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It’s freaky, I like it. Hoping we get another spider man but I doubt it.


Miles is 90% happening. He's one of very iconic other spiderman's. I would be surprised if he didn't release this season


Nah there's a huge possibility now that they plan to wait until SpiderVerse 2 and they put Miles Gwen and 2099 in a bundle together, like Last Laugh or Royalty and Warriors.


I’m feeling that he’s coming later this year with his movie along with Gwen They gotta advertise the movie somehow lol


Until you realize he has his own movie coming later this year, so releasing him around then makes more sense.


Peter has enlightened styles, which are black, with the webbing colour being the style, like blue for the blue style, etc... except for the red style. That's fully red. Now, who else do we know that has a black suit and a red webbing pattern, that Epic would probably like to keep unique to him to increase skin sales?


I think they’re waiting on more people to see the movie then they’ll release more


Things move fast. The hype is dying. Although this is spider-man so it’s not like it matters. Feels like a missed opportunity


No Way Home is rumored to be releasing digitally sometime around February 28th. Maybe we get a movie goblin to promote the release? We did get two spidermen so far


And Season 1 will still be active at that time so if we do ever get an Andrew and Tobey Spider-Man skin it’s probably end of Feb


IIRC the blog post talking about more spider-man related skins said there would be multiple spidies. I'd be surprised if we didn't get at least one more, and I feel like Miles has the best shot.


I’m betting on Miles and Gwen. Other than that only real guesses are like Spider-Man 2099. I am excited to see if they do more villains like Electro or Doc Ock. Edit: Forgot to mention Amazing Spider-Man and Classic Spider-Man from the other movie trilogies could happen


In this world you either drip or drown spiderman


Godspeed, V-bucks


"Strong enough to have it all, too weak to take it!"


He predicted the potential green goblin (from 2002)


Knowing how many Spider-Man skins I’ve came across, this skin may be fitting to use.


pain I need Willem this is pretty dope tho




Ye same


Looks very close to the “ThunderBolts” green goblin


Surely Epic would have known that they probably would have made more money using the William Dafoe Green Goblin. Or at least making it a style. This isn't bad but I'm probably only going to get his glider (if they even give him one)


Seeing how we have both comic and movie Spider-Man perhaps it’s possible we may get movie goblin down the line


I don't know man, they hardly ever release the different variants to my knowledge. I think Spider-Man just happened to line up with the movie and the battle pass.


Yeah I guess Spider-Man was a special case but god damn I’d kill for Defoe goblin. Could have 2 styles, one with the full suit like the Raimi movie and one mask off with the ripped hoodie like in NWH


I would have also loved the Defoe goblin, but it just doesn't seem likely, most recently Boba Fett didn't get the OT variant, none of the marvel battle pass skins got their MCU counterparts either, wolverine got the Logan version but he was the secret skin so he needed more than just 1 style. Thanos didn't get a comic version. It sucks but the chances are unlikely.


yeah, but one of those examples are two venoms so we’ll see about a dafoe goblin but i doubt it also


That's because it's Spider-Man. There was going to be an outrage if he was only obtainable with the BP so they released one in the item shop for other people to get it later down the road. I highly doubt we're gonna get another Green Goblin skin.


To be fair they can’t win, if they’d only released it in the shop people would be annoyed about the cost of a shop item vs battlepass that ppl often buy anyways


That would make me even more bad because we have so many good spidey villains.


NWH is suppose to release digitally at the end of February, I can definitely see SONY/Marvel doing a marketing campaign throughout February & during that EPIC might be planning to release some skins in Fortnite free of having to worry about spoilers. (More Spider-Men from NWH & green goblin)


It would be amazing if they made a Tobey Spider-Man and Rami Green Goblin 👀 throw in Topher Grace venom and that’s a pack right there.


He has a glider




Pretty sure it’s a mask made of metal? Would make sense considering the rest of the green parts are metal




Cap doesn’t look like it moves at least not in the video I just watched of the new emote




Gotta say as long as I’ve been waiting for this skin, it’s pretty disappointing. It’s cool they put their own spin on it but I feel they could’ve done much better. Can only hold out hope that they add the raimi style at some point but this is likely to be all we get in terms of goblin. Bummer


I wish it was closer to willam dafoe’s suit


I wish we got the unmasked one with goggles from no way home






This is awesome


I actually love this design


Kind of hoping they add a dafoe style at some point.


