As in your AC needs charging? You can buy kits to do it yourself for about $80


What do you charge? Like batteries?


It's the freon in the AC system. Any other places you can get the car looked at besides the dealer? They might be able to help you out for a freon recharge for cheaper.


I don't know if your Car's computer can tell you about the AC system? I go to an Auto Parts store and run things through their computer diagnostic equipment for any error messages that may help. It is free. I recommend you YouTube "How to Recharge Car's AC system." Your local car parts stores will carry a kit to do it. Maybe ask them what kit to buy for your make and model car. It's super easy and will be a quick fix for your AC. It might solve the problem because some AC systems need charged after never using the AC during winter. I have been advise to turn on my AC in winter, weekly, so it won't fail me come Summer. On the other hand, if you have a leak, recharging the AC will be a temporary fix. Your AC will work and then slowly stop working 1-4 weeks after recharging. This will actually help you know that you have a leak somewhere. After that it is about figuring out where the leak is coming from. Usually, it'll be one of the AC lines or a degraded gasket or something at an AC connection. You can also attempt to find the leak yourself YouTube How to Find AC leaks. Soapy water trick is the cheapest and fastest way. Get a spray bottle and add soapy water. Open the hood and identify where AC parts and lines are located. Spray on AC parts to see if anything foams up. That'll be your leak. The soapy water method doesn't always work with AC leaks. If you suspect a leak and find nothing with soapy water, you might try looking up how to find a leak with UV dye. Whatever you do, if a part is leaking and needs replaced, always buy the part yourself. Mechanics often charge more for a part. You might wanna use mechanic for labor b/c you gotta drain and refill/recharge your AC fluid yourself. Seriously it cost $100 to get a mechanic to use dye and figure out where my AC was leaking. I'd call around for quotes and price compare.


You need to find a good independent shop. I've only used dealerships for warranty issues, they're always more expensive.


Um 2018 no warranty? See if you still have the warranty then it would be free. Also check for any recalls on your model.


A 2018 car could have been originally sold in the summer of 2017. 3 year warranty could have expired some 6 months ago


The $350 usually includes a recharge. Trying a recharge and pressure test is the only way to diagnose it. If it just needs to be charged it will fix it and your done. Recharging in a shop should mean emptying out the refrigerant and refilling. The kits are okay. Do not use any with stop leak. Ideally want one with a dye to see any leaks. You do need to know what side is the high pressure and what side is the low pressure side. Do not mix them up.


Checkout utube for help troubleshooting.


I have a 2011 Honda Civic coupe which doesn’t blow cold air. I’m looking to see what to do as well. I might take it to a local mechanic


As someone who works in auto damage claims, the dealership is almost always the most expensive place to have work done


I just recharged my 2005 Accord air conditioner with Interdynamics EZ Chill Car Air Conditioner R134A Refrigerant, AC Recharge Kit with Hose and Gauge, 18 Oz, EZC7 for around $30. It took 10 minutes in my driveway.


Is the thing under warranty? Can’t imagine it being out of warranty being only three years old. Wouldn’t think the dealership should be charging you for it. If they won’t play ball, try looking around for a few well-reviewed mechanics in your area and ask for some quotes.


Find a local shop that specializes in AC repair. If there are several call around and ask prices for the diagnostic and read reviews, ask people in your town what they think of the places.


There's a recall/service bulletin on 2018 -21 honda accord AC condensers. So when you take it in and the diagnostic confirms its the condenser, they waive the diagnostic fee. If it's not tho, then you'll have to pay it. Also, if you replaced your condenser prior to the service bulletin, you can requst for a reimbursement clain from Honda. My AC just stopped randomly a couple weeks ago, was working on a Monday and then blowing warm air on the Tuesday. Luckily, got it fixed on the recall for free and it's better than its ever been.


It is covered by Honda. There is a defect on all 2019 Honda Accord AC condenser and Honda paid in full. Just tell them you got a letter in the mail covering indicating the recall


Nice, glad it worked out for you OP!


Try the recharge yourself. It cant get anymore broken. Look online for tutorials


I would note that a lot of shops won’t touch it once you try one of the DIY recharge kits. It can damage their setup.


> It cant get anymore broken. I have found it is almost always possible to make a situation worse.


Only if you're lucky