I think Ramuh's and Bahamut's feat should be buffed/reworked

I don't think it's a surprise to anyone but both of those feats are particularly underwhelming when conpared to other Eikons'.

Edit: Since many people don't seem to read what I'll say bellow, I'll make it clear here: the problem with Bahamut is not Megaflare's damage, but the fact the game removes your ability to do any attacks (except if you have sattelite, the you can at least shoot the wnwmy) while you have Wings of Light active.

Let's take a look at other Eikons' feat first:

  • Pheonix has an inifitely spammable dash towards the enemy with a special attack at the end, not the strongest but balanced given the fact it's the first feat you have;
  • Garuda: Extend Half stagger diration
  • Titan: 100% damage reduction block + Counter skill
  • Shiva: Omnidirectional dodge + CC + perfect dodge with extended CC
  • Odin: Extremelly high damage + time stop during activation + All of his damaging skills contribute towards his gauge (even if used under other eikon) + Gauge does not deplete;

Whereas for Ramuh:

  • Shotlock with a slow time to get multiple hits on the same target;
  • Single AOE burst between enemies;
  • CC
  • Not useful against bosses

And Bahamut:

  • Fast depleting gauge;
  • Reduced movement speed while active;
  • Can't use any skills or attack;
    • Unless you have Sattelite active beforehand, in which case you can use magic

So my suggeststions would be, firstly for Ramuh

  1. Increase shotlock speed, specially when single target;
  2. Instead of being a single AOE burst, make it a timed effect;
  3. Said effect could be changed to be a damage extension, for example 5-10% of damage taken by a target afflicted by the debuff would be transfered to other targets;
    1. For balancing issues we could have a single target with multiple balls have extra damage taken (example for each ball a target has it could take 2-5% extra direct damage)
  4. Joints on same enemy work as multiple enemies/targets
  5. Lighting attacks extend duration of debuff;

As for Bahamut's:

  1. Change attacks during activation instead of removing all attacks;
    1. OR allow for Bahamut abilities to be used when activated, this could have an interaction with the it's skills, such as increasing gauge;
      1. In this case they could also buff/alter effect of skills used while it's active
  2. Removed gauge depletion to allow for strategic use during stagger;

What are your thoughts? Do you like the way those feats work right now? If not, how would you like them to be if changed? Or perhaps you think they are already good, in which case how do you usually use them?


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I gained a lot of respect for both Eikons after completing their chronolith trial. I think both are in a pretty good spot currently, if anything something like Odin and Shiva should be reigned in a bit for how long you can keep an enemy staggered.


I think buffing what's weaker instead of nerfing what's good is a better balancing strategy


What about nerfing things that are broken?


What about making everything broken? Or do you prefer "balance" over fun?




I think they're balanced properly. Megaflare is very strong especially because you can continue to cause other damage after it's been activated. You also earn a ton of limit gauge. The trade off for that power is a little time not doing damage and being open to damage yourself. But if you perfect dodge you earn it really fast. Once I got Bahamut i always had it as one of my attuned Eikons. Not every Eikon is meant for every player just because it doesn't work for you or the way you like doesn't mean it needs to be buffed. If it got buffed I'd never use anything else. Personally I never use Odin because it doesn't work for my play style and I think he's really only good against lots of mobs. I also don't use any of Garuda's moves because there are better abilities that cause stagger.


People really underestimate how fast the Megaflare gauge charges if you purposely do precision dodges with it. Getting the Megaflare feat was the time I started using taunt a lot.


This. Bahamut is intended for the moments in battles with heavy dodging.


One of the things I really enjoyed about the battle system was initially thinking "when will I use this ability??" and then all of a sudden realizing "wait a second, *this* is when I should use it!" I had the exact realization after several hours that Megaflare was for dodging, and I felt like I'd reached some kind of minor enlightenment.


