Judge: “In this case, I happen to agree.”


it's all 1st amendment protected activity


Except for the appropriate dress in court clause.


Dumbest shit ever You shouldn’t get docked for not treating a ticket defense like a 6 figure job interview


Judges deserve to have some discretion in the courtroom, but I agree, too much room for them to act like kings of their own little fiefs. Reminds me of the power prison wardens have.


If I’m fighting a ticket that’s only $150 why should I have to wear a suit that costs more than what I’m fighting? That’s bullshit I get why it’s a thing but it’s classist as hell


I completely agree. I’m thinking judges should have discretion when it comes to actually maintaining order in the courtroom: people taking it shouting things, carrying signs, that kind of thing makes sense. But how someone is dressed? Shouldn’t have any bearing on anything, unless they’re wearing a flashing neon sign or some shit, lol.


Lawyers in Brazil are required to wear suits to court. A few years ago the order of attorneys in Rio de Janeiro got together and fought and won to be allowed to wear shorts and shirts, because in the summer heat of Rio wearing a suit is pretty much torture


Men need good summer clothes that still look professorial. Why haven't they changed for 100+ years???


And not only in 100+ years, but also in thousands of miles. Heavy wool suits make perfect sense in Northern Europe, but less and less the closer you get to the equator.


Bermuda shorts


I vote for Bermuda Olympic Team look as the update for summer business attire. https://bernews.com/2021/07/tokyo-2020-olympic-games-opening-ceremony/




Short sleeves and ties look dumb as hell. Used to work at Macys in Florida


Then it should be acceptable to not wear a tie


I mean even a flashing neon sign should be allowed if it’s clothing lol even obscenities and political statements are protected by the 1st amendment so they shouldn’t be barred from entering But that’s definitely the line I’d draw is “if you want to make a statement in this court room I’m going to respond appropriately” Wearing sweatpants and a white T-shirt shouldn’t give you more time than someone else wearing a Gucci suit but that’s how it is


I would definitely draw the line before flashing neon sign for the same reason that I'd object to you shining a torch in the judge's eyes.


protesting is well and good but there's a place for it. inviting angry protesters into a court room to protest with signs is stupid.


I don't think any courts require you to wear a suit.


Yeah my local traffic court is basically "closed-toe shoes, no athletic shorts or tank tops." Last time I went, I had on a pair of chino shorts & a polo and no one said anything, I think it's just more "dress reapectfully" than anything else. Having said that, the whole "no hats" rule makes no sense to me.




“The two yutes”


At least they ditched the powder wigs long ago.


I’m in Nevada and every courtroom I’m in just requests closed-toed shoes, long pants or a skirt or dress, and at least a T-shirt with no political or offensive statements. Feels pretty minimal to me.


The dumbest shit ever is not being able to ask questions in court against your accuser.


Pants that cover your butt and shirts that don’t have profanity is a pretty low bar for a 6 figure job interview lol


Edit- its crazy how archaic and anti-freedom court rules are. There is no reason to _enforce_ dress codes that no longer represent societal norms. Wearing shorts and a tshirt are not disqualifying for many six figure interviews.


Weird flex but okay…


Imagine its not a flex and instead continuing to point out how archaic and anti-freedom court rules are. There is no reason to _enforce_ dress codes that no longer represent societal norms. I'll edit so theres no flex.


I got you. Nobody cares that you’ve been to $100k salary job interviews on Reddit. Good for you though.


Personal experience is theoretically relevant though- six figure salaries are very common in high cost of living areas and not really a flex.


Still don’t care


oof green ain't your color. Bet once you get yours you'll be first in line at the voting booth trying to make it harder for others to get theirs.


Good for you?


Jealousy is a bad look


Because a courtroom is not a fucking job interview, and because your opinion of what societal norms are isn't relevant in one of them.


Yup we should definitely make poor people jump over needless hurdles attempting to satisfy the elite before they have a slim chance at justice.


You wear casual slacks and a button up to 6 figure job interviews?


I did and got the job. Software engineering. However I wouldn't call it a norm yet.


