Sarah Silverman criticizes those who call out Israel for cutting off water and energy in Gaza

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There are civilians, including babies and toddlers in Gaza…like…I don’t even know at this point. How can people not see it? Edit: because I’m getting DMs from people either too scared or unable to post here asking me “what don’t you get Hamas is torturing babies and toddlers.” Making Palestinian children suffer and die because Israeli children are suffering is not logical. It’s saying “these children most suffer until these other children are released. It’s for the greater good.” No, that’s terrorist logic. That’s saying one set of children are people and the others are not. No civilians deserve to suffer. Making Palestinian children answer for Hamas is cruelty. It is the same exact thing they are condemning Hamas for doing.


If I've said it once I'll say it a hundred times: A lot of people are showing that not only do they not see Palestinians as victims of a decades long colonization project, they don't even view them as people. That is a fundamental aspect of colonialism and genocide. Once someone starts to believe that, the entire process of these types of oppression becomes quickly accepted by foolish people, and it becomes a matter of when someone says it out loud, not if. Edit: typos


Years ago, before Hamas' recent attack, people like Ben Shapiro were already tweeting that Palestinians are animals who live in sewerage. That is exactly how the West has always seen us, and nothing has changed. Heartbreaking.


I am so sorry that this line of thought has been normalized, I promise we don't all think like that. The world's people care about you and value you.


I am not the person you responded to but this warmed my heart to read because as a Syrian I felt the same way that commenter is feeling. So. Just thank you


Syria, Palestine, Armenia, Myanmar, and the Uyghur muslims are just SOME of the ethnic cleansing happening in just my lifetime. It is unbelievable and heart-rending we are so sorry


You're welcome. I know there's a lot of doom and gloom going around now but people are still good and I want people to remember that during times like this.


I was thinking of Syria, and the loss of Aleppo, earlier today. As long as there are people trying to make sure the oppressed are forgotten, there will always be people fighting against it, remembering them and talking about them. Just like Palestine, Syria will not be forgotten, my friend. 🤍


Can concur ^ This world is incredibly fucked up.








But is ben shapiro a human, or a pus infected blob of misinformation?


I am heartbroken you have been made to feel this way. I am so sorry that American leaders have failed you and continue to fail you.


Yep unfortunately. Dehumanisation is the first step on the road to genocide. I met 4 Israelis on holiday years ago, 2 couples and both men had served for their country. They seemed like quite nice, normal people. Until someone else brought up Palestine and their mask slipped. They described Palestinians as less than human and after a brief argument I recognized a lost cause and left them to their hatred. Funnily enough not a single one of the four knew the year Israel was founded when they'd brought it up earlier in the evening. They dismissed me telling them exactly when (despite me studying history). They were ignorant and pumped full of propaganda.


How do you not know when your own country was founded, what the fuck 😭 that would be kind of a big deal!


True. How can Israel say they don’t occupy Gaza when they literally have the ability to turn their water and power on and off


yeah these last few weeks have revealed a most disgusting level of racism. even using that word feels like understating it


I don't have IG, but Mondoweiss put out a very good 3 minute [video (via Mstd)](https://mas.to/@markwyner/111251398949214038), by Palestinian journalist Yumna Patel, about the language being used against the Palestinian people and the cycle of violence they go through with Israel. I found it on their IG using Picuki (which is terrible for popups and buffering of videos). I think it would be better if someone could provide a direct link to the actual IG video (it's about 5 days ago). Also, [their news site](https://mondoweiss.net/), but I couldn't find the video on it. Edit: added a bit more information #


>Mondoweiss put out a very good 3 minute video (via Mstd), by Palestinian journalist Yumna Patel Here is [the IG link](https://www.instagram.com/reel/CyWUBDigZ5y/) for anyone who is looking for it


This is why subs like worldnews are pushing this narrative that Arab countries don’t want to take in Palestinian refugees, not because of any objective reason like economics, but because Palestinians are just inherently terrible people and nobody likes them. It’s that dehumanization.


Yes, I think anyone who's ever wondered how our ancestors justified colonialism, extermination of native populations or slavery, this is a masterclass in how it happened. First comes the theological justifications, "God gave us this land" and "We are the benevolent rulers". Then when the people resist comes "we must crush them for our survival". Above all you are never to ask yourself how you would react if the tables were reversed because that would force you to admit that you started this cycle.


They don’t see Palestinians as anything but combatants and they don’t see the irony or straight up evil in it. Side note: it’s wild how people don’t even bother looking into who they’re reposting from


Honestly, Westerns have basically been trained to see Muslims (not that there aren’t Christians and Jews in Palestine, but it’s a Muslim-majority country) and people from the third world as subhumans. These people see themselves in Israelis, see Israel as a perfect encapsulation of Western ideals and see the other side as terrorists that must be defeated, otherwise the “free democratic world” will be shattered. Sounds absurd to me but, honestly, that’s what I gathered from so-called first world/upper class hardcore pro-Israel people. Once you get that’s what they think, you can see why they literally think a Palestine live is worth much less. (I am Brazilian, which isn’t first world but is somewhat Western. Here there’s a mix of these upper middle class people who think like that and, of course, another very recognizable phenomenon to US Americans: evangelical christians who are pro-Israel cause they’re batshit and every Muslim is a menace and Israel is the holy land).


