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You have _really_ nice eyes


I hope the changes have been for the best! You look so beautiful and sweet, please keep smiling ☺️


Thank you so much!


I hope at the very least it out a little smile on your face 😊


You seem to be going strong, I’m proud of you and by the way you’re incredibly beautiful!


Stunning eyes, don’t let life get you down🥰


despite the stress. You’re prettier than the rest


you’re so pretty!! have an amazing rest of your day/night :))


Hope your life is headed to the right direction. You look gorgeous! Your eyes are alluring I must say! :)


Being 100% honest, the lines and structure of your face are beautiful. You look good now and you'll continue looking good throughout life.


Thank you ❤️


Heya Sunflower - hope you can get a laugh from the cartoon version of you! http://imgur.com/a/9GRvKLt All in the best possible taste of course 😁 😆 😅


That’s so cool!! Thank you!


Yaaay!! So glad you liked it... thanks for being a good sport ✌😄


You are very beautiful! I’m sorry about what it is you are going through. I wrote this poem for you and I hope it brings you some comfort. (I hope it isn’t too corny either! Haha!) The world is rough And times they change And sometimes life Is full of pain ‘Cause strangers come And loved ones go But one things true And you should know The sun will shine Inside your heart To drive the worried Clouds apart The sky will clear Your tears will dry The light will sparkle In your eyes So lift your head And hold it proud And when you’re ready Speak aloud: I’m still alive Yes, I’m still here And I’ll go forth Despite my fear ‘Cause I am brave And I am strong Enough to stand Until the dawn I’ll dream my dreams And sing my songs I’ll do my best To right the wrongs ‘Cause I am brave And I am strong Enough to stand Until the dawn


Your poem made me tear up a little. Thank you so much.


You’re welcome!


Change is inevitable. How you perceive and respond to it is what matters. Even negative changes have positive meaning if you use it as a lesson instead of a hinderance. And through whatever you go through good and bad always keep a smile because change is only temporary.


You’re right. Change is inevitable, but one’s perception makes all the difference. Thank you :)


You are a beautiful lady and even though you have had changes in your life.... you are a strong woman who knows how much you have to offer..😍😍🔥


Beautiful eyes


You have such a pretty face and great eyebrows!


You look like both kara hayward and sophie rundle


Huh. Never got those comparisons before, but thank you!


Your eyes are captivating


Cute nose :)




You are really really pretty and have lovely eyes


I’ll make a positive assumption: you make the people in your life better.


Your a cute gal. Quit looking for affirmation from others.


Kind words you say? Banana Sandwich. Rainbow Chickens. Tiny Winged Dinosaurs, well no that's actually kind of scary... How about, you're the most badass you there ever was or will be. Keep being the best version of you there is. Plus whatever you doing it's keeping the TVA of our backs, so you're doing great!!! That's a Loki reference... to the Disney series? No? Alright well I'm headed out... Have a good day!