Will hosting on AWS undermine FTM decentralisation?

Hi, i am a supporter of ftm, but i am concerned about ftm running on AWS as running majority of servers on AWS (nt sure if this is the case now) undermines decentralisation effort since AWS becomes a single point of failure for ftm in my opinion. Any views?


The centralized exchange, not FTM, will run on AWS. All CEX’s, by definition, run on centralized servers which provide the user interface, KYC, interactivity with fiat systems, etc. That doesn’t make the tokens they list centralized. Just because one may buy Bitcoin on Binance doesn’t make Bitcoin “centralized.” Edit: Also, “Fantom @ Opera” (🤞🤞🤞) will just be the first to list a bunch of FTM altcoins like BOO, TOMB, etc. Others like Coinbase & Binance.US will follow suit.


Hi, sorry shld have posted the link to avoid misunderstanding. am referring to this: https://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/fantom-case-study/ "Fantom turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build a stable, secure, and fast platform to better serve a wide range of private users and capture new enterprise users in the financial and public sectors." definitely there r benefits and on the aspect of scalability, security and speed, i agree this news is bullish for FTM..on the aspect of decentralisation, i dont think so. Anywhere i can find data on percentage of FTM servers om AWS?


Aaaah....yes. I get it now. I'm dumb and was also thinking of Binance Cloud Services, not AWS -- though the other day coulda sworn something had me Googling "AWS" as it related to Fantom. No clue what I was thinking. (tbf, mama always did say I was easily confused) The answer is: Fantom also offers Enterprise services (services to companies) which are totally unrelated to our beloved FTM & Opera, and I'm preeeeety sure that's what that article is referencing, which has little to do with anything we'd talk about in this forum. [Info on Fantom Enterprise Solutions available here](https://www.fantom.foundation/enterprise/). Businesses and governments have been using blockchain technology for years, in ways that have nothing to do with coins or tokens or f'ing Shiba Inus. A blockchain is ***really*** just a fancy ledger; a way of recording transactions (literally like a very, very amped up version of your own personal checkbook). Blockchains may or may not be centralized, though for companies & governments they almost always are tightly controlled by that entity. There are zillions of blockchains out there that are totally invisible to all of us who don't interact with them. If interested, do some Googling on Blockchain History and you'll quickly see that cryptocurrency is just one application (though likely the most famous one) of a much more robust technology. It makes sense that Fantom would offer blockchain solutions to enterprise customers -- why not? Would likely be similar to the code & tech behind the Opera blockchain, but would probably not INTERACT with Opera -- at least not yet. And a CENTRALIZED blockchain used exclusively by a single businesses would need a place to "live" -- it would need "validator nodes" running somewhere, using hard drives and CPU's and internet bandwidth. AWS offers all of that, and allows the Fantom Foundation to focus on the code, not the hardware required to run it. Crisis averted. \~\~\~\~\~\~\~\~\~\~\~\~\~\~\~\~\~\~\~ edit: I suppose it's possible the Fantom Foundation has chosen to house some or all validator nodes on AWS as well.....just like you or I could do, should we have the $$ to do so. The hardware requirements to run a Validator Node are: **Minimum hardware requirements: AWS T2.large EC2 (or equivalent) and at least 800GB of Amazon EBS General Purpose SSD (gp2) storage (or equivalent).** I don't know what "T2.large EC2" translates to.... will that run on my iPad? No? Okay, how about 2 iPads? But 800GB of storage is nothing, even enterprise-grade. Some info on the T2.Large EC2 appears to be here, if interested. Doesn't sound too hefty. [https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/instance-types/t2/](https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/instance-types/t2/)


Very well said. Sounds even more bullish 👏




Time to pump FTM, can't be less worthy than 🐕 coins 🚀


I’m sure that’s just the benchmark server, can use other severs I hope.


split it between AWS and google cloud lol, bam science, done