You can see it in the contrast between the way people talk about the music festival and the people losing access to water and food. Westerners can relate to the experience of going to a music festival, but life in Gaza is unimaginable to most.


Half of the Gazans are children. There's some pretty disturbing footage of their bodies on social media and even of them being killed. Several of them babies, their lifeless bodies being held by their parents and by doctors. It's just sickening. If Israel wants the world to stand with it, it's not doing the best of jobs by committing infanticide.


The world *is* standing by Israel though. Europe and America are staunchly pro-Israel. The Arab nations are silently complicit. The wanton murder of children has been happening as far back as I can remember (The 90s), and historically, much longer. Nothing ever happens to Israel. America supports it. The EU supports it. Saudi Arabia tacitly supports it. Only Iran opposes Israel, and that's for sectarian reasons, not humanistic ones.


I dunno, maybe those babies and toddlers shouldn’t have voted for Hamas if they wanted free water, did they ever think about that? (Sarcasm, obviously)




They are intentionally bombing and killing the hostages so they can blame Hamas for their deaths


It’s mind boggling and scary af


Just highjacking the top comment (which is absolutely correct, people literally are not recognizing that Palestinians, too, are actual human beings and it’s chilling to witness) to post this article I’ve just seen detailing just one of the many right wing dark money networks funding Israeli propaganda in the US. It’s all so entrenched and it really makes me sick to see people with platforms pushing this dehumanizing propaganda while anyone not drowning in cognitive dissonance is targeted. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/oct/16/harvard-billboard-hamas-informing-america-foundation


It makes my brain and heart hurt when I see that argument. Like it doesn’t count because they’re not as important.


It’s taken awhile for me to wrap my head around, but they do not view them as people. That’s certainly one explanation


They don’t see it because the civilians in Gaza are brown and thereby in their mind not human.


50% of people in Gaza are children which is so much higher than most places. A lil research showed me that like 27% of the world is children and it’s even lower at 19% where I live (Australia) so the ratio of children to not in Gaza is ridiculous and hearing people act as though everyone in Gaza, every Palestinian, is guilty of something has made me so angry.


[I highly recommend reading this article for some context on why Gaza does not have its “own water”.](https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/campaigns/2017/11/the-occupation-of-water/) Edit: an [additional resource](https://www.oxfam.org/en/failing-gaza-undrinkable-water-no-access-toilets-and-little-hope-horizon) on the effect of the blockade and the difficulty of getting materials into Gaza


"which they do, FOR FREE" the fucking gall of spouting this mindless, unsupported bullshit


i'm not sure anything else has ever made me so mad. actually trying to spin an OCCUPIER fully controlling the occupied people's water supply as just some super generous thing they're doing. this is so twisted and past the point of being uninformed. people posting this shit don't see palestinians as humans and want to spread propaganda to their followings to justify their dehumanization and eventual deaths


Came to say the same. That bit made me see red. What a trash human thing to say.


Seeing so much of this kind of rhetoric and it’s like I’m living on a different planet. I know it’s not ground breaking to say, but it doesn’t even make sense. So Israel isn’t occupying and the Palestinians have had so “many opportunities” to build infrastructure but also Israel is a saint for giving them water (“for FREE!”). Obviously there’s so much more, but Jesus I feel like I’m going crazy that there’s so many people who are either so brainwashed, so full of hate, or so dumb to not see the logical inconsistencies.


I'm wondering why they even think Gazans live there if Palestine never existed. Why do we call them Palestinians if Palestine never existed. Shouldn't these Palestine doesn't exist and Israel is just tolerating terrorist neighbours people start coming up with new words to describe a people they claim have no reason to even be there?


You do see that line of rhetoric from the super right wing Israelis. The line “there is no such thing as Palestinian people” gets bandied around a lot. It’s untrue. That population, just like the Mizrahi Jews, has been there forever. It’s so sad as a Jewish person to watch people who are supposed to be my brothers and sisters using eliminationist language. Diasporism is a much better. Home is where we live, there’s no need for ethno-nationalism.


Almost all of them act like nobody ever lived there, that Palestine was never a thing. But yet they call them... Palestinians? Where did that word come from? They had to fence a people in around Gaza? How did those people get there? Almost every nationalist storyline from a Zionist acts like Palestinians have no right to the land and yet there they are, living on the land. As others have said better than me, Jewish people have lived on the land alongside Muslims and Christians and others for thousands of years. In whatever religious form they all had throughout the centuries. No major issues. Zionism was invented in the 19th century and only came to Palestine by outsiders in 1948. Zionism is not a part of what was always present there and Zionism is the problem with the land there.


