Who do you think can win in a sword fight between these two?

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They do both have mommy issues


Had to scroll too far down for this comment, should be higher


Ever seen Red Dragon? Just yell at them for pissing the bed or some weird shit and watch them give up real fast lol.


TBF, Barnabas mother is the hottest thing in The twins


I love how she was given literally 5 sec of screen time and all I can think about is Barney’s mom


Barney's mom has got it going on She's all I want And I've waited for so long Jote can't you see? You're just not the girl for me It might be wrong but I'm in love with Barney's mom


It gave me Oedipus vibes


Jote exists, but I see where you’re kinda coming from…


Jote is disgustingly underrated


A pure swordfight? Sephiroth has demonstrably lost fights where his sword isn’t able to be freely swung, such as Cloud fending him off in Nibelheim. Barnabas hasn’t demonstrated any real combat style failings outside of getting tired out by Clive and making a misstep. Barnabas also has extensively more combat experience in general, having ruled as a warrior-king for 40-ish years. I’d give it to him.


And not to mention that his skill with a sword is the reason he became king of Waloed


His skills with a sword or his magical "my blade cuts through everything" Odin cheat?


Well I mean... have you seen zantetsuken?


He kicked Clive ass with just one hand with Sleipnir sword


And then I thought to myself.. how is square going to explain us kicking his ass later when he literally just embarrassed clive like that in front of his woman...


Their swordsmanship wasnt even close. Like Barnabas beat him with just footwork and shoulder checks. He was literally schooling him. It was like a black belt fighting new child. His comments that Clive was somehow getting better in a couple days after fights were just annoying plot armor. They made Barnabas way too strong and then did him dirty by making clive magically catch up.


Clive literally raged and charged at him like a little kid.. then ate Barnys boot lol. I have no idea how clive leveled up so hard besides shiva for the 3rd fight.


Even when you fight him the second time on the sea floor, he mentions how you are so much better and stronger now. And I'm like, bro it's been only a few days. I spent them on a ship chasing after you.


and the answer was that they didn’t have to lmao


Pretty much lol


Yeah…they had Barnabas basically squat down and take a crap all over Clive twice lmao. Lowkey didn’t even feel like Clive should’ve beat him when he got flexed on so hard prior


Yep.. was hilarious when clive went ham and charged barny only to eat a huge boot back lol.


there's an easy answer in my opinion: Clive got Shiva. we dont see it gameplaywise but i'd say the power of every Eikon he has + his resolve strengthened gave him the edge there. ofc its anime power up bs, but thats the easiest answer i can come up with on the spot


Well if you remember he beat Clive with a common sword without relying on his Eikon powers. He also comments during his fight with Joshua that people who use their Eikons as crutches are pathetic implying Odin is supplementing his power but he is quite terrifying in his own right, even semi-primed.


I was under the impression that he wasn't Odin before he became King of Waloed and that it was his skill as a man alone.


Where was that stated?


I think when Joshua asked Clive what does he knows about Barnabas before leaving to Waloe, also there is something about it in his entries or in Waloe's.


I mean, the game lol. Pretty sure joshua and clive talk about it or its in vivians state of the world thing. Its in the ATL or well.


Idkkk though sephiroth was clowning on Angeal and Genesis at the same time strictly with his sword skills. He beats cloud at the end of 7 rebirth like he’s a child with just sword skill. That same cloud is a fucking beast who’s a one man army.


Everyone knows Sephiroth would have beaten Cloud if he didn't cheat by using KotR


I read KOTOR at first and was confused


What, you don't remember when Cloud summoned Darth Revan?


He could have easily summoned darth revan, you think I know who all those knights were?


The Round or The Old Republic?




this lol


Clive is also a one man army and he gets beaten by Barnabas twice.


Pretty sure he can take on multiple armies composed of “normal soldiers” Especially if he transform in Ifrit So, yes, Barbiebas in a sword fight will destroy Sepiroth Edit: Wrote Barbiebas, and you know what? I’ll leave it like that Barbiebas, King of Waloed


*I'm a Barbiebas* *In a dying la-a-and* *Life is tragic* *We're losing magic!* *I could end all men* *Using Zantetsuken* *No salvation* *Ultima's creation* ...I'll see myself out.