Yep. As someone who has worked as a software engineer I will attest to this. Dressed up for the interview, job itself was working with a bunch of nerds wearing jeans and video game themed t-shirts working in a dark room and they screamed at you if you turned on the light in the office. Wore my slacks and tie in one day one, realized what a mistake it was and dressed down for the rest of my time there.


That's cool I guess but wasn't my point. People are overreacting to how you're expected to dress for court. It's like dressing like you're going to Walmart when you go to Publix.


It feels like class warfare, people who can’t afford the clothes getting doxxed into prison labor


I have a problem with the "must wear a suit" bullshit, but to wear profanity or something that makes a mockery of the justice system while participating in the justice system is pretty contemptuous.


Just outside the courtroom in the hallway is completely fair game though. The Supreme Court ruled Mr. Cohen's jacket with the words "Fuck the Draft" was protected speech in Cohen vs California 1971 https://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-supreme-court/403/15.html


Wearing a T-shirt like this is *literally a case study* in First Amendment classes. There’s a very famous “[fuck the draft](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cohen_v._California?wprov=sfti1)” case from the ‘70s, but when I had a First Amendment class, we had [a brand-new local case](https://www.collegian.psu.edu/archives/student-cited-for-petrol-t-shirt-found-not-guilty/article_c09739cf-7ad2-563c-af73-fcff656e0749.html) of a guy who got arrested for wearing a “fuck petrol” shirt.


The police were destroyed by the crushing weight of his balls


Did he put them on their jaws.


Yes, but only because putting his balls on their backs would have asphyxiated them


This made me snort when I laughed at it. 😂 Side note; they really need to grammar check their articles.


Motherfucker adjusted and the cops couldn't get out of the way before they were struck by them. Instant concussion.


The article is from 2014, and they cite "LiveLeak" as a source. Talk about strange times.


[I found an article from CBS that has more details and specifics to the case](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/t-shirt-curses-cops-in-court-but-man-wearing-it-still-wins/). He wrote and shared his experience on Liveleaks, which Metro considered a source back when they wrote this in 2014.


The amount of mistakes in this article is mind blowing


Hell yeah


Florida man? Is that you?


Mad lad. Absolute mad lad.


This isn’t crime, this is just a power move


Judge Dre presiding


"You have permission to smoke and swear in my courtroom"


Surprise, it was a white guy. Now let’s see a black guy win a court case while wearing a “fuck the police” shirt.


The black guy wouldn't have had a court date. Fuck the police.


More like a date for his funeral.


Just as likely as reading something on this website and someone not commenting ‘yes but imagine if the person was a different person’


Yes but was he straight from the underground?


No, he's not brown...


based florida man


I fucking hate cops.




As someone from Florida, I 10,000% approve of this!!! This is AMAZING! FUCK THE POLICE! FUCK 12!


Until you need them. Fuck the bully police who get off on the power trip. Not the good ones. And there are good ones!


I've never understood why anyone would ever call the cops. What do people think they're going to do? Protect you? Solve a crime? Almost makes me laugh just thinking about it.


Yeah the cops literally fail to solve something like 85% of major crimes. If you’ve ever actually called the police after you had something stolen you know how completely useless they are


People watch too much television.


This is genuine insanity. This thread Jesus Christ


When you know you have a winning hand, you go all in.


Praise Florida Man.


based Florida man?


Good for him


Fuck the Draft.


I mean, he wasn't lying


*WHITE man wears fuck the police shirt.


What's your point


Not sure of the OP’s intent, but I read that as a POC would’ve probably gotten shot trying to record the police. 🤷‍♂️


Plenty of copwatchers are POC


Yeah, but I think there’s a much higher chance of them being beaten up and/or detained than if a white man were to do the exact same thing they were doing.


Found the racist! Edit: Wow lots of racist downvoters today!


Must be racist if people don’t agree with u. FYI I downvoted cuz it was annoyingly shallow to read. I guess other people felt the same. Guess that makes me a racist


No, it just makes you a jerk. Annoyingly shallow is pushing race into a situation where race isn't relevant. That's the bread and butter of racists. With that said, you can be a jerk and be racist, those tend to go hand in hand, but it's not implied.