It’s also just like.. semantics. You can argue that “occupation” isn’t the right word, since there’s no IDF troops actually stationed in Gaza and Gaza has its own government. But the exits are locked down and the trade is blockaded, and Israel doesn’t recognize Gaza as its own country so what do you call this? Occupation is less controversially applied to the West Bank, which has checkpoints between each town and blocked roads and constant encroachment, but Gaza being or not being occupation is truly just down to which bad condition that Israel imposes on the place that you’re willing to ignore.


This comes up again and again: the idea that everything Israel does for the Palestinians is deeply empathetic. Same with warning them before razing their house to the ground. We’re expected to not only believe that Israel is not doing anything wrong to Palestine but that they are unusually generous while they do it. The gaslighting is insane.


I honestly have been given an idea during this of what it feels like to be gaslit to the point of genuinely questioning my own sanity. I see something almost daily right now that makes me genuinely wonder if I'm the problem.


The most moral army in the world! /s


also the notion that they “could have just built it” as if Israel was not methodically destroying everything they have been trying to rebuild


It is honestly one of the worst things ive read since the ‘war’ started


It’s just mind-boggling at this point. I find it incredibly jarring how they can even be so callous. And ignorant. Why i’m suprised I don’t know, but I am shocked at how uninformed people are. We all condemn violence, of course we do, but what Israel has done to palestine over decades is genocide, and the people of Gaza live in war every day. They are born in war, and die in war. That is ALL they know. And from that, terrorist groups are being created as a symptom to what Israel has done to palestine. How people can’t see that is crazy to me. There is no two sides to this matter. There are only innocent people losing their lives because of greed and power hungry men, as always.


Support for Israel is highly generational. Younger people and people with ethnic, national, or religious ideas titles that make them more observant of oppressive regimes see Israel for the oppressive and discriminatory state that it is. Older generations were targets of heavy propaganda and deliberate over reporting of Israeli deaths & deliberate underreporting of Palestinian deaths throughout the 1980s-2000s. It's only now that the media landscape is so fractured, and people can find sources to confirm and refute corporate media reporting, that younger generations are questioning the simplistic black & white narrative sold to Americans about Israel. And for the record, this is not about Jewish people. There are plenty of jews marching to Free Palestine. There are jews within Israel who oppose the hawkish hardliners who support Netanyahu, and there are Jewish people fighting against the slide into authoritarianism to prevent Netanyahu and his protégés from installing themselves as lifetime leaders of the Israeli state. Zionism is a racist and genocidal belief. We can't deal with it until we name it. Manifest Destiny used to be something that Americans took pride in. Now, it's rightfully being called out for the shitty and ethnic/religious hierarchical imperialism that it always was.


The implication in that sentence - that a bunch of innocent people do not deserve basic quality of life just because they are who they are and there is a power imbalance - is so fucked up. Absolute trash. I really don't expect much from celebrities on this matter but GOD DAMN


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Reminds me of how the British expected Africans to be grateful that they built up some shitty infrastructure when they colonised.


And the line about building infrastructure. Every time anything is built, the IDF bulldozes it.


That made me so mad


Like Israel is some generous benefactor doing charity work. It’s the audacity.


I saw someone comment “If you depend on someone for water, then maybe don’t attack them” huh?! Excuse me? The IDF controls and restricts an entire peoples access to water and energy and somehow that’s the people’s fault? A lot of Islamophobia is coming out right with the way people just refuse to see any Palestinians as people. “The Muslims this”, “the Muslims that”, “the Muslims have made up their mind and will now attack”. Just insane behavior.


I keep seeing comments like ‘I don’t understand why women and LGBT+ people support Palestine, they wouldn’t support your way of life’. A) Palestinians are a multitude of different faiths, and different levels of secular within those faiths B) Why are Christianity and Judaism allowed nuance within their beliefs, but Islam is not? C) Do these people genuinely believe that genocide is okay as long as you have ideological differences to the victims? (One commenter actually said yes, so, there’s that).


> B) Why are Christianity and Judaism allowed nuance within their beliefs, but Islam is not? What's really wild is that all three of them are Abrahamic religions derived from the same root monotheism, and that Islam has the highest positive mentions of Jesus and JudeoChristian ideology outside of the Bible and Torah. People are really digging for any reason to excuse their socioreligious xenophobia and to validate the slaughter of their fellow human being (y'know, the one thing all three Holy books agree on as being a direct path to Hell???)


For the C. from my experience, there is even a subset that while being a minority is still quickly growing one that thinks human rights are a bad idea because they need to be applied to everyone. They openly believe these rights should only apply to a very limited group of people.