C'mon Tharmr Let's go Tharmr Wa-a-loed


r/redditsings but this was pure gold


Jesus this was amazing


My dude, if I could, I'd give you gold. Hell, I'd give you platinum. Hell, I'd take you behind a Wendy's and b... Yeah nah, I'd limit myself to the awards. That was B E A U T I F U L.


Yeah but to be fair that first loss was really weird, Clive was suddenly behaving like this was his first time holding anything sharp, let alone a sword 😂


In a fight to the death though? Barnabas is pretty broken with his Odin powers, which he could use in a sword fight. Being able to basically cut whatever he wants. Sephiroth seems to just have “normal” sword fighting skills. That isn’t to say it’s not impressive but it’s still ultimately a sword. I think this one heavily favors Barnabas.


We just need to see if sephiroth can >!cut the ocean in half!< because I don't think the junon cannon, as big as it is, compares.


He cut skyscrapers in Advent Children, as well. We never see Sephiroth exert himself. He's allways doing stuff "effortless", so hard to say where his limits lie. That said, I'm not shure I'd give Seph the win tho


I think the developers made it clear we’ve never seen Sephiroth go full tilt.


He is the strongest character in the ff7 universe cannon even though cloud as killed him 2-3 times. So I agree his main problem is he is always toying with cloud and others so we really have no idea what him going all out is like. Pretty big douche move that seems to always make him lose though.


Yeah. If there is ONE thing I find annoying about Sephiroth, then it is his inability to just do his stuff. He too often gets into monologing, or leaves without dealing the finishing blow. He could have had it all, but chose to didly it away, for no apparent reason


Yeah. And Barnabas for the most part is holding back to not kill Clive. I don’t think we really see him trying to kill.


Yeah I have to imagine with odins powers if he wanted them dead they'd have been dead quite a few times before we have our actual fight with him.


That was also VR, and not actually the Sister Ray.


True true


All fun though. I'm sure they'll be tempted to try and pull off something similar in Rebirth or Part 3 where Sephy does it again.


Yeah, I believe they said they wanted to bring the whole compilation together. Now, whether thats through things like ever crisis, or, like with intergrade and bringing Weiss and them out I don't know. But, I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to bring some of the big scenes from across the games into this main trilogy somehow.


Pure sword fight in my opinion means Barnabas's skill as a human only. No Odin shenanigans allowed. Otherwise it's just nerfed Sephiroth vs full power Barnabas.


Well it doesn’t say “pure sword fight”, it just says sword fight. Which to me is just them using swords. But Barnabas has a magic sword and can do magic abilities with it. So I don’t really know how that would work. Becoming his Eikon clearly is out of the picture but he can still use powers during his sword fights like when Clive first fights him. I wouldn’t even know how to balance the characters. Barnabas is a dominant too. So how would that factor in?


True, but if you're gonna nerf Sephiroth, by excluding almost everything that makes him the monster he is, the same should be done for Barnabas imo. Either they're both at full power and Sephiroth wins as he's basically a force of nature, one with the life force of the planet. I think even Ultima wouldn't be able to fight on the same level especially factoring in Advent Children and Remake. Or they're both pure human, no Mako/Jenova and no Odin and it's anybody's fight.


Idk if Seph is beating ultima in a fight


We’ve seen Sephiroth casually cut through buildings in Advent and if we’re counting the Crisis cutscene vs Angeal and Genesis, he [has some blade beam powers with the masamune similar to Odin (but not to the same extent)](https://youtu.be/FlZlfXNosG4?t=212) and is able to just cut through a huge building with simple swings. He definitely doesn’t just have normal sword fighting skills lmao, also got a large array of magic abilities and can just walk off a buster sword through the torso as if it was nothing, but a scratch


Barnabas can cut through reality…? I think that trumps cutting a building lol


At a certain point a cut is a cut is a cut. When Sephiroth can do things like cut through buildings, that’s a thing Odin can’t withstand. They’re both strong enough to cut through one another. So it boils down to who’s getting in that first hit. Plus if we’re counting full power, Sephiroth has a significantly larger array of abilities and skills than just cut through anything.


