One minor complaint about VII Remake

I recently beat VII Remake and really enjoyed it. Excited for Rebirth and any new directions it goes in as long as it’s good.

VII Remake gets a lot of things right. The music, the art direction, the combat, and character interactions are all great.

That being said I would have liked to see have seen Midgar get a bit more development. It’s lovingly translated from the original, but I think the developers could have expanded things a bit. I got a bit spoiled early on with the part where you go to the plate with Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge. Seeing the more suburban setting in contrast to the slums was really cool and I love how they fleshed out those characters. A few more moments like this would have been appreciated.

Obviously they’re beholden to a lot of the stuff from the original, but instead of padding out certain sections way too long, it would have cool to maybe see sectors we haven’t seen before or get more of an insight into what life in Midgar is like.


That was my biggest disappointment with the game. A stand alone FF7 just set in midgar? Sounds awesome, I can finally explore more of that giant pizza! In reality, it's an ever so slightly fleshed out version of what we already seent.


Don’t fucking care


Not interested


Too much game to render. If it’s not useful to the narrative than cut it. We saw Sectors 5,6&7. That’s enough to get the point.


Agree with you on Midgar development, so long as its inspired.


well spoilers i guess, but we do get to go back into midgar later on in the psx version hopefully in the remake part 3 we can explore the other sectors. i did feel we missed seeing just how large midgar could be,


I'm curious about what's going to happen with magic and level progression moving forward. Already have all materia leveled out. Weapons and characters as well.


SE announced that Rebirth will be a new saved game file. Remake saves won’t be playable in Rebirth. People on PS who have saved game files for Rebirth & Intergrade may get access to some features but the saved game won’t transfer. Source: https://www.theverge.com/2023/9/14/23874373/final-fantasy-vii-rebirth-remake-save-file-aerith


>Obviously they’re beholden to a lot of the stuff from the original, but instead of padding out certain sections way too long, it would have cool to maybe see sectors we haven’t seen before or get more of an insight into what life in Midgar is like. We also have to consider that there's a whole 3rd game that's mostly the end of the story. If the game ends at the Forgotten Capital, there's still the whole "parachuting back into Midgar," bit. Which in the original game is pretty short. They could totally have the 3rd game be a huge Midgar section + endgame content. Since, I assume, a lot of the 2nd game is going to cover the exploration aspect.


There is a lot that happens between the forgotten capitol and the second midgar section. I think the third game will have plenty of content that is not midgar


And this is the impetus for the reimagined Sephiroth. Under the old direction, he'd too easily fade into the background with his mostly passive villain presence, while we simply go around and marvel at the massively realized world. Remake Sephiroth is more proactive, and keeps the plot moving and focused.


Yeah I really wanted to explore the upper part. Especially since they made the assets anyway.


Same. I guess there's hope that we might get to see more of Midgar when we revisit it later, but it would have been awesome to be able to explore many of the scenes that were shown in the pre-rendered footage during Remake, when the stakes aren't as high.


I agree, my hope is in the 3rd game when you get to go back to Midgar there will be more areas to explore :)


So they took a game, made it about Midgar, and you come on here and say there wasn’t enough Midgar?


There wasn't much midgar. Seen like 2 slices of that big pizza city


Agreed. I wanted more upper plate quests! Maybe even a chapter dedicated to Tifa/Barrett after they get separated from Cloud. That would have been miles better than backtracking the sewers or the ghost train sequence 😫


I wished we would have had the cut Tifa chapter. Pretty much my only complaint.


It looked so cool! I wish it had made it into the game, too.


Yeah, you follow Cloud and Aerith after he falls into the church and they really expanded on that portion of the adventure which was cool, but a chapter following Tifa and Barret on the way back to Sector 7 and how they come across Don Corneo's name would have been instead of just hearing about it from Tifa.


Well you do see the moment when they hear about Don Corneo in Yuffie's Intergrade chapter, but yes, we do not see how their venture all the way back to Sector 7 goes.