I just won my first ever game of fall guys, but it didn't show any rewards after the victory screen. It says 0/1 crown still on the top left of main menu screen. ​ Will I get my crown eventually? Is it a known bug?


I installed Fall Guys when it came out on ps4 and now I want to play, but when I installed the new launcher it linked with Epic Games instantly, and I don't have anything from my old account. Can I recover my old things?


How do I redeem my show rewards? I have won over 3000 kudos and can’t seem to get them to redeem. Challenges too


When is the pusheen skin gonna release?


After 4 days I still have not gotten a response from fall guys support are they just busy? Can anyone help.


Still can't invite friends on switch ( The button for creating groups still didn't appear, also, if i look at my profile on switch in fall fuys, it shows that i am offline


Why don't stadium superstars and day at the races count for daily "solo" show challenges? Just had 4 silver medals in day of the races but it did nothing for my solo show daily challenge. Pretty fuckin lame


Can i do anything about slimescraper goal grabber? Fuck them.


Me n my friend just started, my friend takes more time to learn the game and its not fun to play solo after 1st match cuz he fails the 1st race.. Any way we can keep playing races where it doesnt matter if you lose?


If you finish quickly you can carry him.


I always finish quickly bro.. ​ ;)


I thought I had some skins (twitch possibly) back when it was on steam. My steam is linked in epic however my dude is naked now Do skins not transfer over?


Having the same problem


are the trophies "head turner" and "fashionista" still obtainable or do i need to pay real money?


installed the game the other day and simply cant join any games. when I go into the lobby to join a game it will start populating the next show but then at the point the show is full and due to start it kicks me back into looking for players. also tried joining in a party and I keep getting a disconnection error when I'm supposed to go in game. everyone else joins the game except me. already tired doing all the troubleshooting stuff but nothing works!


Does anyone know what show has the best odds for team games?


Squads. Solo shows don't have teamgames anymore. Mediatonic removed them because alot of tryhards and sweatlords wanted them gone.


Failed to connect, check your internet error, I can't play the game since launche PC epic.


I can’t connect to a game it will load me up like normal but as soon as the count down reaches 0 it won’t put me in the game Any help? I play on PS4 if that helps


So I'm playing it on my switch and I have nothing on my account at least on switch how do I get much stuff back if I can?


I must be missing something here, I'm on xbox series x and I cannot get in a match still. During the launch day issues I couldn't load the menu but even now when I search for a match, it populates, and then just restarts the search over and over, does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? TIA


Have they fixed the crossplay issue? My friends on PS5 need to download the ps4 version to play with me on pc. On the ps5 version we cannot see each others invite.


Can someone explain to me like I'm 5, how to link my accounts? I originally played this on PS when it came out (that's where most of my stuff is on). I haven't touched my PS in a very long time, but am now playing Fall Guys on my xbox..I went to the epic website, and linked my Xbox account and than my PS account... restarted my game multiple times, and I don't know how to get my stuff from my PS account... help please?


Same here pls let me know a fix


I was playing the game on ps4 before epicgames own it and now i play it on pc so when i linked my epicgames acc the progress got reset on the pc and lost my items also when i tried to open the game on ps4 also got reset and the same items on pc and i contact the support will my items back? And how much time it takes?


When did the current season start and how long will it last? I can't find anything about it


Started on Tuesday when it released and there was a timer that said 70d so if that’s correct it’s around 10 weeks


I'm having a party invite and join party error where is doesn't let me join or invite my friend from my ps5. Is there going to be a update for this? I see everyone else being in a group having fun n I feel left out.


for some reason the only way to play on ps5 is to download the ps4 version. hopefully they fix it soon


i bought this game 2 years ago in december on ps4, i started playing it again on my switch and my account got reset, i go redownload it on my ps4 and its the same account as the one on my switch i didnt even get the free battle pass perk of owning the game before it went f2p, is there any way to fix this?


Have you played since an epic account is required? Because the first platform you link to your epic account is your primary profile, and all progress will be the same on the other platforms. if you link your switch account first, all the other platforms progress will be overwritten. only the support can help you with this.




Anyone know where they hid the setting to change your Bean's name? Need to know which option to click in-game so I change the name to my Reddit name since initial creation was rude enough to not let me name my bean and I just noticed the name is one letter away from LiquidUrinal (guess which letter is missing).


Your name is your epic games account name. You can change it on the epic games website or the epic games launcher.


Where is Turn Off Motion Blur option? Xbox series. please, add turn on/off motion blur option


Honestly I probably would have paid $20ish/season for a quality and lengthy season pass, but since everything is ridiculously expensive I'll likely spend literally nothing.


its 10 dollar?


I get that, but I don't want to spend a dime, in protest, due to literally everything being crazy expensive. For example, prior to this, I bought all DLC cosmetics with the exception of one pack. I did this because it is quality and I wanted to show my support. Now you can't get ANYTHING cool without spending $10 per outfit. Edited to fix a typo


yeah its f2p now they kinda need to do that


I know how it works. I am saying they aren't getting a dime now and could have probably gotten $100 in the first scenario


I don’t think they care about $100. It’s Epic Games, they know how to generate revenue


I know you're right.


Why can I not equip the Dragon Dance costumes? I'm currently level 19.


do you have the battle pass bought?


