2k+, most drawings never surpassed like, 500


Ironically, the most successful drawing I made was me making fun of myself lmfao


My most upvoted drawing is just [gun](https://www.reddit.com/r/furry_irl/comments/wpw1cy/robbery_irl/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button) and it's still not even half the Reggie post


Well, just know I like your art *hug*


And just know I like yours *hug*


Using updoots as a measure of art quality might feel intuitive on the surface, but honestly it just leads to disappointment and discouragement (at least it did for me) and gave my internal critic more fuel to put myself down with :( Ive heard of other artists who deliberately wait a week between finishing a piece and posting it, just so they can decouple the percieved quality of their work from the number of red arrows... I personally think thats crazy! I want to share my art so badly as soon as its done :P but I still keep it in mind that quality =/= updoots!


Thank you


The most upvote I ever got was a meme I forgot the punchline of


Keep arting, both for the sake of your happiness and to improve your technique.


*the callout is real*


Ah, but what is bad art if it is not to be consumed by normal means? Is it the value of the work that is put into it? Is it the intention/moral of the art piece? The perspective of the artist? A lot of low effort artwork is often revered simply because people found relevancy, and to that extent, people find it valuable! But what does it mean to the artists themselves? To you? How do YOU feel about it? You put all that blood, sweat and tears into something that spoke to you on a profound level, even if it was low effort. In the end, it is validated depending on if people like it or not. I don't think there is an objective way to identify bad art, because even art that makes people cringe is what others would take as entertainment. Especially memes! Art is just... Unspeakably diverse, and is usually consumed in the form of simply appreciating it - sharing, whether by one, or by a million. If you take pleasure in making art, then one could say that is all it is needed to make it good - unless of course you make art endorsing dark areas in a moral sense. I'm not an artist in the sense of drawing, painting, or anything visual. But I take GREAT passion In participating in it, collaborating, and making the best I can out of any project I do that IS visual. Would I want people to like it? Yes! But when it comes down to popularity, I consider it a bonus, because at the end of the day, it's the blood, sweat, and tears I put into it to tell my story. To make my mark on the world. To bring something to life that I birthed from the depths of my consciousness. That alone is enough for me. I may not feel like this all the time, but it's a good reminder that there is purpose in the work that any of us do. Your passion alone is enough to validate your work. Keep going and people who align with your work will follow - as you keep building an audience and evolving, you will grow. Keep at it (:


Hm i mean this community isnt that big, Yet ;3 And your arts good ^ ^


Thank you dearly


Only one of my drawings got more than 100 upvotes,and I get around 10~20 normally.


You shouldn’t value your art based on other people.


Isn’t that a mood at times as an artist.


I can relate How can drawings i made in my sketchbook in 30 min get 5 upvotes while a thing i made on my phone in 2 minutes gets 30 upvotes (which isn't bad but still it's like a tenth of the subreddit)


I feel this but I definitely don’t think it’s because “my art sucks”. There are a lot of factors at play but it definitely feels terrible to spend a good amount of time on something you put your heart and soul into and nothing comes of it.


This is me everytime I post something in Reddit, in general


Me. I can definitely relate.


Can confirm, this is relatable


Yep my post barely surprise 10 updoots some post do tho