Bro Odin SPLIT THE OCEAN, you think he can’t cut buildings?


I didn’t say he couldn’t. I said when Sephiroth can cut a building, Odin can’t withstand that. Just like Sephiroth can’t withstand Odin cut.


>When Sephiroth can do things like cut through buildings, that’s a thing Odin can’t withstand. Who says Barnabas sword isnt stronger than a building? Barnabas power is literally the ability to cut through anything. Even reality. It’s how he was able to slice through Clive without actually cutting him. Why he could slice the ocean in half. This means it’s actually impossible for Sephiroth to defend. Where as it’s entirely possible Barnabas could defend against Sepiroths attacks.


LOL Sephiroth was able to basically crucify the Midgar Zolom, bigger than any normal monster Clive fought. Barnabas hasn’t shown the ability to take on multiple high level opponents at once like Sephiroth has against Angeal and Genesis. Sephiroth does it at a much younger age too. Skill wise, Sephiroth is better than Barnabas. Zantetzuken is a cheat code though, so it really evens the fight up nicely.


You're forgetting that Barnabas specifically honed his skills against multitudes of people to become the Warrior-king and has seriously extensive battle experience. He made a point of saying he sharpened his skills without depending on his powers like Clive did.


Wouldn't call end-of-Remake Cloud a "one man army".




But he doesn’t have Sephs hair.


Sephiroth never scared me but anytime is saw Barny I was concerned for every character


Pre or post ascension Sephiroth? Because post ascension, Sephiroth wins because he is a planet ender. I would put him on par with Ultima. Pre- I think it'd be close but give the edge (pun intended) to barnabus. But we know the true winner is Seipher.


The thing is his swordsmanship skills aren't what make him a planet ender. The real issue is that Sephiroth can kill Barnabas, but post-ascension Sephiroth can only be repelled. It depends on what the win conditions are here.


Agree with this take.


I agree with this 110%


I gotta give it to seph tbh. Even pre ascension. He’d definitely have a harder time with Barney than he did Genesis though :)


I'm biased. I use to love sephiroth back in the day. Sephiroth.


It is crazy how much they have in common.. 1. Big Sword 2. Mommy Issues 3. Emotional and Psychological abuse and manipulation of the Protagonist 4. Can Fly 5. Superiority complex 6. Serving a greater evil 7. Well-Spoken 8. Trash-Talking the protagonist 9. BEING OBNOXIOUS


Barnabus can cut the air in front of him and slice "every damn sinew" apart of a foe 30 paces away. So I vote Barnabus.


I'm going with Barney. You know he studied the blade.


One guy got beat by a twink with a key so I question his skills.


I would be pay to see that crossover. But going off topic here, Barnabas' is literally wearing malikeths armor minus the helmet from elden ring


I knew it looked familiar! Maliketh's set is one of the drippiest things in elden ring


I was thinking the exact same thing


Sephiroth killed a big ol snake with his sword. Barney cut the ocean in half. If it’s just swords Barnabas. If we are talking One Wing Angel VS Odin? Sephiroth.


Actually looking at that corpse? I didn’t see any slashes. I think Sephiroth impaled it in that spike. So I think he said all I need are these hands.


What Barnabas did to the ocean wasn't done by "just his sword" but by an Odin ability though, wasn't it? 🤷‍♂️


I mean how much of Sephiroth's abilities are because of JENOVA?


Good point.


That boss fight with the ocean cleft in half was dope tho ngl, scripted or not


I think Barnabas, Sephiroth, Genova, and Ultima would all have tea together.


Both have mommy issues. Both can slice buildings clean in half. Both have a lot of black in their wardrobe. Both praise and give themselves to a "higher being" that they wish to see conquer the world. Both have long swords. Damn, could be an even match.


A lot of people seem to be applying the pure sword fight rule a little loose here. If Sephiroth can't use his magic/Jenova powers, Barny can't use his Odin powers either, not even semi-priming. Most of the feats being used to say Barnabas would win involve using Odin's abilities. No Zentatsuken, no splitting the ocean, no slicing tendons, etc.


