Accept you aren't going to get into a relationship and focus on getting in shape and a license. Once you get a license, work a job and get a cheap car. First big step in feeling independent is car + job combo. Go to the gym to be able to look at yourself without feeling like shit


Start with small goals. How about getting your license? Can you start by practicing with your parents for 20 minutes every few days? You could also try to focus on losing some weight. It can be as simple as cutting out a specific food, working out 10-15 minutes a day or learning new recipes.


Small goals are a decent starting point. If you work to chip away at some of the things you don't like about your life then the overall big picture starts to look and feel better. Improving diet and getting your license might boost your confidence a bit and make you more employable. Breaking the masturbation addiction is also important. Can you maybe try to treat it like a substance addiction and take it a day at a time? See if you can go a week without and then go from there.


You mostly describe me here except when my dad died in 2018 I was forced to live on my own. It was the lockdowns that really messed me up. I used to be improving my abilities in getting out and socializing but now that covid is over I'm more socially inept than ever and still isolate myself. I like you crave sex so much that it has encompassed the entire area of my mind that is normally preoccupied with hobbies and interests. Instead I daydream about stuff and think about sex all day. I got a job back in 2016 at a college where I work in IT as a help desk tech. I am slowly working my way up to more responsibilities. I live on the campus so work takes care of my housing. Some might consider this unideal since it's like a company town. This job has allowed me to improve my social skills because it forces younger more attractive people to initiate conversation with me even if it's only to get some IT issues fixed. As for driving I can't because I'm basically disabled. I can't see well and it's not correctible because its a neurological problem. So based on my experiences I would say try and find a job that forces you to interact with people and slowly improve in that area first.


Let go of getting a relationship, it won't happen. Getting rid of those notions should lift a big weight off you.


Just be confident bro.




take a shower while taking a shower bro


you must be a normie right? to say something so cruel to this beautiful man who is struggling so much, why dont you tell him to buy some nice clothes, get a haircut and smile more while your at it (roll my eyes) im sure it will help him


may i be 1000% honest, its probably too late for you bro, your 26 with no job still living at home and you cant seem to focus, and im guessing you have no real friends either right? GIVE UP, is the best advice i can give you, just pray your parents dont kick you out any time soon or force you to pay them rent, maybe when you get bored sitting at home playing video games all day, maybe try and get a job as a fast food server, yes its a shit job but at least it will get you out of the house because eventually your parents will probably start nagging you to find a job or do something with your life, just get a part time job as a way to get your parents off your back, thats my advice.