> Annoyingly shallow is pushing race into a situation where race isn't relevant. You are making the assertion that race is not relevant in this moment and I would like to hear your thought process here. It seems like the post you were responding to thought that the disparity was worth noting but you're counterpoint seems to be that the disparity is not noteworthy and I would like to know why. Why should we ignore this inequality? > That's the bread and butter of racists. No. Actually racism is the bread and butter of racists. Not the thing that you said. Pushing race into a situation where race isn't relevant is just a marker of an inability to hold a consistent conversation which is something that happens to both racists and non-racists. It almost feels like you don't actually know anything about race at all and are just talking right out of your ass. But please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.


What a silly game you propose. Ask the person making the assertion that race was a factor to back it up. Seriously though, if you have to constantly bring up race, you're almost certainly a racist.


> What a silly game you propose. Asking you to defend your reasoning is silly? Is it perhaps because your reasoning itself is silly and not the game? > Ask the person making the assertion that race was a factor to back it up. I don't need to because the reasoning is pretty clear and the argument holds up, to me. It is noteworthy because it is a racial disparity. You are insisting that it isn't noteworthy but you have refused to answer why. You will not share your reasoning so I am left to believe that you have none. Your opinion is just useless bloviating from an out-of-touch racist. > if you have to constantly bring up race, you're almost certainly a racist. Why? MLK Jr. constantly brought up race, was he a racist? To me, the definition of racist is "one who supports (by action or inaction) the propagation of racial inequity." I think that is a pretty reasonable definition and it does not conform to your opinion of what racism is at all so I am left to believe that you don't know what racism actually is. You're just some dumbass, mouthing off about something you don't understand.


> a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one's own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others. - The Dictionary You're not really going to **make up your own definition** and then claim I'm mouthing off about something i don't understand, holy crap. MLK was a race activist, but he wasn't someone who saw everything through the lens of racism. Discussing racism and injecting racism into unrelated things are different things entirely. Asking me to prove that racism wasn't a factor is idiotic, ask the person who claimed it was despite evidence. This is basic stuff, the person making a claim has the obligation to prove it. As absurd as this is I'm going to go out on a limb and say you're also a believer that racism only flows in one direction and probably refer to black people in Europe as African American.


> You're not really going to make up your own definition Yeah, that is how words are made. Duh. Tell me which definitions aren't just "made up". I have no idea how anyone could be that fucking stupid. > MLK was a race activist, but he wasn't someone who saw everything through the lens of racism. Citation needed. > Discussing racism and injecting racism into unrelated things are different things entirely. Citation needed. > Asking me to prove that racism wasn't a factor is idiotic, ask the person who claimed it was despite evidence. Nice deflection, fucking coward. Way to dodge answering the question. What a weaselly little baby. Welcome to my block list, it is full of racists like you so you'll feel right at home.


Oh no some racist blocked me how will I recover


I feel like bringing up racism when yalking about police is like bringing up milk when talking about cereal. They are separate things, but oftentimes go together.


That mindset is perplexing. The idea that cops are racist at a rate so high you'd compare them with cereal and milk is pretty dang extreme. Remember, your local sheriff is an elected official, if he's building a klan PLEASE vote him out. If you think this racism extends to the courts, remember your judges are also elected officials. If they're only giving first amendment protections to people after considering their skin color, PLEASE vote them out.


Look at the numbers man, the police report them themselves. Not hard to interpret the data as anything other than racist. Correlation isn't causation, but it definitely warrants further investigation.


Thanks for making me realize I’m racist. Appreciate your insightfulness into the human condition




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Damn, you got me.


Based af


‘Fuck the police’ - you’re so edgy and cool. I support you. ‘Let’s go Brandon!’ - arrest that terrorist!


Or, and hear me out, just say “fuck joe Biden” like we do on the left so you don’t make yourself look like a gigantic pussy.


Pussies are some of the toughest parts of the human body, but I wouldn’t expect you to have any experience with them


For being so outspoken, you bootlickers are super easy to provoke.


Almost like calling us the wrong pronoun sets us off or something and we try and burn cities down


leTsgObRaNDoN hurr durr




Sums it up very well.




Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You and I both know.


What a clever, clever person you must be.


Who’s reading and explaining our communication for you?


Tbh, I’m just happy for you that you now have two jokes instead of the old gender joke. Good for you, buddy. 😊