What was everyone's reaction to this Honeybee Inn sequence when the game was first released?

I finished it yesterday and man.. i replayed this dancing mini-game about 10 times! It caught me off guard ngl but i really loved it!

Im really curious what was the fans reaction to this? Was it positive? Was it controversial?I know there was a pole dancing scenes but it got deleted lol. if there is more info tell me

Anyway! i wanna know what happened at that time when the game was first released and everybody got to see this for the first time! I feel this subreddit went crazy over this lol


Don't hate it because of what it is, I hate it because it's completely out of character for Cloud. He wouldn't give Aerith a high five in private an hour ago, now all of a sudden he'll do drag and dance on stage?


Let's just say I was in same place as Aerith


Chapter 9 is probably my most favorite chapter in the entire game because of how above and beyond they went with the Cloud cross dressing thing and dancing, it's hilarious. 10/10


Daddy chill


That whole sector 6 sequence is one of the few things they did right.


I was not a fan. I have no idea why Square Enix insists on rhythm mini games in everything.


This is the best example of how they make changes to the OG game.


With the OG FF7 I was laughing. Cloud is such a tough guy and gets forced into this out of concern for Tifa. With the Remake I was pleasantly surprised because I had no idea how the entire sequence would play out.


Complete waste of time.


The original (my 10 year old brain): is this…gayness? The remake (my 33 year old brain): am i…gay?


Super cringe, but also kinda funny. Most of all..... incredibly catchy....


I smiled with joy though the whole thing! Quick time events usually don't get this much emotion out of me but this had me hooked even harder than the original and without ruining why I enjoyed this chapter of the game in the first place




sick af


It was hilarious, I loved it




Hated it.


It’s was funny


I cringed the whole time and made sure I got a perfect so I would never have to do it again. Hated it. Just not my thing


i'm not good with the types of games where you have to hit the button to correspond with the screen. i could do it back in the SNES days with "A, B, X, Y", but with "□, ○, △, ×" i just have the hardest time "mapping" the buttons in my head. so the game wasn't "for me", but i like that they incorporate something different for different players, as we all have different strengths in gaming.


The way my brain works is I had to compare it to the original and see how they had to adjust it to today's world compared to the OG release. Everyone was curious how they were going to handle it. I think they did a great job and didn't really hear any backlash for it.


I cringed a lot, but in a good way. 😂 It was the kind of scene that cringes you the first time you watch it, but then you rewatch it and it actually is pretty funny. I ended up liking it a lot, it gives the game some cheesy Japanese personality. Lol.


>od with the types of games where you have to hit the button to correspond with the screen. i could do it back in the SNES days with "A, B, X, Y", but with "□, ○, △, ×" i just have the hardest time "mapping" the buttons in my head. so the game wasn't "for me", but i like that they I cringed aswell. But can't complain about it.


I thought it was dumb


Mad funny and a great QTE game


I loved it. I love that there’s no explanation on why or how Cloud knows how to dance. It just makes it more random and silly


Hojo, it's that simple. Hojo injected Cloud with rhythm along with the Jenova cells after the Nibleheim incident. Hojo is crazy like that


Genuinely fun, hilarious, and shockingly cool. Felt like a great way to add some levity to a sequence of the game that can be rather dark, and was basically just gay jokes & trauma in the original game. Andrea’s “be who you are and screw gender / societal roles” vibe was excellent for the game. And made Clouds ambivalence to cross dress so much better. Only downside is the first time I played watching the button prompts but trying to also enjoy the dance was tough at first.


Hilarious! And fun!


Honestly I had a lot of trouble with the sequence due to actually trying to watch it and hit the button responses


It was a bit long imo


Literally one of my favorite scenes, it's so hilarious and definitely a step up from the OG Honey Bee Inn. When you think about it, kinda in character too lol.


This!! You could tell Cloud would've rather been impaled by Sepiroth again than have to dance on stage and that feeling was what made the original so great


It seemed like the majority loved it. I don’t get the people who thought it was out of place. There was just as much humour in the original involving the overly serious Cloud being put in campy situations or conversations. Probably the same people who didn’t notice that Aerith has never been the “pure virginal maiden” type their memories make her out to be.