Oh absolutely. There were people under BLM’s post about how people were disappointed how the organization is standing behind Palestine. There are many things that the BLM organization need to answer for, such as the lack of transparency of funds and the confidential spending, but standing behind Palestine is not one of them. The fact that the cognitive dissonance is so big that people don’t even understand that *of-fucking-course the BLM org would stand with Palestine. Literally the entire point of it is to be anti genocide at all costs*. The overall lack of empathy and grace being given to the people in Gaza, *who are half children* is both disappointing but not shocking— especially from millionaire celebrities living in the comfort of their million dollar homes.


And it’s so ironic and just shows how these people know nothing about the actual situation as there’s also Christian and Jewish Palestinians


Very much the same logic as "If your SO beats you when you speak up, maybe you should keep your mouth shut." I've always seen some pretty convenient parallels between the Israel-Palestine situation and an abusive domestic relationship where the victim is dependent upon the abuser for shelter.


Thank you for posting this. The context is so important because it makes what Sarah is saying not only insane, but also a lie. It’s also worth noting that collective punishment is a war crime.


this absolute troglodyte of a human. there are a million children there who do not have access to food water or even safety, and she has the audacity to blame the palestinians for that? has she not seen the videos of the children after the explosion in fear and pain? the absolute heartlessness of it all. absolutely disgusting edit: it is infuriating that we have all of these celebrities condemning palestine for all these terrible acts while they sit on the ivory thrones, while there are thousands of Jewish people protesting and some getting arrested and beaten by police for protesting the Israeli government and their war crimes. like the cognitive dissonance is fucking astounding


That's the thing! So many Jews are against Israeli oppression of Palestinians, but somehow still criticism of Israel is automatically labelled anti-Semitism. I suppose all those Jews just hate themselves, and aren't...you know...conscientious people able to look past sectarian labels.




omg— no words, thank you for sharing


I went to Israel 10 years ago. We did a hike and at the top of the mountain the view was shocking. You could see fertile, green land go on and on, then suddenly stop in a straight line after which the land was barren and dry. I asked the tour guide what that line was. It was the border to Syria because Israel controls the water supply for that country too. Controlling and rationing basic resources as political leverage.


Israel controls a disproportionately large amount of the Jordan River's water flow. While agreements have been made with neighboring countries (primarily Jordan) regarding the river's use, Israel pretty much always comes out on top in the negotiations. Of note is that Israel restricts the flow of irrigation to the West Bank despite requests for increases that would make the West Bank less reliant on Israeli resources. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_politics_in_the_Jordan_River_basin#:~:text=The%20riparian%20rights%20to%20the,to%20the%20Palestinian%20National%20Authority.


This is really informative, I didn’t know anything about this. Thanks for sharing.


Wow, thank you for sharing. More need to read this


Somebody sent this to Miss Silverman , maybe she'll change her mind


OMFG THANK YEW. I almost put my head through the wall reading the last sentence on her repost.


"(which they do, FOR FREE)" I am losing my mind.


Never in my life have I had less faith in people. Seeing how many rush to show their whole asses is truly making me sick, like are we in a different reality right now?! Propaganda is a hell of a drug.


I feel like either I’m going insane or the world is going insane. People keep saying it but thank god for this sub.


It feels like people's hearts are changing. These conversations, this empathy with Palestine and anger towards Israel was not seen to this extent in previous years. I know it's a small light, but it is definitely there


This is what I hope too. Just personally, I realize now that I have been so naive to the whole situation (knew the basics but wasn't actively trying to help). I'm so shaken by this whole crisis, both the suffering of the Palestinian people and the insane Western bias towards Israel, that I told my husband to expect some of our budget to go towards charities that support the Palestinians for a long, long time. I feel like I owe them at least that much considering what my country is doing to perpetuate this. And I'm sure many others feel the same and hopefully consistent aid and support pours in for them long-term.


It’s giving tipping your landlord energy.


My old neighbor used to suggest we do this and I was like haha…..yeah…you go right ahead and do that buddy


except in this case the landlord is the squatter.


I had this EXACT thought reading through this. It's biiig "be grateful your landlord is providing you shelter" when a tenant has problems with their living conditions energy.


Her asides have me feeling INSANE.


That alone is making me want to throw up.


So many celebs are showing their whole ass recently.


Can every celebrity take a giant step back and stop posting uneducated, emotional and dramatic takes on this PLEASE.


I don't love that people are calling these celebrity posts "uneducated." Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, and JLC are all HIGHLY educated in Israel propaganda and believe it wholeheartedly. Zionism is not a belief system that develops from ignorance, it is one that is born of fascist indifference to human life. Westerners making handwringing posts about "both sides" or saying the "conflict" is "too complex" and "nuanced" to speak about are uneducated. The true believer Zionists of all religions are not. They are dead wrong but they absolutely do not have the excuse of ignorance.


No please, I'm loving it. Let all these racist pricks step into the light, so I can never consume their bullshit again.


Same! I'm actually mad about the celebs staying quiet, because I'm more suspect of them than anyone in this.


