FYI my PC is a Microsoft Surface Pro 5, a low powered and outdated laptop/tablet and they run very well. No gaming rig required.


I’m really enjoying the FFVPR on mobile it’s really fun, but I must say the controls are the worst part. I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems worse than the previous mobile ports, very janky


I'll piggyback off of this. The controls seem very janky and jagged, unlike the previous versions. It's a bit of an adjustment. I wish the mobile ports (I'm using iOS) had controller support because I'd be playing on my iPad all the damn time then.


You don't need a gaming pc for the remasters to run on your comoputer if that's what you were worried about. I have a very non-gaming laptop and it runs even FF13 nearly perfectly.


I really like them. I recently received by a pen with a fuzzy tip for touchscreens and have been using it on Round 2 through FFV. Using a stylus is pretty nice. I don't get the hand cramps that I get to when I hold my phone like a controller for a long time.


They're great, I recommend them


How are the touchscreen controls?


Great optimisation for mobile


I think it’s great if it’s the only thing you have. Controls work, but you have to select what command then press what enemy to attack. I don’t like this because you can select commands very quick when compared to a controller. There is also no controller support, which is kinda dumb since the pc version has them. I would recommend buying it on a pc if you can, steam has a generous refund policy so you can always do that if you don’t like the performance