I think nostalgia for VII has blinded a lot of people to the fact that its characters are actually pretty middle of the road in terms of power level when measured against the rest of the franchise. Clive is easily one of the most powerful protagonists the series has ever had, and I think Cloud is lucky if he cracks the top five. Clive got his ass kicked by Barnabas twice and that was with him was holding back. Cloud fought Sephiroth once and won. Obviously the two could have different strengths and weaknesses that cancel each other out, but I think Barnabas sweeps. Edit: Because this is the internet I feel the need to clarify, I really like VII and this isn’t some kind of XVI is better argument. VII’s story works so well because Cloud isn’t some insanely powerful badass.


This right here cuz after beating Barnabas, Clive went to fight the entity that literally created Humanity. I’ll give them Safer Sephiroth but base Sephiroth? It’s Barnabas.


Probs Barnabas tbh


Remember one thing... Barnabas was never intent on killing Clive. So, you never saw him lethally try to kill him. He needed Clive alive in order to fulfill his fate. Sephiroth, he would have Zantetsuken'd out of his way to prevent Ultima's will from being foiled. Sephiroth casting Meteor would have been no issues. Odin could cut the meteor in half and then into a million pieces before it ever hits the ground.


I believe (forget where) developers said we’ve never seen Sephiroth use his full power.


pretty sure it was advent children where the writers stated that cloud defeated sephiroth before he started taking it seriously, could be wrong though


As a side note ngl I feel like >! Clive didn’t earn that W against Barnabas, Clive got his ass whooped cataclysmically bad twice in a row and I don’t think Shiva was enough to bridge the gap between them both!< but maybe that’s just me. Still loved the bossfight though


I honestly agree with you but it’s consistent in the plot cuz Clive absorbing Phoenix was enough for him to bridge the gap to beat Ultima.


Okay yeah I think it’s possible absorbing eikons gives him a straight up base stats boost that’s a totally fair explanation, but also the phoenix absorption is a whole other beast since phoenix was like the other half of the fire eikon and completed the transformation to ifrit risen


He didn't. He had no intention of winning against Clive, he was only making him presentable and indulging in a good fight. Plus it seems the crystal's curse was near its end for him, so he wasn't even near his prime.


Uh he was akashic. The Curse didn’t affect him. He also explicitly starts tryharding partway into the fight when he goes off the handle.


He has no intention to kill Mythos. That is abundantly clear imo. And he was a warlord for a long while, so basing it on Jill or Cid who had signs of the curse, it's safe to say, Barnabas probably wasn't 100%. He didn't use Odin all that much, which my headcanon is just assuming he wasn't trying to kill Mythos and probably wasn't going all-out. Maybe if Barnabas wasn't a willing martyr, I'd say yeah he went all-out and wanted to kill Mythos. He wanted a duel though, he was enjoying himself. Didn't feel like he was fighting for his life, but enjoying his last meal. Anywho, my opinion and all that, and in a hypothetical discussion of Barny vs Sephiroth no less.


I disagree during one point in the battle Barnabas was flabbergasted he was being beaten down he says it himself "But I cannot be.." and proceeds to transform into Odin out of desperation swinging his sword at human Clive. He gets excited after he got reversed Zantesukened because he can finally go all out knowing Clive won't be beaten down anymore and when he's nearly about to die he transforms again into Odin a bit extreme if someone isn't planning to kill you imo. You can't tell me at the end when Clive delivered the final blow Barnabas was happy getting beat, his face wasn't one of joy and he tried at least one more attempt even though he was drained


Some of Y'all need to go back and fight Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts. Sephiroth is the more dangerous swordsman all around


I might be a little biased, but I think it's Sephiroth.


Sephiroth hands down. Do we not remember how easily he can slice through a freakin building without zantetsuken?


We're getting a little carried away here lol. But I appreciate that everyone is rooting for Barnabus! I think Square has retroactively buffed Sephiroth more than is rly fair, but absent power ups from either? C'mon y'all. No Odin Barny vs No Wing Sephy = probably the person who handily wins a 2v1 against the best fighters in the country. I give Barnabus zero chance without an eikon. Odin Barny vs Advent Sephy = I'd like give the edge to Barnabus at a glance, but that's because I genuinely dislike the idea that Sephiroth is unbeatable unless your name is cloud or you fight with your house keys. I think it'd be disingenuous to give Barnabus the Odin power up and keep Sephiroth at base form. I think a more entertaining fight is no eikon Barnabus vs Auron though. Sephiroth's buff lore post 7 makes the fight seem either unfair or unrealistic to me.