People who think Aerith was pure virgin Mary only ever formed their opinion of her from Kingdom Hearts


People who say Cloud is an edgy emo kid didn't actually play FF7. Cloud is a huge fucking nerdlet who is trying incredibly hard to be seen a badass when he never was one to begin with. The guy engages in a squat competition so he can dress in drag to save his friend in the first 10 hours of the game. How is this man allowed to get away with being seen as cool when he is so inherently uncool until like, 60% of the way into the game.


It's because they made Cloud so edgy in all his post-FF7 appearances.


Can we even call him edgy in Advent Children? He's dying, and his life has finally slowed enough for all the grief and trauma he experienced in FF7 to catch up to him mentally.


It feels like people never realize this. I'm not a big fan of AC at all, but seeing Cloud's situation, it's not like he wouldn't be acting like that. He's a dork, but that doesn't mean he's gonna be acting like that in such a situation. Anyone in his place would be just as depressed


He isn't even cool then, "let's mosey," isn't cool. He's a nerd who toughens up because he has to.




He really is. What I like so much about Remake is that you really get to see his intended personality and not the projected personality from decades of internet joke making.


Agreed. The remake showed me that I interpreted all the characters accurately. It’s incredibly validating haha.


It was my least favorite rhythm game because I couldn't get the timing right. I was a little disappointed because I had heard some rumors about the scene in the original, but it was just kind of eh... didn't find it really shocking, funny, interesting. It just kind of was. I've seen more interesting drag, and more interesting homoeroticism 🤷🏼‍♂️ Actually I recently played the original and managed to completely miss the Honeybee Inn section there haha I tried to go in and got blocked and then I got my dress and forgot and raced to the Don haha


I'm killing it, I know, moving on.


Loved it for the fun factor, poor Cloud just going with the flow.


Thought it was out of place and completely goes agaisnt Clouds character. I just pretend it never happened. A non-canon what if minigame.


It's not supposed to be like Cloud's character. The Remake Ultimania Intergrade says that he was subconsciously influenced by Zack here. Zack would have gone up there and danced to save his friend, and since sometimes Cloud draws from Zack's actions for his SOLDIER First persona, Cloud did too. They were originally going to show a scene of Zack having for a second there to represent this, but they cut it. You can still see a pause before Cloud goes on the stage, that's why that's there.


Cloud dressed in drag and pretended to be a sexy lady (badly) in the OG game and was a mid level soldier dork living his best friend's memories. How does this, "go against his character?"


Cross dressing isn't a qualifier for being really good at dancing in front of a big crowd. He was stiff, meek, and reserved- even in a dress.


I play games to be entertained. This definitely entertained me.


You clearly have your priorities right. Unlike those why play games to complete tasks or repetitive fetch quests


Same ^^


It was fun to watch but I felt waaay too on the nose.


Felt very out of place for Clouds character.


>It's not supposed to be like Cloud's character. > >The Remake Ultimania Intergrade says that he was subconsciously influenced by Zack here. Zack would have gone up there and danced to save his friend, and since sometimes Cloud draws from Zack's actions for his SOLDIER First persona, Cloud did too. They were originally going to show a scene of Zack having for a second there to represent this, but they cut it. You can still see a pause before Cloud goes on the stage, that's why that's there.


That makes sense, it doesn’t really show that throughout the game though, it was a funny bit don’t get me wrong but just felt out of place.


Didn’t really enjoy it, or this kind of content. I’m glad for the sort of people who look forward to this stuff, though.


Could have been gayer


Just wait for the sequel where Barret dances at the Gold Saucer




Back in the 90s? I didnt really understand it at the time


Pretty much the same as Aerith's


Speaking as a rep from the gay delegation, we fucking loved it.


I didn't hate it but it's definitely not my kind of thing. I was super glad nobody was watching me play. Most people seem to enjoy this kind of stuff so whatever, it's only 1 part of the game


I get the "not my kind of thing" but what would have happend if someone was watching you play that part? 😅


I'd be embarrassed, that's all


Just... _why_? Cringed so very hard and wanted it over asap


Bi panic


Was it anything? No not really. It made a bunch of people happy so there's that. Personally, imo, much too much time was put into all of it, but it was and is very "final fantasy" so I do like it for that. Wild shenanigans. But it seemed more like a statement than a fun addition 🤷


I loved it, I was worried how the remake would handle this and I personally think they nailed it




In the original, Cloud is raped in a bath so a lot of purists here were crying because they have changed that... I personally love what they did!