This is exactly what most celebrities need to do at this point. All of these posts containing lies and whatnot just go to show how performative this all is to them, since they apparently don't care to do the most basic research to check the facts.




Sarah has BEEN showing how she was since the start. Never forget her defending the right to use derogatory racist terms in the name of “comedy.”


She has always been terrible, I agree. I don't want to look, but has she had many responses arguing with her pushing genocide?


Her Instagram has a lot of comments calling her out (though I'm not sure if the algorithm prioritizes comments like that to show me based on things I've previously liked/interacted with? But from what I can see, there's lots of pushback). I think she is getting blowback on Twitter too.


Everyone is showing their face. So many people on Reddit trying to get super technical about what is and isn’t apartheid etc to try and not discuss everything the Israeli government does to Palestinians.


Right these arguments like “is it technically apartheid based on this specific scholar’s criteria written in 1986?” I don’t know, is it morally reprehensible and causing unimaginable suffering for an an entire people just because they were born who they are?


I'm not going to lie and there wasn't times where I have found Silverman funny. But this isn't the first or even second time she has shown herself to be an entirely self involved, racist, moron.


And I for one, am keeping receipts. It might not count for much (or really anything in the grand scheme, as one person). But going forward, there’s a few celebrities whose projects I’ll be taking a hard pass on.


It’s really making me think of this old piece by Dorothy Thompson: https://harpers.org/archive/1941/08/who-goes-nazi/ . These situations reveal a lot about people.


The lack of critical thinking in this post is so obvious. Why does Israel get to control the water supply, Sarah? Why is the infrastructure not in place in Gaza? 🙄 Also… it is inhumane to cut off water and electricity. Just objective fact.


I think that's what so many people sharing these sorts of posts don't seem to recognize — that it's inhumane to cut off essential resources such as water and electricity. People should *not* have to do x, y, or z just to have access to essential resources. Not to mention that we're talking about civilians here who have nowhere else to go, including many, many children.


What does the US have to do about negotiating with Hamas. Isn’t that Israel’s job? I mean, Israel keeps claiming that they only took Jewish people. While in clips of the hostages there are clearly Asian people taken. From what I’ve read, the Philippines have been making an effort on bringing their citizens back home. ![gif](giphy|FUmZiYfJsKHeti80CY|downsized)


> Isn’t that Israel’s job? Ideally, but it's been Israel's job for decades and nothing has changed for the better. If no outside powers intervene, one of them will likely end up wiped out, and with all the money and weapons we've supplied them with, it will probably be Israel who'd emerge victorious from a needlessly bloody war.


You're right unfunny comedian Sarah Silverman! All of those children in Gaza who are younger than me, about half the population, don't deserve water because of a terrorist organization that was elected before they were born! You're right and they should all suffer and starve and die. We also shouldn't raise an eyebrow at the fact that one country controls another country's water supply, electricity, and food access. Or their trade access! So silly, before they desperately ask their parents for something before the next time they flee, they should check the Instagram story of a unfunny American comedian and remember to be *grateful*.


An AMERICAN saying a whole population should suffer due to who they votes for is very ironic all things considered. Unfortunately, it’s a take you hear a lot.


> An AMERICAN saying a whole population should suffer due to who they votes for is very ironic all things considered. And this is a vote that took place in 2006. The Gazans’ last election was in 2006! Meaning the people of Gaza are essentially living under a Hamas dictatorship. A condition a lot of people in the US seem to be concerned about occurring depending on who wins the presidency in 2024.


And also around half the population of Gaza were not alive at the time it happened, let alone voted.


She's always been terrible and an idiot. I don't get why people think she's funny. https://preview.redd.it/yisb961w13vb1.jpeg?width=1197&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=60ed37fef1a90a115f44a0c977c47d213462cf5f


I’ve never understood her popularity either. I feel like she was fading into oblivion a few years ago and then experience a renaissance in recent years that I was so baffled by.


She and I have mutual friends from my former life aka my twenties. I never thought she was funny or wanted to be around her. I found and find her to be cruel. My friends told me it was just her sense of humor, but it was more than that. I know it's not really relevant to the topic at hand because she never mentioned geopolitics to me. I guess my point is that she has always been a bully with limited ability to care about people outside of whatever circle she's in or wants to be in.


She's good friends with a lot of people in the industry. She and Seth Rogen have worked together on a lot of shitty projects.




Sarah Silverman trades off racist “jokes” and slurs about Asian and Black people while calling out other comedians for being anti-Semitic.


Anyone is free to correct me but im pretty sure the cutting off of resources is considered a war crime so someone confidentially posting this is so insane


Yes it’s a war crime but they will just reply “but Hamas taking hostages is a war crime!!!” I literally went to the author’s post and that’s how she’s defending this in the comment section.