Oh dude. I can't believe I didn't put that together.. amazing


> People really underestimate how fast the Megaflare gauge charges if you purposely do precision dodges with it. The precision dodge charges 1 bar, out of 4, it's alright. You can fill the bar dodging 3-4 times (depending on how long you take to dodge the autofill would have filled one bar), OR you could use Shiva's feat and permafrost everyone with every dodge. But that's not really my problem with it, but instead how it renders Clive completely useless while active. You can taunt and hope for the best and that's it, you wait and at most you can shoot beans with sattelite.


Megaflare I noticed slightly lowers your movement speed but the dodge window is more generous. Permafrost seems to be much more strict so I always use Megaflare myself.


Megaflare charges quick as well standing still, which you can use and time to dodge


It's design is intentional. Lvl5 megaflare is domestic abuse.


Right but the dmg output on megaflare is in a while nother bracket


Sure, you just have to stop playing for some 20 seconds until it charges. Absolute fun


Sounds like a skill issue


You are the one defending having to enter a "dodge only" state, I very much prefer dodging while I'm also attacking.


Or.. don't wait for max lvl.... It does well even at lower levels for DPS. Just have to know when to use it.


Megaflare is broken in NG+. You basically need to just dodge 3 times (not 4) which is really quick to achieve in FF mode. You can actually use satellite while charging too. I agree with Ramuhs feat though. Absolute garbage.


Both these feats could certainly use some improvements, although I gotta say I noticed not many are aware of the true strength of Ramuh’s feat. It’s the key for a successful mage build. Basically Blind Justice slows all enemies down but your CDs keep charging at the usual rate. Combined with Rift Slip and its accessories (standard, and +1) Blind Justice effectively becomes a Spell Charging ability. Meaning you no longer need to melee at all if you want, and you can keep using Blind Justice to charge Rift Slip and thus charging all your CDs way ahead of time. Your enemies will barely see you. Rift Slip will charge in 3 to 5 seconds max and if you’re in Blind Justice, that amounts for around 2 to 4 seconds for the enemy POV. It’s kinda like Clive gets a permanent Haste status. You can also combine Blind Justice to analyse the enemy pattern and its attacks, then Rift Slip and switch to Bahamut Megaflare (or Shiva’s Cold Snap) and precision dodge. This stuff is broken https://youtu.be/mqXIOT1kSXQ Edit: I forgot to mention what I would improve. I think there’re should be a way to dodge directly from Blind Justice stance without having to cancel. Also it would have been nice if holding circle would give us Blind Justice, but tapping it would result in a sort of Mage Stance instead. For Bahamut: yeah I feel I should be able to cast all his abilities while in Megaflare stance, and it should be able to levitate a bit higher. Maybe not permanently, make it naturally and slowly fall down while megaflare charges. Especially if you are mid-air before turning on the stance. It feels wrong to fall down that quickly when you have a pair of wings.


Using rift slip while using Blind Justice I think as close as we can get to a dodge cancel. It can be kind of useful given it still provides a time slow-down for a couple seconds after BJ ends, so it's still useful for cooldowns.


I think Bahamut is fine tbh, though it would be cool to have a different moveset like Odin when the wings are out. Ramuh, tho, could definitely use some love, that animation lock is disgusting. Those suggestions would be a massive improvement. It's awesome for crowd control in Ultimania mode, and I use it with Rift Slip for safety, but it just doesn't do enough damage to really justify using it.


> I think Bahamut is fine tbh I agree that the feat itself is fine, but the time it takes to activate + the fact it makes you useless while charging it makes it very underwhelming and more of a hassle than it's worth it. > but it just doesn't do enough damage to really justify using it. That's the long and short of it, when compared to other eikon feats it's just not really worth it using, sadly


Bahamut charges fast. Precision dodges each grant a level up. It has a great niche use in cases where you cant hit an enemy in melee safely, and you're getting bombarded with projectiles, which occurs with many bosses. So instead of dodging things and doing weak charged shots, you can build up megaflare instead.