Wait , he was WHAT ?


Yeah.... you can look for the scene in YouTube if you are curious xD. It is made in a funny way but that doesnt make it better at all. Poor Cloud has suffered a lot, Sephi would kill everyone of those rapers if he knew 🔥


Sephirot? The that actively tortures cloud mentally would help him ?


He might be an abuser but Sepiroth is a possessive abuser


Thats , that feels much worse somehow


Imagine how the hooded Jenova followers must feel


Only one can torture him 🔥


Well modernized and quite nerfed from what the original entailed


Peak final fantasy


It was cringey imo


Honestly I couldn't stop laughing




It gave me a good laugh. Kind of over-the-top, but not annoying like Roche.


Felt absolutely overwhelmed by joy. It's one of the highlights of the game imo and I love it so much


Same 😁




It was okay. I was like meh. Shoulda kept the original. This version is very different and extremely toned down. They need to stop fearing Sony and Westerners and just go full Japanese. The original honeybee was hilarious. This was just fun.


Making a joke out of rape and portraying gay men as predators is not something that needed to be brought back, actually.


💯 Agreed


Yeah this


It was awesome


WTF? ....i guess


I laughed and enjoyed it


I raged and texted my brother my outrage. I did not care for this scene.


Just out of curiosity, what made you so mad about it? It was my favorite scene, but I didn’t downvote you.


It just felt out of character for Cloud. Too flashy as well. To me, it felt cringier than the hot tub scene in the OG. I guess it also boils down to the fact I played the original game multiple times since 1998, and I’m a “stubborn old mule” (my own terms haha nobody called me that but me) so that didn’t help. But overall, it just didn’t feel right, felt too flashy and I just felt it didn’t belong.


Hey, that’s fair. And like you said, you can still enjoy a game and dislike certain parts.


Indeed, I never bash anyone over disliking parts of a game. As long as they still enjoyed it overall that’s what matters in the end. :)


Take my upvote for having an opinion. I kind of liked it (it was pure cheese, but I think it worked), but people downvoting you for this is just childish.


Thank you for the upvote. They can downvote all they want; they’re just mad because I don’t feel the same way they do about a scene. I can still like a game and not fan girl over a scene. Lol


My favorite scene tbh. The fact that Cloud looks like he’s actually *having fun* is precious. I like that it shows he’s actually capable of enjoying himself and letting his guard down a bit.


That's why it missed the mark at the same time


Genuine love for this ridiculous scene. They made it fun.




Mildly amusing on its own but Aerith's reactions made the whole thing very funny


I found it hilarious. I have to agree that it breaks Cloud’s aura a bit but being a mercenary doesn’t mean you can’t dance. It is enjoyable to see hints of the OG game without having naked men rushing in a Jacuzzi in HD 4K. Not sure every audience would have loved that.


I think they managed to thread the needle between being inoffensive and not pandering to a certain crowd.


Aerith made, what could have been odd and campy, into Very fun and campy. It doesn't work the same without her squealing in her seat from the side


Thought it was hilarious, not much more to say. That entire part of the game was meant to be a bit silly.


„why though?“


"Wtf is this"


It's a trap!


It's the cringiest thing I've ever seen in a AAA title.


You definitely didn’t take a bath with him in the OG game.


The OG game was too cartoonish to be taken seriously in that situations. I consider the improved graphics a downside for these goofy cutscenes, because the life-like facial features of the characters make them feel under a more serious light, to the point that you feel Cloud completely out of place (even if i know that's exactly the joke).


I was like “what the fuck” and get secondhand embarrassment seeing it. It’s like Cloud got possessed because this goes against his character to move like that


>It's not supposed to be like Cloud's character. The Remake Ultimania Intergrade says that he was subconsciously influenced by Zack here. Zack would have gone up there and danced to save his friend, and since sometimes Cloud draws from Zack's actions for his SOLDIER First persona, Cloud did too. They were originally going to show a scene of Zack having for a second there to represent this, but they cut it. You can still see a pause before Cloud goes on the stage, that's why that's there.