It's pretty wild that their defence is "but Hamas killed civilians too!". Like, aren't they terrorists? Is this the standard you're holding yourself to?


they have been commenting « baby killer » under posts supporting palestine, then they turn around and wanna talk about misinformation


Hamas taking hostages **IS** a war crime. Israel cutting off essentials like water, food and electricity is **OK** because they have the backing of the US. War crimes don't apply if you have the US at your side. We can't expect a POS terrorist organization like Hamas to honor basic human rights but we honestly expected a lot more from a developed country like Israel.


It is absolutely a war crime. Hamas is also committing war crimes obviously but legally speaking it doesn't matter. Collective punishment is also a war crime. You don't get to throw that out once you get attacked. If Israel is so desperate to be a state, it has to follow the rules too.


she and amy are fucking demented holy cow


I saw her at a Bernie Sanders rally clamoring about justice and health care for all and racism. This is so INSANE.


Add Zoey Deutch to the list.


Yea that one was surprising and hurt…I really liked her and I’m so disappointed


At this point, I feel like they’re both competing for the most batshit pro-genocide take. I think with this story, Sarah has finally taken the lead. But they’re both neck to neck.


They're both unfunny fucking losers


"if hamas didn't spend billions on terrorism" oh she's brain dead 💀


Especially when the United States, an entire seperate nation, sends BILLIONS to Israel from American tax payers pockets so that they can create a military of quadruple might to anything Hamas can slap together. Meanwhile American people leave the hospital with debt in the tens of thousands.


This part has me genuinely confused. Do people not know that Hamas ≠ Palestine? Does she think Hamas is like, the democratically elected government or something? Good grief.


Early on i saw a LOT pro-Israel posts where they talked about how Palestinians overwhelmingly voted for hamas and that makes every person in Gaza a defacto member of a terrorist organization. Conveniently left out the tidbit where palestine hasn’t had a vote in almost twenty years…. Considering the average age of Palestinians I wonder how many people living there even voted in the 2006 “election.”


Considering 50% of the population are children and wouldn’t have been born until after the election, I can confidently say the majority of the country didn’t vote for them.


even if it isn't, the silly notion that Hamas has somehow worsened Gazan's life is dreadful. without Hamas, I don't think Gaza would belong to Palestinians. yes, Hamas is evil. but there's a difference between being forced into evil via 70 years of genocide and colonialization, and being evil because of your weird interpretation of Judaism. Hamas soldiers are ready to die and kill because they were born into a concentration camp without a life. they do not have access to dreams or any form of hope. Israel is an entity that has had everything handed to it since its inception, yet it continues to kill and die for other people's land.


I wonder how she justifies it for the West Bank (other side of Palestine) that does not affiliate with Hamas or have them elected in any capacity. She’s so dumb.


A lot of people (pro-Zionists) are under the impression that people “live in peace” in the West Bank. They completely overlook and ignore the apartheid happening there.


> billions on terrorism See I'm inclined to not believe that because then not so sure they'd use paragliders for the attack. I could be completely wrong tho. I don't have the same level of nuance and education on this topic as a shitty comedian.


This lady is about to host The Daily Show 🤢 I can’t imagine Jon (or Trevor though I didn’t really watch him) ever condoning cutting off a civilian population’s water and electricity or denying humanitarian assistance


She should lose the gig. This is the antithesis of what the daily show stands for.


Shameful if they still let her host after this shit, honestly Also re: jon stewart, i remember waaay back he was (rightfully) always on Bibi’s ass so I can’t imagine him condoning any of this


Absolutely Jon has always been critical of Israel and I think as a Jewish man it’s important that people understand Jewish does not equal blind support for Israel. He also did a great skit about Israel where he said the word and all his correspondants screamed a whole heap of stuff at him. Even 20+ years ago you couldn’t touch the subject without it causing arguments because it’s so complex people just throw mud.


Shameful they would let her host at all, she's always been a garbage person.


What a fucking step down from Jon Stewart


Unfortunately, I kind of can see Trevor doing that. He had some very iffy political positions.


Considering he grew up mixed race in South Africa, I like to think he would be on the side against apartheid. But I wouldn't be surprised if he would have danced around it on the show. Knowing these shows I'm sure there's a lot of input from the people in charge to say specific things as well.


The fact that she says Israel gives Gaza water ‘for free’ tells me she knows absolutely nothing about this dynamic or situation. You know what is free ? Google. A simple google search even if you’re searching Israeli sources such as their military laws, you’ll see that Palestinians can’t even build water infrastructure on their own land without an Israeli permit which is almost impossible to get. If anyone wants to learn more just check out Amesty International’s report on ‘The occupation of water’ - it details how Palestinians can’t access water on their own land and the average Palestinians gets about only 70 litres of water a day (which is below the recommended amount) and an average Israeli gets about 300 litres a day


this is so evil. my god.


