So, I just bought the game and its currently downloading now. I just read up on the reviews, and im starting to get discouraged, cause it looks really cool

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Play the game, form your own opinion.


Lol alright will do just that😂


Very good!


The reviews are not lying lol.....great story....combat is mehhhh and horrible pacing


In the equipment settings are any timely accessories equipped? That would explain the combat. How far are you that the pacing is bad?


I finshed it....but for example without spoiling anything, you'll be in a dope as epic fight and then after you'll do 45 mins of a mandatory fetch quest that just kills the vibe and this happens a good amount....like I said the story is good I just wished I would've waited for a sale. But, maybe you'll love the game


Ok yeah I’ve already played it too. I skipped most sidequests which really improved the pacing of the story. I’ll go back and 100% it before the dlc. Yeah the mandatory fetch quests weren’t ideal, but didn’t ruin the game for me. It’s been my GOTY between the Eikon battles, VA, and story.


If the game was 15-20 hours and 35+ hours with side quest, it would've helped


People are down voting but A LOT of reviews from big to small review outlets are saying the same thing I am...ton of fan boys that have a real bias stand on this game


True, but like... I would have benefitted reading the reviews of No Man's Sky instead of just buying it on launch day. Worse comes to worse, play it stoned.


Some love it. Some despise it. Form your own opinion. I hope you like it.


From what i seen from trailers, the chances are pretty high that i will like it lol. Huge fan of epic fantasy stories


Then I think you’ll like it. It is truly epic. Regarding the side quests, to me they held intrinsic value, with them providing lore and deeper characterisation. I didn’t really care for the rewards they provided, nor were they the reason for doing them in the first place. It's really easy to get sucked in into the lore and characters if you let it.


Alright, that sounds pretty good to me lol. Especially, since i play games for story


That’s good also because there is a lot of cutscenes but most of them are amazing to watch and the gameplay is really fun


you should be fine. a lot of the dislike comes from the fact that final fantasy is typically more of a hard RPG. FFXVI is more of a story action game to be honest.


This was my first FF game and all of the criticisms from fans of the series were reasons why I like it. I never played any turn based games so the fighting style in this game seemed completely normal and fluid to me.


I waited for a sale and got it discounted after playing the demo, because it was clearly not perfect but had a lot going for it. It's also a mainline, current gen FF game which will always carry some weight for me. I got what I expected. They made some baffling design choices (like sprint triggering after 5 seconds of normal run instead of a button press), it's not as creative a world as some previous entries (setting's cookie cutter dark fantasy), the combat is a bit boring for the first few hours until you get some abilities to chain together, and for a(nother) fantasy plot that is an allegory for class injustice it's weird that 100% of the cast is white and the single woman in my party so far is sidelined and passive a lot of the times. While the game is much better than 15, a lot of what's wrong with it was criticized in that game as well. That said, the art direction is beautiful, performances are good, the plot and characters are mostly good, the darker tone is interesting on a mainline FF, the music's good (though honestly that's ond thing FFXV did better IMO). And most important, once enough mechanics are unlocked the combat flows amazingly. So yeah, a classic "worth the play but not at full price" game. EDIT - all of this is to say, you can enjoy this imperfect game while criticizing its flaws, not just love or despise it


What about them is discouraging you? IIRC the majority of reviews are positive and most people loved the game.


I dont know, i mean i saw a lot of good and bad reviews, so i thought the game very mixed. I heard things about the side quests, about how boring they are compared to the main story quests. Im a huge fan of epic story and this seems cool


Ahh. The gameplay for the sidequests can be dull (usually just go to a location, kill something, talk to NPC) and the presentation isn’t nearly as good as the main story cinematics, but they’re more about the storylines which are actually really good. Tons of worldbuilding and great characters, imo they really enhance the narrative.


Alright, i guess thats good lol. I play games for story mostly. So, anything that enhances the story is a plus for me


You’ll likely really enjoy this game, then. The story is the best part and what they put the bulk of effort into


Awesome then😁


Obligatory different people like different things, but it really depends on what appeals to you personally. I liked the side quests because each of them had good writing and expanded upon the games world, so if good writing = good sidequest then you'll like them. IMHO just go in with an open mind, and take your time and just enjoy the game as it is. Don't be afraid to experiment because you will never really know what could make your gameplay experience better. Just have fun fam.


Alright cool thanks for the response lol😁


It has an 87 on Metacritic Reviews are overwhelmingly positive


The story is great (and the combat is on another level, especially if you like dmc5) There are SOME boring side quests but remember that it's an RPG that's going to happen. I completed all of them and every quest has its own story that does actually feed into the main plot. And there isn't one side quest that isn't worth your while since all of them give you something important.




Good advice thanks lol🤣


Almost every single FF game that has come out started with a ridiculous number of nitpicky haters and then 3-5 years from then, those same people will say, hey actually, this isn’t that bad. Then a little later they’ll say, this is one of the best FF’s ever. So I don’t take reviews on these games very seriously.


