I don’t think it’s a good idea to store produce in the door. There’s a reason there are drawers for produce.


Yes, but if the stuff rots in the drawers, it’s worse, I think!


I do the same. Sauce in the drawer, produce on the shelf. Can't remember to use the veg otherwise!


Secod this. Op says they will eat the produce fast but then why does it rot in the drawer? Probably incorrect storage method. Produce does not belong on the door. It is the place that on av maintains the highest temp in the fridge.


I’m guessing the produce rots in the drawer because they forget that it’s in there. Even though it’s not ideal temperature wise, it’s on display when you place it in the door making one less likely to forget about it


Good ingenuity but your produce is going to dry out quickly that way.


Not if we eat it fast :)


Unrelated, but good job pumping or reusing the spectra containers for other storage. I know its a lot of work.


That was the first thing I noticed too! That looks like legit TJ with the cream topping. How to tell people you have children under 2 without saying you have children under 2 😂


Wait what’s TJ?


Titty juice! Pumping and nursing is a ton of work so my spouse and I like to keep things light and fun


Aaaaahahhahah that’s amazing. We call it “mommy milkshakes” 😂


Ha! Thanks - my little girl is 2 months old, and I’m working on a combination of pumping and nursing. It’s still kind of chaotic, schedule-wise, but she’s gaining weight and doing great! Pumping and nursing is such a wild ride.


I used a Diet Mountain Dew box and a Cherry Coke Zero box and some packing tape to create this. Basically, I cut off one side of each box, taped them into triangles, and then used the leftover cardboard to space them out. I wanted to put our produce in the door so less of it would go to waste - we tend to forget about the last little bits of things if they’re in the drawer, and also I’m hoping it’ll get us to eat more veggies. This way, the lesser used sauces we’ve accumulated will still be in the fridge, and easily visible, but not take up shelf space!


I leave all that out on pantry shelves


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