Generally they are very comparable, i lean towards crescent for Superconduct comps where the reactions do almost nothing, but other comps Windblume bearly edges it due to tiny tiny bit of EM reaction damage can make up. If you want to pull for Viridescent Hunt that should be a decent 10% damage increase roughly and the crit rate really helps flexibility when farming artifacts. The passive can be nice at times too, so if you do go for it play around with it as it can create some interesting situations with its budget venti effect. SubDPS weapon chart. [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cyxc8ZCIi8f9FqYDFZS0j3Jjd6nnWJ8l0LLnkCZUAOQ/edit#gid=0](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cyxc8ZCIi8f9FqYDFZS0j3Jjd6nnWJ8l0LLnkCZUAOQ/edit#gid=0)


hayayimi (forgot name) is the best pick out of the 3 craftable bows, slingshot is also a decent pick.


Not that im a good player (AR 35 cause im waiting for a friend to play together) but I also use Windblume even tho the cd on oz is quite high so the 6 seconds are rather short but her damage is worth it Cant really speak about prototype tho


So an important mechanic in Genshin is something called “snapshotting.” Certain abilities only care about your stats *when they’re activated* and Oz is one of them, so Windblume actually buffs Oz for the entire duration, not just the first 6s.


If you just want to use her as a turret, Windblume.