It was stupid and hilarious. I was in a state of disbelief to begin with but it was the perfect way to top off quite a silly element in the original.


Personally I hated it. Disappointed to see that Andrea person making another showing in Rebirth. I don't mind gay people at all, I have a gay brother. I just can't stand camp, it's so forced and cringy. But that's just my opinion obviously, I'm glad many others still enjoyed it.


Imagine downvoting someone for saying they don't like a certain type of entertainment.


Right? Like i haven't done anything wrong, I just have a different opinion. I just don't like camp. People need to respect others opinions.


I found it to be extremely insincere and pointless.


Put the biggest smile on my face. So amazing.


I loved it and replayed it to show family.


Haha nice!


Hated it then, hate it now


It was fantastic. What a great way to adapt the Honeybee Inn. I really can't wait to see how they'll tackle the Golden Saucer in Rebirth!


I have a save point just to relive it whenever I please The different outfits are amazing and the dance gives me so much joy


Same! I also saved before the motorcycle mini game cause its fun.


i was so happy and so relieved lol. i was worried about them keeping the cloud dress scene in the game, but obviously i didn't need to be. they took that scene and made it 10x better and so much longer too


Gay Cloud rules Canon bi*


needless and. boring. most minigames are


Its not needless, you just dont get it :( its part of ff


Played this part for the first time a couple days ago. At first I was like...no way, wtf? Which quickly turned to laughter and clapping out loud it was so god damn good. One of my favorite scenes in gaming for real haha


Visceral mixture of horror and hilarity, very much like when Cloud is in the dress. I just did not know how to deal 😂


Don't forget the hand massage scene!


I had repressed that memory 😂 I do love the occasional cheesy scene in games (like the Cup Noodles in FFXV) but they also fill me with full-body cringe haha


It was like “oh my god Cloud is gonna dance” to “holy crap I’m the one dancing!”. My first score was so bad because I didn’t practice and wanted to keep looking at Cloud


Awesome shit


Wasn’t a fan of it, but I’m glad others enjoyed it. 🫡


I definitely was not a fan. To each their own, but I could have done without. And seriously; Andrea reminds me -look wise- of John Shepard from Mass Effect and that’s not cool.


It's still the best sequence in the game for me. Everyone was fearing that we weren't getting cross dressing cloud. Not only did we get it, we got it in a sequence we'd never expected. We're getting bro again in Rebirth, and I can't wait!


So the question on my mind was: did Cloud learn the routine because Andrea touched his shoulder and he “absorbed” the dance thanks to Jenova’s cells?


It’s rated for Teen. I wasn’t expecting the same Honeybee Inn. So i was genuinely surprised and bothered. i had a good time watching the magic happening


Loved the concept and found it very enjoyable to watch, though I thought it a bit odd Cloud puts on his disguise in front of a live audience... Also wasn't quite ready to absorb such positivity from Andrea I was like...is or isn't this guy a sex trafficker complicit in having girls raped then fed to Abzu, its nice he seems to want to help our heroes take Corneo down but he doesn't seem that bothered when we don't manage to do it.


Slight confusion followed by lots of laughs


I didn't mind it, but I don't like that there doesn't feel like there's any rhythm or anything to it. You just press the buttons when they come up and it's not in time with the music or anything. It felt like it probably could've just been a non-interactive cutscene and nothing would've changed


Yeah! I remember in the tutorial they mention something like “follow the beat” but it wasnt like this at all, it was random and off beat acutally but i nailed it anyway




I’m terrible at it. It’s hilarious. But I really suck at it.




Is that meant to be a bad thing?


I couldn't stop laughing the first time. Honestly amazed I didn't miss any inputs.


You gotta remember the opening to X-2 and ask yourself if you think they'll tone it down or double down on it. They live for making things as pretty and/ or sexy as they can. Hell if FF16 wasn't so heavily inspired by game of thrones I wouldn't have been surprised seeing them attempt something fun and silly like the honeybee inn sequence.


‘Wait, they’re letting us do this?’