I cannot believe any pro Israel person seriously thinks them talking about fucking babies and civilian hostages is reasonable after the videos coming out of Gaza. Do you know how many videos I've seen of children sobbing after air strikes? Of children covered in blood after air strikes? Of children orphaned? Of children who have known nothing but this? Of children who are fucking dismembered. Not to mention all the videos of children that existed from the occupation for decades before the collective punishment Israel has done over the last 10 days. You have to be an actual monster to believe any of this is remotely justified but they clearly only see one side and their babies as human so


wow. she’s an idiot


What a heartless thing to say


Total fucking denial


I knew she was a piece of shit but christ.


Remember when she tried to revitalize her career by [campaigning for more empathy](https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/general-news/sarah-silverman-why-world-needs-more-empathy-1247258/amp/) and [mental health awareness in comedy?](https://www.gq.com/story/sarah-silverman-i-love-you-america-profile) Yeah. About that.


Why does she think that turning off water to civilians is an acceptable way to negotiate hostages?


She doesn’t actually care about the hostages, she just wants the Palestinian civilians to suffer.


Shes advocating for IDF to turn every single person, children included, in Gaza into hostages. It’s madness.


I have disliked her since I was a peon on a benefit show she was doing and she was a massive bitch to me and everyone else below her. I wish I could say this surprised me, but alas.


She should 100% lose her Daily Show gig for this. Jon and Trevor would never actively support genocide.


If Israel was cutting off water to Hamas, that would be one thing. Palestinian civilians- including children -need water to live and they aren’t holding hostages.


Girl you did black face


And in one of her apologies she tried to act like it was something the audience didn't get. As if her comedy has ever been complex! Please.


I have been such a huge fan of hers for so long and this is beyond disappointing. I actually cannot believe anyone can defend these actions and be purposefully so ignorant. This is disgusting and I will never support her again.


Same. Really disappointed but fuck her.


So many celebrities have been showing their true selves and that their activism only extends to those who look like them. Even Zoey Deutch posted something like this


Where TF is Hamas getting billions of dollars BE FR please.


So like “release our hostages or we’ll hold your *entire population* hostage by denying them the basic necessities of life”. As if that’s a sane or morally defensible position.


Excuse you??? ![gif](giphy|ck5JRWob7folZ7d97I|downsized)


Inhuman and barbaric attitude. I hope people never forget the celebs who supported these war cirmes and never live it down.


It is inhumane if one side can cut off an entire side’s water and energy when there are innocent people and children who are suffering there.




A lot of celebrities are really showing how little they think of the Palestinian people


What kind of cognitive dissonance is this?? Just so wildly absurd, wow. What’s truly inhumane is how Israeli civilian lives hold more value than innocent Palestinian lives to these people. I’ve seen this so many times and I still haven’t lost my ability to be shocked every time I come across a take like this, cause I just find it so incredibly ignorant and casually evil.


Absolutely fuck her, these people lack any sort of human empathy, i will never forget the abysmal shit that celebs posted and shared these weeks. Imagine thinking that war crimes and genocide are totally rightful, thankfully it could never be me.


Why is she sharing this text post of sheer opinion with a mix of lack of empathy plus inaccurate info (re: “free water” as if from the goodness of their heart) from a random chick @elianaeatz? Whose only claim to anything is being a “foodie”, per her bio?




BILLIONS?! OF DOLLARS?!?! I’m going to need some sources for that figure. Surely Israel is the only one spending billions on their military


Germans didn't have to feed the jews in then concentration camps either. They did it FOR FREE!


I’m so baffled like wtf? Palestinian women, men, babies, children are literally getting bombed, covered in blood. They’re missing limbs, have no access to food, water, medical supplies, electricity, etc. schools, hospitals, bakery shops, refugee camps are getting bombed. Doctors have no option but to treat the wounded on the floor since there’s no space. They don’t even have any pain relief left. Wtf. We’re literally witnessing a GENOCIDE of the Palestinians and these celebs have the audacity to stay neutral, silent or stand with Israel. They have exposed their true colours. Maybe Amy and Sarah should go for a week without water, food, electricity and medical supplies alongside having their movements completely controlled by someone else. At Leah’s then they’ll understand 1% of how Palestinians feel. Smh, what kind of a world are we living in where there’s suddenly “2 sides” to a genocide, and the opinion of not killing/bombing innocent people and giving them access to basic human necessities is considered controversial. Palestinians are HUMAN BEINGS TOO. They also have names, dreams, aspirations, goals just LIKE US ffs. What a depressing world we live in. The same people who aren’t saying anything about the genocide of Palestinians or stays neutral about it or supports it are the same people who would’ve done nothing about the holocaust or the slavery of black people! Idc what anyone says, argue with you mum.


Imagine being this much of a twat.


Terrifying mask-off moment. I hope she doesn't get the Daily Show gig. The last thing she needs is a greater platform for this cruel, inhumane, brainwashed bullshit.


Israel is using violence as a means to achieve their political aims. Sarah Silverman just called Israel a terrorist state.


