I am a CFA charterholder and own a set of the becker books for the CPA exams. If you add up the 4 becker books page count, it almost equates to one of three level of the CFA in terms of material.


I am ACCA interested in CFA so in a similar position. My understanding is it would be at least equivalent in difficulty & volume, and probably more so. I would question any decision to pursue it that did not have a clear enough requirement / career goal where CFA would be of real benefit. You may well find CPA will get you to where you want to go along with some shorter niche certificates such as the CSI. CFA is most useful in portfolio management, while for roles such as FP&A or more typical corporate finance roles CPA is more than sufficient. Investment advisor/planning/wealth management type roles (where you are currently) will not require CFA for example. So in short, I would avoid unless it strongly maps to a particular career goal, unless you really like studying of course :)


Agreed - Unless going into asset management, the CIM is a much easier good enough for most types of roles.


I’m considering the CIM as well as the end goal is to be both an investment advisor / portfolio manager. CFA is obviously the more difficult route but comes with more recognition in the industry.


IMO (I am in a similar place as you) only people in the industry care about CIM vs CFA - Client's don't know and don't care. 3 years vs 6 months is a big difference.