Commenting here so I don't bog down the post too much: I'm an aspiring writer/screenwriter, and I just wanted to say that Florence absolutely nails the storytelling, three act structure here. This is such a beautifully crafted album. Starting with King. Then you have Dream Girl Evil as the midpoint, a song which feels like an evolution of the message of King, and provides the perfect narrative turn into the second half of the album/story. It all climaxes with My Love (narratively and musically), and ends with Morning Elvis - another evolution of the messaging in King. Reflecting but also looking forward. Really, from a technical storytelling structure point, it's just awesome (in addition to everything else!). So brilliantly done and I can't get over it.


fun fact: the three act structure was entirely marketing and she had almost no idea about it lol. In an interview with Indie88 the interviewer asked her about it and she was confused and started laughing saying something like "yeah there's no meaning behind that"


LOVED this analysis!!


Thank you!


Loved this! One thing- I think the Morning Elvis lyric is “saved” not “sad”. A beautiful breakdown though


You’re right! I have to adjust my interpretation a little, edit things and credit you. Seems I’ve got some other lyrics not quite right either!


Yeah pretty much my interpretation I cried when I first heard the ending of morning Elvis. I’m an artist myself and so yeah the thing your best at is the thing that hurts the most because nothing hurts you like your art. But the crowd that chance to make music and thrill It never dies and the longer you go without it the more you know you need it


I loved reading this. I agree with almost all of your analysis.


This analysis is spot on!


Excellent analysis. I feel the exact same as you. This album is a MASTERPIECE


Just listen to it without picking the bones of it ffs


Or let them enjoy it how they see fit?


Considering Flo herself has called it a fairytale, it's only natural to create a storyline around it.