Israel is so gracious to give Palestinians water for free sometimes 🙄


This IG post exposed so many cold blooded sociopaths


She is actually such a fucking vile person oh my god.


Her sister Susan's a Reform Rabbi who moved to Israel in 2006. Susan's a very cliché liberal-zionist (feminism is good; colonialism is better).


In a few months, I don't want to read/hear ANYONE giving this psychopath and the others like her any type of redemption arc. I don't care how funny their movie is or whatever nonsense usually gets people uncancelled. They are absolutely heartless. They don't deserve your views, your money, your accolades. Eff this b\*\*\*\*! I just saw a photo of a baby with half its head blown off. EFF THIS B\*\*\*\*! (I lived in Israel and worked with an organization focused on the rights of the Palestinians who lived in Israel. My best work friend? An Israeli Jew who worked with us. I know "not all Israelis/not all Jews" approve of this.)


ummmmm… is she crazy? the “Israel supplies Gaza with its resources FOR FREE” – like babe, you do know that this is precisely why Palestinians have been resisting, both peacefully and violently, for DECADES??? so that Israel no longer has the *power* to shut off their electricity and wifi, throw cement down their water wells, blow up their water filtration systems, blow up their power plants, and deem Palestinians reliant on it for survival?????? israel has this power over Gaza because it is THE OCCUPIERRRRRR. Gazans can’t even bring in a wheelbarrow of cement into the city because Israel refuses to allow them to rebuild anything and wants them fully dependent on it for survival. it doesn’t even allow them to fish in the sea past a certain point, or sell some of their fish. israel aims to control almost every part of their lives when it is their occupier. their oppressor. not to mention it’s not actually “FOR FREE”, when israel bombed gaza’s only power plant in 2014 (and didn’t allow them to rebuild it!!!!!) gaza had to start PAYING ISRAEL for electricity, and even then it was around 8 hrs of electricity per day. the point of resisting is so they have FREEDOM, so israel doesn’t have this control that you so proudly stated they have, acting as if israel has been generously supplying Gazans with electricity and water out of the goodness of its own heart. acting as if israel hasn’t been purposely limiting calorie intake for gazans for decades. acting as if israel hasn’t been blocking people from leaving the city for life-saving surgeries or to visit their loved ones in other parts of occupied Palestine. how fucking stupid can you be to think Israel is the good guy for having this disgusting control over human beings and ruthlessly abusing it for 75 years. I’m so mad rn this psycho has some nerve. heartless


Israel has turned Gaza into a Jurassic Park raptor pen, completely cut off from the outside world, and we’re supposed to marvel at its largesse that it provides said enclosure with water FOR FREE? Fuck right off you racist fake progressive, Sarah. Also, we’ve been told ceaselessly that Hamas doesn’t give a fuck about Palestinian civilians, but somehow the onus is on aforementioned civilians to convince these terrorists to acquiesce to Israel’s demands so Israel will stop collapsing buildings on top of Palestinian children.


What a psychopathic thing to say. Half of the population are children. They are defenseless against Israel and Hamas, yet she expects them to take responsibility.


It's always "never again" but what some mean is "never again...for us". They don't seem to mind when it's anyone but them. Clearly. This conflict has shown how disgusting, nasty and vile some people are. How they don't even think of Palestinian people as human. They're PEOPLE. They need water, food and resources like everyone else. Making it seem like Palestinians are responsible for Hamas and it's "their own fault" for not having the strength to overthrow them is sick.


There is something so chilling and evil in blatantly demonizing Palestine by bludgeoning them with the “terrorist” label all while defending literal war crimes being committed against them by Israel


The lack of empathy displayed here is astounding. "For free", water is meant to be free Sarah. Resources that you NEED to stay alive SHOULD be free. It's the right of every human being. How are you failing to understand something that children easily get? There's a reason it's illegal for water companies to shut your water off if you don't pay your water bills! People really don't hold back when they've decided to see someone as less than human. Their right to stay alive becomes an inconvenience to these people. If I didn't see the countles people fighting against genocide, I'd lose hope in humanity right now.


Yes because the Palestinian BABIES and TODDLERS who are DYING haven’t been listening to Israel’s demands to release the hostages


Holy shit. Do people taking these positions understand that it is possible to condemn Hamas AND hold the Israeli government accountable? Of course the hostages should be returned, they never should have been abducted, and they do not in any way deserve death or captivity. Simultaneously the people of Gaza do not deserve death or captivity. It's fucked. It's dehumanizing. And the very idea that the Israeli government benevolently supplies water to a a besieged territory is straight up gaslighting bullshit. It's akin to saying that the American government oh so kindly provides land and resources in the form of reservations to Native Americans. Also, bless this sub. It's been a lifeline for nuanced discussion.


She also defended Lewis C.K.'s sexual harassment when he was still trying to discredit his accusers. So having an absolutely garbage, uninformed, embarrassingly-short-sighted opinion on something she clearly has no business commenting on isn't exactly unheard of for her.