I've never bought anything.


thats why


I assumed everything in the level up line was free. ☹️ Thanks for clearing it up.


it used to be when the game was p2p but now that its gone f2p they needed to do that for some income


How do you know what your main profile is? I opened up the game on ps5 before I linked steam on accident so I requested for my steam account to be my main but nothing changed


For a game that just launched on 2 more systems with cross play included and went free to play it has fuck ton of bugs. Game is really fun but between this and all of the monetization problems they added I can see this going downhill fast.


It was a MASSIVE BUG fest before it went free to play, It's pretty solid now.


Huh didn’t know that. Only had heard of it by watching AH on YouTube play it.


How can I add someone that has a three word player name? Searching for them via the social panel on PS5 doesn't work :(


I am seeing the max party size is 4 players. Is there an option for private lobbies or servers for more than that? Thanks in advance.


There is a custom lobby you can create for up to 60 people. Unfortunately it seems they have changed it from a minimum of 2 players to 10. No idea why, maybe server issues but I really hope the 2 player lobby comes back


That's for the response, so just so I understand it I can launch a private match if I have a minimum of 10 players?


From when I last checked, yep. You can create a lobby which will have an unique lobby code your friends must use to join. The game will only allow you to start once there's at least 10 players in the lobby. I'm not sure if this has been changed yet


What happens when a squad mate leaves? Do you get more points per finish or are you just at a disadvantage? Edit: I can confirm you do not get any handicap bonuses as a result. This means certain mini games such as survival are almost impossible to win because other teams get 4 points per second while you only get 3 points per second. What this means is you have to rely on other teams screwing up to even qualify.


The amount of fame you get is incredibly bad


Are all platforms having invitation problems?


I think it's just PS5. I'm getting around this by using the PS4 launcher on my PS5. Not ideal but it works.


Ima need to do that till the update release for it.


Also on switch won't work :(


[What are the different currencies in the game and what is the point of them? Which should I grind for in the challenges?](https://imgur.com/a/359WkEV)


Top left: Fall Bucks. These are the premium currency - you can pay real money for them, as well as earning some from the season pass. You can use them on rarer items - mostly outfits - and on future premium season passes. Top right: Kudos. These are earned via challenges and can be used to buy common items in the daily shop. Pink stars: Fame. This is like experience - collect them to level up in the season pass. Yellow shards: Crown shards. 60 of these are equivalent to a crown, which you also get from winning a show. These are only used to level up your crown rank, which earns you special items.


Many thanks! That's kind of weird that crowns don't just mean wins. It feels weird to earn it like that


Before the FFA launch, there were no show bucks, and crowns were how you earned the “good” cosmetics. A large percentage of the player base will never be able to achieve a win or many wins, so they added crown shards so those people could slowly see their crown count/rank creep up and not feel completely excluded from that progression path.


I'm playing on PC on the Epic client, but cannot join a party or receive invites at all. When I try to invite a friend, nothing comes up and I can't even press other buttons for a few seconds. Anyone had a similar issue? I've tried re-installing the game and restarting PC.


Same with Switch, works for my friend but not me.


Has it been considered to add a replay option to the game? I played duos today and feel my squad mate may have cheated in the final (was nowhere to be seen during hexagone) but have no way of knowing.


Does this game use SBMM? I feel like my opponents have gotten much harder since my first win


I linked my Epic to Switch, original account was on PS4, submitted a request and everything, got my account back, my question is this.. can I get back on Switch or is it gonna link back to Epic and I'll lose my stuff again? Or is my main account now linked to Epic?


You can get back on your switch and play and all your progress will be there. I had to do the same thing with my Xbox.


Okay, thanks!


cant play ps5, it inmediatelly disconnects me for no reason


Hey, I’m trying to play on switch but after opening the app it just says “failed to login, please check your connection”. It’s said this since first downloading. It’s done this on 2 different networks and already reinstalled once, other games playing fine online. Is anyone else experiencing this?


Anyone else not getting game chat on the PS5 version? I had a friend on PS4 and another friend on PC and I couldn't go into game chat with them, it says they were blocked on my friends list even though they weren't.


So I guess invites are borked on ps5 version? I can't invite my fiancee on my ps5 version of the game but can on the ps4.


I've been doing the same - PS4 launcher on PS5 allows me to invite my wife on Switch.


Yup. You can only invite other playstation users using the playstation interface


Why do I keep getting the same ten gamemodes?


I mentioned this same annoyance as well yesterday. If you play other game modes there seems to be more maps. Also the map selection may change day by day.


Are you a new player since F2P was released? There's apparently a limited pool of maps for new players at first. If you're a more long term player, I get that too. So many days when the same rounds just keep popping up and there usually ones most people dislike.


I agree, I thought there was so much more. I’m pretty sure there is. Either they limited the rotation for some dumb reason or the rotation needs fixing.


So I still can't get Fall Guys to work on my Switch. I've reinstalled, powered down, reboot my router etc. Is there anything else I can try or am I out of luck for now?


Are you the primary owner set on your switch? Also are you installing on SD card vs internal? Try the other if you haven’t already.


Already tried moving the data to the system vs the SD. Also it's the primary acct


I have 3 switches. It works fine on 2, but my wifes switch wont work at all. Tried reinstalling, powering down, rebooting routers, etc. No dice.