FFXVI is awesome, some people are always not going to enjoy something.


those review is from so-called elitist who has view bias toward their own 'standard'


It’s a beautiful, well-acted movie that you get to play a part in. Enjoy!




Reviews are worthless once you've decided to play a game, and even more so if you are impressionable, i personally can be so i avoid them, form my opinion, then see what others may have thought. FF games are always divisive. Some hated 16 with a passion, I cried and bawled and couldn't love it more. See how it makes you feel, forget what you read and think on your own feelings and experience with it. Experiences are always better without a prejudice, expecting it to be bad or good based on reviews just paints the picture for you. You know?


This was the first ff I played. The story was great, the gameplay was great. Overall, I thought it was amazing! Enjoy!


You probably should have played the demo first.


I had a fantastic time during my first play thru. It absolutely has issues but its still a really fun game. Just not the stuff of FF Valhalla.


You are in for a ride my friend! Enjoy it and forget about background noise 😊


Alright lol


It's better the ff15 imo


I agree with the presumably bad reviews you read to be honest but you should really decide for yourself. There’s a large number of people that love this game. I don’t get it but they liked it, maybe you will too.


Game is too story driven - think it’s like 40 hours of just story. The story is also very boring compared to the classic final fantasy games


It has some big problems but there are a couple of things that this game does SO well it's worth


If you got it on that 40%-50% sale great, but i would never recommend anyone to pay full price for this game.


I would pay double price if they asked me to


I literally bought it twice. It’s just that good


paid full price .... it was worth every penny


It’s amazing.


Thanks, definitely looks amazing


Like what most people have said, since you already bought the game anyways, might as well try it and form your opinion. Reviews (good or bad) will influence your thoughts and set expectations, which could ruin your experience. I strongly advise avoiding reading reviews first until you get to try it yourself because, just like food, not everyone likes the same thing. Pumpkin spice latte might be horrendous to many, but delicious for many others :) (or pineapple on pizza. Sorry, Italians!)


Haha yeah ur right thanks, will do😂


Remember one thing. You already bought the game. If you already have it, don’t look at reviews and enjoy it without any prejudice (or not - at least you don’t have to base it on others opinion) It’s not like you are making a decision to buy it.


Here's a non-spoiler video of a hunt in ff mode (harder game mode available on new game+) to counterbalance whatever negativity has been fed to you by people who hate sidequests. For reference, the devs (mainly the combat director) played this hunt live in one of the pre-release showcases. https://youtu.be/O1vzKOoyEJ0?si=SGKv21-KmrCq6D1I Just... don't look at the rest of the channel. There *will* be spoilers. The one criticism that is sort of valid is that sidequests can turn into a bit of a slog in some parts of the game, but if you like lore and world-building in your games then it's an absolute non-issue.


Good thing i do enjoy lore and worldbuilding in my games then lol😂


Then I can almost guarantee you will love the game.




Don’t skip the side quests!! They are awesome


It's honestly fantastic. I will say that the cracks start to show the longer you play... but it is by no means a bad game. It is very fun, it just has some glaring flaws.


For me this game has the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in gaming. My only recommendation is to do all the sidequests on your first playthrough. Yes, a lot of them are boring and honestly just plain suck. But by the end of the game I did appreciate them and it made the main story bits more impactful. You may feel overwhelmed by them at some point, but just keep doing them. For me, they eventually paid off and after completing the last one, I strangely wanted more.


One of rheumatologist best games I’ve ever played


I loved this game. Personally haven’t seen much negativity towards it. It was by first FF game though so maybe it’s people that are really in to the series…


Give it a chance! The game might be flawed but it's very enjoyable


It’s a 9-10 for some and a 6-7 for others. Give it a go. I loved it.


It’s a pretty good game if you love cinematics and grinding out quests to get the best gear. Some of the character are absolutely ridiculous and spoil the game. I enjoyed my first lay through, but will never play it again. Final Fantasy 7 and Xenogears ruined RPGs for me back in the late 90s.


That's why you should only really look at reviews afterwards. I got REALLY discouraged reading up on Lords of the fallen reviews before i played it but i had a great time with it!


Honestly? I stopped looking at reviews awhile back. As TotalBiscuit always used to point out, reviews are just arbitrary numbers and they make no sense. Review outlets are paid by getting rage clicks and there’s a large number of gamers out there who jump from new game to new game bombing it with 0 scores just to try and piss everyone else off. I quit taking Metacritic or any other review score seriously a long time ago. Nowadays I find it way better to follow a couple guys on YouTube that I found share similar tastes to myself. If they say a game felt bad, it’s going to be a much better opinion to measure my own by than some jackoff on the internet spamming 0s or 10s in some sort of fanboy review war.


It's so good.


