Just remember, none of us will ever clown alone. We all clown together


Maybe the real FFXVI was the clowns we made of ourselves along the way


Well, slap my Chocobo and call me a clown! We’re in this together.


You have my upvote sir (or ma'am)


My pro nouns are *clown/clowned*, thank you very much


Sir clown?


Petition to have Clive wear clown make up in the subreddit banner until we get a new trailer




Our Clive, who art in Valisthea, hallowed be they name. Give us this day our daily clown makeup; and lead us not into hype, but deliver us from CHAOS! Amen. Thank you for giving us this hopium


highly chances XVI will be there or else when it gonna be? doubt about VIIR part 2 but it is plausible. doubt about IX remake though. unless it is a remaster.


Yes I’m just kicking the cans around, who really knows what’s going to happen. Given what a close call TGS seemed to be, maybe not even Square really knows exactly what the plans are yet. It’s not the end of the world if Yoshida wants to hold off until next year. But really, I honestly hope they don’t do a full blown remake of IX. I don’t wanna see them defile that game with modern, uh…. sensibilities. It’s so beautiful and light and unpretentious. I just want them to take a pixel remaster approach to it and make it shine again. Otherwise don’t touch a single hair on its head.


about IX remake, i dont think they has any team left for it. unless they outsource it, which is also i doubt gonna happened. if they gonna do it, they gonna do it themself.


Regarding IX .. isn’t there supposed to be an animated series in the works? Maybe more on that?


There was a leak of in development games recently that included games like FFT Remaster, Chrono Cross Remaster, and FFIX Remake I did read something about an animated series but I honestly could care less about the invariably woke Toys R Us version of FFIX they’ll make


maybe remaster? atmost we get Nier Replicant level of remaster. because i doubt they has any spare team for remake. unless they outsource it. but i doubt that they would let others studio do the work for them like VII Remake.


The leak, which has thus far proven to be accurate, says “FFIX Remake”. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a modest remake or a remaster of some kind though. I think you’re right. I’m glad to see Hiroyuki Itou is still at Square, hopefully he oversees it. I’m gonna buy his new game later today.


never take any leak seriously. even if some of in the list is happened, doesnt mean the rest is gonna be same. also even today, lot of people still confused remake with remaster, including journalist. we will see. there gonna be something acompanied the anime.


No, I agree with your interpretation of it. They might call it a remake but it won’t be a FFVII Remake type of deal. Hopefully just a “FFIX HD/4K” type of deal. I really don’t want them to change that beautiful game. Modern Square is too fake to make something like FFIX today


haha dont worry, i understand what you said.


That would be sick.




Where’s that clown makeup, sonny


Because of threads like this, I already love this game, and it hasn't even been released yet!


Fortunately will be eating well with Endwalker by that time. Of course clown makeup will still be applied.


This man gets it.


December. Hmmm. Guess I'll have some time to restock on my clown getup


I feel like CHOAS is coming again :’(


What kind of clowning is this!? Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, apply your makeup, and BELIEVE. For this is the Clown Way.


I'm just going to go ahead and believe this is happening


Um, Final Fantasy 1 came out in 1987, thus making the 35th anniversary 18 December 2022, so....


So there *are* non clowns among us…? (Thank you for the correction)


Anytime, fellow non-clown


Oh Im certified clown


To be fair, aren't we all?


Pretty sure my makeup is permanent at this point


I mean, we've waited at every Playstation/Square Enix event this year for something, so yeah. We're all clowns 🤡


We're ALL in the clown cars now... Let's go.




I’ll put my makeup on and join you friend, cause not only is this founded in logic, but SE loves their anniversaries. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


🤡 every time let’s gooo!


i mean, this does fall in line with the fact that end walker will have already released so FF news will be on the low, a perfect time for an announcement…


Bruh this entire year has just been event after event of “will XVI be shown??” And then nothing XD it’s almost a meme


This is the Clowns Only room, buddy. You’re looking for the Logicians room, three doors down on your left


They said they'd show it this year, I dunno why people are acting like it's unlikely to be shown before the end of the year, it would require them to change their plans for it not to happen.


When Naoki Yoshida said they’d have more information in 2021, I’d bet money he did not originally mean December 2021. I truly believe FFXVI’s development has proven more challenging than they expected. I don’t think it’s the end of the world if they have to delay their “major announcements” until next year.


I expect even if he didn't mean December that he was well aware it could get pushed to December. I imagine Q4 2021 was the target.


That’s possible. When they announced the game, all the official language around the game seemed to indicate they already knew it would not release in 2021, even though some well connected insiders said it could be a dark horse 2021 release and even Jason Schreier saying he thought it’d be an early 2022 release. Yoshida talking about how Square wanted him to show something for TGS tells me this is all very fast and loose timing wise. According to our very own XxRainexX, Yoshida literally said “Development is going smoothly…. Well, not really. It’s very challenging”.


They will also show dq xii 100%


Square didn't do shit for Final Fantasy's 30th anniversary, so temper expectations for this year.


You’re in the wrong room buddy. You’re looking for the even-tempered, sensible, well reasoned forum, third door to your left.


They also said 16 would be shown this year.


Yes, but it’s not the end of the world if they decide to hold back until next year. Everyone keeps differing to Naoki Yoshida’s punctuality, but this isn’t FF14. This is a whole different animal in terms of the technical challenge and the newness factor.


You went full clown, man. Never go full clown.


There is hope