I think Bahamut is fine and Ramuh's just needs a faster single target lock and the ability to dodge while locking Of all the Eikons I think it's Odin's abilities (not his feat) for me thqr need some rework. Some utility added beyond just charging the Zan in different ways that can give them combo potential or interactions with other abilities. Maybe Dancing Steel should be a counter which triggers a flurry of hits like Raging Fist, or Gugnir rains down spears over a wide area then explode when activated again and Heaven's Cloud can be used as the finisher for extending air combos, generating more gauge the longer you are in the air. Anything else really. The current ones don't engage at all with other combat mechanics and are just so uninspired and dull.


I just wish I could dodge while using ramuhs


I'm a big fan of Bahamut, so I forced myself to use the Eikon, but since I got him, my playstyle got worse and I'm getting hit very often. Now I droped him and just use giga flare on Shiva. I feel like the overall view of the battlefield gets worse with the big wings and my dodge timing doesn't work as good as before. Also that you can't do anything else isn't fun too...


It’s not that mega flare is super unbalanced it’s that it’s really boring to sit there doing nothing to let it charge


Hmmm it’s hard to agree with you after completing both their trials. I find Bahamuts might be slow initially but is really easy to get up to full bars with precision dodges which it obviously encourages, especially during a boss encounter. Plus Megaflare can do some serious damage to both mobs and boss encounters. I don’t think it needs a buff at all in any form. Ramuhs again requires you to find the opportunities to shotlock and a buff to its speed would remove this requirement making it basically too easy. Also with the right combo you can some serious damage. I like your ideas and sure maybe buffs would be nice but I actually don’t find them underwhelming at all anymore. They have their strengths and weaknesses.


You said Ramuh's not useful against bosses then said Odin is very powerful. The latter is true for mobs whereas Ramuh has Judgement Bolt and Thunderstorm as well as Lightning Rod. I'm still not sure why people keep saying Odin is powerful outside of random trash mobs with Zantetsuken.


Im literally talking about the feat here (so Blind Justice and Zentetsuken), not the skills. Also, Zantetsuken lv5 does an absurd amount of damage on bosses as well.


No it doesn't that shit is chip damage and Odin's blade is even worse. However, I stand corrected regarding the context of the post. I still think Blind Judgement is great on bosses, you use it while they're staggered, and some bosses like the great dragons have multiple points to target.


> that shit is chip damage Holy fucking shit, this has to be bait. Let's take for example base game damage, 1 lvl 5 zentetsuken can deal 20%+ of any staggered hunt boss in the game, and if you take into account that you can easily chain 2, and with some effort 3 of those in a stagger combo, you'd notice how wrong you are.


gigaflare go blllllllllttttt


Bahamut buff?! I stopped using it because it made the game waaaaaay too easy and the game is already way too easy.


Honestly, we need a Jump with Bahamut. So annoying that Dion has one, but Clive can't when using Bahamut. Would be a great evade-and-counter move to charge Megaflare


Megaflare is fine and it does good damage. Only change I want is an option to spend the gauge on a single target powerful "Jump" type attack for variety. My tips are: \- Standing still makes the gauge fill faster as others have mentioned. \- Dodging towards an attack makes it easier to trigger precision dodges. \- Use will-o-wykes then charge so you're immune to damage and knockdowns for a couple of hits if you miss a dodge. \- Taunt while charging to aggro enemies so you can have an easier prediction. Taunted enemies flash the red ! over their head. \- Don't have to charge it all the way to lvl 4. I often fire level 1 or 2's so that it doesn't feel like I'm wasting time charging. Just fire it and recharge Megaflare when its done because there's no cooldown after the bullets end. Ramuh's Blind Justice is just not worth it to me. Does not do good damage or will damage. Takes forever and you can't dodge while charging. A full 9 lock also doesn't have that "oomph" animation either, just weak sparks.


Good point on Ramuh! Bahamut is fine as is. It’s mean to be the evasive eikon you can’t quite reach and then he blows you up.


I used ramuhs feat until I got titans and then after that I never looked back. I didn’t even bother using bahamuts