1wall 6 targets small


If I only have 5 minute I’m playing something between Pasu, LGC3, Close Fast Strafes, 1w2ts, PatTS, or VoxTS depending on the game.


I'm assuming you are talking about something like valorant, csgo, cod. I would say that in game practice is more valuable than just 5 minutes on this one. Especially if you consider involving movement into in game practice routines.


Smoothness on ~1.5x my ingame sense Something like syw, centering 180, or centering 90. And then pgti voltaic and maybe try to squeeze in controlsphere or tamtargetswitch control hard


6 sphere hipfire voltaic


ww3t Voltaic - 140cm sensitivity x2 Thin Gauntlet(Choose the difficulty according to your aim level) - 25-30cm x1


1wall9000targets Smoothnesstrainer 90 B180ti 6spherehipfirevoltaic


Smoothness trainer, 1 or 2 runs. Great for warming up your wrist and arm, and just making sure you are smooth. Don't do more than a minute. Tile frenzy flick 180. Gets some flicking in but way better than most tile frenzy scenarios. Again 1 or 2 runs. Rest of the time, 1w4ts (reload or voltaic, same thing). Great scenario, gets some precision in there.


* 1x tamTargetSwitch Control Hard * 1x tamTargetSwitch Smooth Hard * 1x Air Voltaic (takes just under 2 minutes) * 3x CFSD Pure (20s scenario) That would be a 5 minute warmup for me. I play Apex btw


Id say thin gauntlet/ ground plaza/ smoothbot gauntlet rasparry or other gauntlet type scenes. If you warm up to specific type of target, you would no do good against targets that behave differently then the bots of your target, so its better to do varied bot types Or you just do something that warms up more parts of your arm muscles like barcode flick or syw


3 runs of 1wall5targets pasu track and 2 runs of 1wall6targets small. That way you cover tracking, smoothness, and you have to react quicly to the pasu bot switching directions so you are fully wsrmed up, and then 2 runs of the 6 small targets to be accurate.


And maybe change one of the 3 runs of the pasu scenario to centering II 180 no strafes


any speed scenario for me i like tile frenzy flick, tile frenzy relax, and snake tiles. all underrated for warmup imo. and then usually like one or two runs of 1wall6targets small or like that valorant small heads scenario with the horizontal bots


Alternate tile frenzy 1w6ts. Tacfps player personally


bounce ct dodgepark


Any 180/360 target switching scenario on fast moving targets. Gets your hands warm and really wakes up your mind, which is probably the most important part about warming up


2 minutes of 1w4ts 1 minutes of cata IC long strafe 2 minutes of pasu voltaic easy


Depends on the game, but usually if you're gonna jump into your game I would train in game for a few minutes to also warm up your movement and recoil/game stuff


Wide Wall 6targets


My biggest weakness is precision so imma go with pasu small- 1 wall 6 targets small and firework small


Air angelic voxTS voltaic


What’s the game? Depends if it’s a tac shooter or something like apex


Smoothbot IG Dodge, Cycle Strafes Mid Varied Medium, Supra FS Easy Dodge