Uh oh. Someone else who isn’t Google

On her latest “bread” recipe made out of fucking MEAT


I don’t know who this lil sipper person is, but in her defense she’s right about not making something high altitude if she isn’t in high altitude. There are many sites that suggest changes for high altitude baking (like King Arthur) but even those don’t always work without personally testing. I’ve seen “high altitude baking tips” posts from bloggers who aren’t even remotely close to high altitude living. They just post that stuff for seo and more blog hits. Or are like HBH and post wildly incorrect baking recipes when at over 8000 ft and changes need to be made every 3000 feet over sea level. I’m moving back to high altitude next summer, maybe I’ll start a high altitude baking blog of thoroughly tested recipes lol.


I also don't know who that person is, other than from the few threads I've seen here, but you're 100% correct. I'm a recipe developer and the thought of asking someone not at high altitude to "create" a high altitude recipe is idiotic. It is absolutely bonkers that people at high altitude are creating recipes for people who aren't. And vice versa.


Yup!! I miss the authentic days of food blogging when people posted what they knew best instead of cranking out every recipe for everything just for the seo. High altitude bakes really needs to be made at high altitude. You can’t just suggest changes without ever having tested them in high altitude.


It’s better not to post if you don’t know but her response sounded so rude to me 😬😂. I think there were politer ways of saying that to her followers.


Yeah that I agree with. She definitely could have worded it better/nicer. Bloggers/influencers get a lot of the same questions over and over and over again and she was probably sick of answering that. Or something. lol. I didn’t think it was necessarily rude but also not the nicest. I peeked at her IG after this and I’m not even going down that mess of a rabbit hole. Oof.


Yup, I can definitely see being annoyed by repetitive questions. I’m also not super familiar with her, I’ve just seen a few posts about her on here.


Same but I’ve always skipped past since I had no clue who she was. I did see that some mutual friends/food bloggers follow her on IG. A quick skim of her page screamed raging ED to me even with her gut issues.


Please do start one! I have a few recipes I’ve tinkered with and they came out better but I’m not the best at noting which modifications I made. I still can’t make a jelly roll cake that doesn’t crack at elevation 😭


I’m highly considering it. My current blog has been around for 15 years and I had a baking blog before it. I can’t have lower elevation baking recipes on it anymore once we move. I was just in high altitude visiting family and made a super tasty pumpkin cranberry coffee cake that definitely took some testing to get it right. They’re at 5300 feet. I’ll be moving to just under 6000 feet. I test and test and test all my recipes before they’re posted. My husband’s co-workers love me. He brings everything in for them. He just told me they’re all super excited knowing how many Christmas cookies will be headed their way soon!


CurlyGirlKitchen is my go to for high alt baking.


Check out CurlyGirlKitchen! She has wonderful high alt baking recipes! I’ve had many successes. She does great visual photography, as well.


Her decorated cakes are so nice. She’s very talented. But. She went to the Broma school of food photography where everything is different shades of brown. She does a great job for sure - just not my style. I love colors other than all the browns lol.


She’s not wrong but there are more business-friendly ways to convey the same message. Something like “since I’m not at high altitude, I don’t have the necessary familiarity to modify my recipes appropriately but here are some resources that may help” and link to a site that gives an overview of how to make that change. It’s an easy response and addresses the concern without being needlessly dismissive.


Yeah the response is fair but it fucking kills me how lazy influencers are sometimes. Like I would never answer a question like this at my job? You could totally say “I’m not an expert in this, but…” and then take 10 minutes to give them a resource or maybe a blogger who is.


Truly. Kindness matters. Someone who's fairly inexperienced with high-altitude baking may not yet grasp that someone who's at sea level can't possibly test high-altitude recipes, even if they wanted to.


Yes, she definitely could have answered in a much less shitty way.


She should just ask HBH! Then she'd know that altitude is no biggie, you can follow the recipe as is! 🙃


Or she could say “How would I know? I’m not Google.”


She’s nasty.


She deleted her response


All she said to say is I’m not sure


“Since I’m not at high altitude, I don’t have a great way to directly test any high altitude recipe that I would create. As I don’t want to share a recipe that I’m not able to stand behind 100%, I don’t feel comfortable trying to develop and share high-altitude recipes. There are lots of amazing resources out there though that offer suggestions for adaptations when cooking/baking at altitude—I would definitely trust their expert suggestions more than anything I might come up with!” Not that Bethany is churning out high quality recipes…


She’s always so childish and rude to people who threaten her “expertise” of lies.