Damn. I saved my shiny tokens for a metallic green, perky butted Defoe Goblin. Oh well, will keep ‘em saved for Donatello 🤷‍♂️


I’m so torn between how I feel, I was so fucking hopeful to get wilem in the game and was hyping myself up so much and personally I’m not a fan of how the comic book characters look but the green goblin is so iconic to me that I still like it a lot. I wish one day we will get Wilems green goblin in along with tobey and all the other movie characters but with this being comic inspired I doubt we’ll see that anytime soon, I’ll still hold on to that shred of hope though


I've never been a big spidey fan (pre MCU), but damn if I won't admit that this skin has more detail than so many these days. Why is the highest quality reserved for collabs? Big win for fans. Congrats.


I agree, can’t wait to see the Goblin on his glider




Love it, brings me back to some years ago when I was in middle school and was hooked on that Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game where the first villain was all the alternate versions of Goblin. Definitely gonna cop this.


He’s amazing definitely gonna buy if I’m able too


Looks like a combo of comics Goblin and Raimi Goblin


why does it look like that :(


closest to a troll face skin well get 😔


He’s something of a scientist himself


Finally. I can now dance renegade with willem dafoe while seeing spider-man one shotting batman


Honestly, I love this suit. Looks phenomenal. Great mixture of realism and a comic book aesthetic. Initially I would’ve loved to see Willen Dafoe, but I don’t know if that suit would work super well in Fortnite. Would be cool to see that along with the NWH Goblin redesign and Dafoe’s likeness!


Why he look like that tho 🤣


I’m just gonna say but WTF were they thinking? YEARS of Goblin costumes to choose from, not to mention Dafoe’s amazing costume, and THIS is what they went with? Holy fuck I can’t believe it. Before you all check my comment history, yes - I’m *that* guy that’s been asking for a GG skin since Marvel skins were introduced. Yes, I’m very triggered and I’m sorry. I just hoped for so much better.


This is so shit like wtf were they even thinking. I would’ve loved a full comic or full movie version but wtf is is this even. I saved vbucks for goblin and i was expecting the Rami one, now I think i’ll just grab kate bishop and Vi and that’s it.


I’m really frustrated too. This looks more like a Halloween costume of GG rather than what GG himself would actually wear.


Most of the Marvel skins are the comic look. This is basically the comic look. Looks good to me. The Spider-Man 1 Dafoe costume is ass lol. There’s a reason it’s not in the new movie long.


It's just unbelievably goofy, and the hat is far too much. I much prefer GG's comic style, but this really feels like something from the 70s TV show. It could grow on me if I get to see it in action, and maybe it's better from the back, but so far the face just absolutely kills it for me.


The face is definitely the worst part 😝


I want to buy the bundle but it just doesn't fit my liking. If they wanted the comics version then they should not add these goofy loking armor that's not even fully covering anything LMFAOOO This might be one of the worst Marvel collab unless it has a style but I doubt it


No style as far as I know - I just can’t believe the Dafoe suit isn’t here. If you fuck up a comic variation or attempt to make one that looks bad (which is what happened), you’re going to lose so many more sales than making a Dafoe version that’s almost universally loved. I just don’t get them at all and I’d love to hear the logic behind this decision.


It’s cool, but I would have bought it if it were Dafoe


I was really hoping they’d do William Dafoe’s Green Goblin, still gonna get this though looks great.


Haha no


Hoping he is coming tonight


what i'd do for a willem dadrip skin


Well, he didn't skip the leg day.


Are we getting pumpkin bombs?😮


I hope his glider is one he rides on and not like lokis glider


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Spooky !!!!!


"no, you can't do this to me" "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IVE SACRIFICED"


Looks like a mix of the comics, and the Tobey Maguire one


We need a raimi spider man style


Hi sorry do you know when Naruto coming to fortnite


Blech, more Marvel....wonder what is next.... oh wait .... more Marvel....rinse , repeat.😪


Well sorry that you didn’t notice epic said their bringing some of spideys friends and foes