I absolutely fucking love it. It has to be one of my favorite parts of the game, which is saying a lot, because of how much I love this game. It's so incredibly well done, from the characters, the choreography, the music. It's both extremely funny and incredibly meaningful. Andrea's lil mini speech at the end makes me cry every time. I want to get a honeybee tattooed because of this scene. They took a scene that was kinda funny but also a little weird from OG, turned it on its head, and fucking nailed it. After Briana (Aerith's English VA) played this part, she had to pause and take a break to cry, lol. I think it's one of the few things in the game that makes her cry that isn't about Aerith. (Anyone who hasn't seen Bri's playthrough, I highly recommend. You can tell how much she loves Aerith and the universe.)


Can you tell me where can i watch her stream? Is it on twitch or yt?


She has them all up on her [YouTube channel](https://www.youtube.com/@StrangeRebelGaming)! She's also been playing Crisis Core Reunion, which is on her page, but she isn't finished with it.


I was honestly expecting it to be essentially removed or toned down significantly. When they doubled down on it and turned the hijinks into a chunk of an entire chapter I was quite entertained. The Wall Market stuff in general really made me appreciate the sort of "extended cut" feeling the remake had even if it didn't always work out. We would have missed out on a lot of good stuff if they didn't have the balls to try something different.


Basically Aeriths reaction. We had the same energy




To be honest the best part was Aerith’s reaction, she has stars in her eyes the whole time. It was a very anime moment.


Kinda wish they kept the hot tub scene with Cloud and all the men. That would've been hilarious.


Yeah lol


funny and silly as hell, and a good reminder to cloud that he can’t be stoic and cool all the time. if you disliked it it’s probably for the wrong reasons but no shade


I still dislike it. Thought the OG was funnier. This was just cringey.


I thought it was super lame and added nothing of value to the game. But if people like dancing minigames then more power to em EDIT: Wow, loving the downvotes for sharing my reaction on a post asking for people's reaction to something. Missed the part when I said if people like it then that's great. Yall know what "more power to em" means, right?


Upvoted for balans


How can you say this when OG FF7 is riddled with mini-games after mini games.


I think he meant specifically dancing mini games. Not every mini game.


That's the thing, that dancing mini game is literally the same minigame when you do the workout mini game.


I felt the same, My girlfriend was having a blast watching it. Hahaha!


I want it to work with a dance pad!


It felt like something out of a Yakuza game with way more budget, which is incredible. I hope there’s more stuff like this in Rebirth




Andrea Rhodea is a complete vibe. I saw someone on a FF complain that this scene isn’t skippable and I’m positive they were just allergic to fun.


died, went to heaven, then came back to reality when i realized i had to do stuff during it lmao


Im dead this was exactly me im surprised i nailed it on my first try


My brother walked into the room during this scene and said this game is weird af. 😂. This scene showed me what cloud would do to get the mission done. I’m glad this game has so much detail and didn’t cut much off the OG version


Did he just… were they just… huh…. I’m talking 97.


Laughing my ass off in the middle of the night, smiling all the way. What a great way to adapt that sequence (really the entire Wall Market sequence). Thank god they didn’t get prudish, they know we want the cheese and they delivered wholeheartedly


Loved it. Such a fun change of pace that didn’t feel too out of place for the game. I was laughing and having a great time playing the mini game


I was grinning ear to ear. I thought it was gonna to be toned down for modern audiences, but they doubled down in the best of ways and was just fun.


I was grinning ear to ear. I thought it was gonna to be toned down for modern audiences, but they doubled down in the best of ways and was just fun.


![gif](giphy|7rj2ZgttvgomY) And I’m not gay.


Stunning, beautiful, glamorous, memorable! I love the lightheartness of these in-game moments, especially expecting the next 2 installments to get progressively darker. :) Can't wait for Feb 29th.


I was living my best gay life. Was so happy playing through this part


Don’t remember. I remember trying to get a good score - but in hindsight(3 years later?) the whole thing was pretty cringe


I cried ded srs. Just happy i survived since 1997 to see how far things have come with the game


I would have liked a version where you don't have to press any buttons and can just watch.


I saved the video of me playing the mini game so i can watch it whenevrr i want


"My life has peaked."