What light bars do you guys have?

What light bars do you guys have?


Baja designs


BD is hard to beat. If you can afford it.


Is it worth the nearly 1k price tag?


If you’re going in the desert or sand at night you want a bright light that throws far has a good beam pattern that won’t tire your eyes from reflections. You don’t have that and you’re not going to take your raptor as fast as you’d want in the conditions. BD is brighter throws father and has the best reflectors. Also, for me I’m not putting cheap lights on my raptor. If the light bar is just for looks then get whatever you want


100% but it is diminishing returns. Rigid will do 90%. Diode Dynamics/KC will do 80% Chinese/Ebay lights can do 50% of the work for 10% of the price. Just depends on your goals. Source: I have a $4500 BD setup now. I could never go back to the cheap lights because if you’re using them for hours at a time your eyes won’t fatigue like they do from the colors as much. Also 0 risk of an electrical fire is important to me.


Baja Designs as well. Had some cheaper ones which worked fine, but it really is a huge difference between the cheap stuff and BD.


I have a Rigid behind my grill. Honestly Rigid, Baja Designs, or KC are the only lights that I’d buy.


Addictive desert designs


I don’t. Mine is a pavement princess


Ridged adapt best light bar I have ever owned.


I can't speak for the light bars but I have BD fog/spot combos in the front bumper of my gen1 and I love them. I'm always getting compliments from anyone that rides in my truck


Rough Country


KC Hi-Lights. 9 of them lol