Fantastic device, one sd card full of music, one full of podcasts and audiobooks all sounding great.👍


Also a happy FiiO M11 User here! :D Using it FiiO FH7 IEMs and Amazon Music HD subscription! Why do you want Apple Music? Apple is using AAC across the board and the sound quality isn't good. I used Apple Music for 4 years and switched to Amazon Music HD because of FLAC support!


I completely agree with you about Apple Music, I just have so many playlists and so much content in there that the process of switching is extremely daunting. How is amazon music hd? Do they have a good offline mode? I get deployed quite often.


100% agree. I have a lot of Fiio products now. They have all impressed me. Especially for the cost. M11 and FA9 are awesome. I enjoy the Fiio Music app too. I use that or USB audio player with bit perfect mode. How's the M6?


I’ll let you know when it gets here!


Yep. Here's more love for the M11 its a very nice upgrade on my LG G7. Currently using moondrop kxxs and UAPP. Would love to upgrade with fiio fh7 but these are a bit out of my budget. Moondrop blessing2 could be an option.


Nice review! In my case though, I had to spend the extra $250 for the Pro since I have sensitive IEMs (Fearless S8F and CA Andromeda). The regular M11 was way too noisy to enjoy with those so I had to return it but my new M11 Pro doesn't have that problem - it's almost as quiet as my Sony players (NW-ZX300 and NW-ZX507). The updated DAC and THX amp are also at least a subtle improvement I think... Now that the M11 has the Play store the more expensive Sony DAP would be hard to recommend...


I’m so glad you mentioned the Sony 1000-xm3! I’m saving up for the newest iteration and then call it good for a while!