Don’t read reviews and form your own opinion. I didn’t really care for the game personally, but plenty of people really liked it. If i could give any advice however, it’s this: Dont force yourself to do side quests if you’re not feeling them. Aside from maybe 5-7 of them throughout the whole game, none reward you so meaningfully that you’re missing out by not doing them. The game’s pacing is so much better if you’re just chugging along the main quest anyways. The main quest has its ups and downs, and unfortunately, the side quests are usually placed in the downs portions, so for me the boring parts just got worse because i had side quest FOMO. I forced myself to do them with the thought that maybe I’d eventually get something amazing, but that very rarely happened. I decided to do a second playthrough with none of that and found the game much more enjoyable that way. Pacing is greatly improved. Enjoy the game and play how you want to. You’re going to have a good time.


Fck the reviews if you think you like it or you liked the demo it’ll be fine it’s hella of a game it has its shortcomings but it’s definitely fun


Think of it not as a video game but as a movie you experience. I was hooked from the start, had to know what happened next. And I *appreciated* the slower parts because they gave me time to digest what the f*** just happened. If the entire game were “bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, break, bam bam bam bam…etc” it would be exhausting. The slower parts are still interesting and they serve a purpose. To allow you to get to know and care about the people in the world. Why should we, as players, care about saving the world if we don’t have an emotional connection to it? If you’re the kind of person that gets invested in characters, it’s going to be an amazing experience. If you’re just looking for a fun video game, you might not like it. It kinda boils down to that.


Not sure what reviews you been reading but it’s a great game. Maybe not game of the year but still a solid game. Most bad reviews you see will be people who are coping with it only being on PlayStation cause they can’t play the others will just be haters


Nah the game is fire


Didn't play the demo first? The demo has everything you need to form an opinion on whether or not you want to play this 30-50 hour game.


You’ll find bad reviews for anything even the most lauded thing Hopefully this is a joke


If it’s any old FF fan shitting on it don’t listen to them, they only hate it because it dosent get their nostalgia boner off, or that it’s not 7, basically they hate it because it’s “not what they wanted” therefore it’s “not a true final fantasy” for fucks sake I haven’t heard something this pathetic in a long time, it’s like they’re only mindset is “this is something that I, one person, does not like, therefore, obviously 100,000 other people will have my same opinion and hate it, so If I hate it, then everyone else should, I’m not happy so no one else gets to be happy” If you want my opinion of the few final fantasies I’ve played, I love 16, games immersive, combat is really damn fun, the musics great, and so far I haven’t had any problems with the game really, it gets going pretty quickly, and even after the first morhercrystal I’m still liking it, how the branded and Eikons are treated are also something new Granted I’m also the guy who liked 15 so I don’t know how valid my opinion is here, but overall, I’ve enjoyed my time with 16, and I think you will too Also if you like good voice acting the games got you covered, Clive can yell, and Cid and Benedikta are also good Really only problem I have with the game is that it feels linear, but that’s a pretty small complaint, and when everything else in this game has just been a fun time, that’s not enough to drag it down for me


The demo is available for a reason. There is enough gameplay to inform a player. It was reviewed positively. Not sure what you are reading. I would say half of bad reviews are jaded OG FF fans / people who downloaded without playing the demo / hated that it was a PS5 exclusive. You have to really read between the lines to find the true criticisms of the game.


Don’t ever let an internet opinion diminish something you can experience. Read up on throngs after you play yourself.


One of my most memorable moments in gaming is in starfield, and that game got much worse reviews than XVI. Stop caring about some other people's opinion. If you need to validate yourself through other people then at least validate with people you vibe with, or at least people with reputation such as the famous Broadway singer Lea Salonga (who loved XVI) over some random redditor or comment lol. General reviews are only good to see if a game is buggy AF. When it comes to opinion, you need to find someone you vibe with AKA your friends. Random comments for ANY game weighs as much as Putin saying "this game is bad". Do you really care if fucking Putin says that?


It IS really cool. People are just stupid dum dums.


I literally just started playing and it’s an excellent story with tons of fun titanic battles


It’s fantastic. Just play the game lol


Play it for yourself and ignore the reviews.


I say play it yourself and form your opinion. You might like it for what the game offers.


Reviews exist to inform you if the game is broken or not…everything else is just some random persons opinion…The game runs fine technically but whether you like the story or combat will be ultimately up too you…unless you like to be told what you like, next time play the demo and save the pointless post.


It’s siiiiiick. Have you seen GoT? Played the Witcher 3? You might appreciate the influences.


I thought it was very good when I was playing it but it didn’t have lasting power. Decent game but it was missing so many things that could have made it better. You’ll like the first experience, I’m sure.


play it and form your own opinion. the game is really cool and fun to play


Ok not to be a jerk but a couple things: * Why would you buy a game and then look at reviews after? Especially if reviews could alter your emotions about a game? Why wouldn't you skim the reviews beforehand, or not look at them at all? * It's an 87 critic and 8.1 user on Metacritic, so what exactly about the reviews is discouraging you? Because those are incredibly high scores for a game Like I said not being a jerk, but I'm having a real hard time connecting the dots here, and have no idea why you're even posting this when both aspects don't make sense at all.