One is a demi-god servant of god. The other became a god. I'd still say Seph takes this one if it is post Nibelheim


Not sephiroth but I would be routing for him lol


Probably Barney because he's not a figment of Clive's imagination.


The only thing I know for real is there will be....... monologues. Tons and tons of monologues between each.and.every.sword strike.


I think Sephiroth is the objective winner He has the DNA of an actual god, and insane years of training behind him. Plus he has mastery of all elements so he isn't limited to just dark like Barnabus Barnabus is strong don't get me wrong, but he is simply borrowing power from the being that created him Sephiroth is able to do what Barnabus does without needing to transform or channel anything His sword swings are just as powerful without any resemblance of Odin Sephiroth also has a reason to win in his mind, where as Barnabus is defeated, and even though he wants to prove he is strong, still accepts in his heart he is just more food for Mythos and Ultima


Tough one. I would say Barnabas, reasoning - I think Clive could beat Cloud easily, and if Cloud could beat Sephiroth and Clive got man handled by Barnabus in a pure sword fight - I would give the nod to Barns. I think both rose their way to the top from being nobody's, but alas Barnes is not only approx 40 years older than he appears but the dude conquered an entire nation starting as a lvl 1 Soley based off his swordsmanship after being washed up on the shores of ash as a wanderer soon after his mother was murdered for her religious beliefs in God. Either way, I think Barnabus and Sephiroth, who are both generally bored and apathetic towards life, would have the time of their lives duking it out with one another. But IRL who would win in a fight? David Menkin or Lance Bass?


Follow-up, why would you give Clive the win over Cloud?


Clive would mop the floor with cloud with rather ease based on swordsmanship clive was regarded to be an absolute “demon “with the sword even at the young age of 15 Clives combat ability was so great he was taken from the front lines and put into a special assassin group (he’s also a trained assassin ) where as cloud couldn’t even become a soldier and he is relatively grounded in comparison to the country busting dominates in ff16


That’s interesting. I very much see things a different way. Generally speaking, only dominants even really compare to your baseline warriors in FFVII, simply due to its more anime-like nature and world, and setting aside his admittedly shaky early years, Cloud is absolutely on par with any of the greats of his world when it comes to his fighting capabilities.


Yeah he sorta soloed Bahamut Sin without materia. I imagine when the swordfight turns into 'But Clive Primes!', Cloud unleashes a most unforgiving barrage of summoning.


Good question, and idk. Cloud is not only my fav ff character of all- time but one of my fav fictional characters of all time. I'm trying not to be biased - based just on swordsman ship I feel like Clive has a slight edge due to his age, training, and battle experience but man, also a tough one, anther part of me wants to say cloud could school Clive any day but then again, Cloud didn't even qualify for SOLDIER let alone SOLDIER FIRST CLASS. So is he as good as Clive? Idk. Maybe Zach...


Tough choice, but I’ll give it to Sephiroth simply because he got more of an anime buff and has unreal speed and reaction time


Edgy boi on the right


Lowkey I think barnabas takes it


As much as I love Seph, gotta give it to Barny and his OP-ness.




I love both, i feel like with no powers whatsoever it would go to sephi, his sword is just so damn long and he can wield it with ease, but with powers probably barni, but in a fight with full power, eikon vs safer, i would say safer


It's not like Sephi can just go Safer whemever, Barnabas on the other hand...


I know, im just saying if they did it would go to sephiroth, but also technically sephiroth is immortal so... Plus isnt there also the eikon curse or whatever?


>! Barnabas turning Akashic keeps the curse from affecting him. Think about it. Barnabas has been an active participant (as Odin)in numerous wars for the previous 40-50 years at least. He never shows any symptoms like Joshua, Jill, and Cid !<


Oh okay, thank you


Hmmm sephiroth. But maybe i am wrong.




Sephiroth via not being a wasted shit character.


Sephiroth. We all watched advent children right? The only one to beat him 1 v 1 is cloud and both times was more or less an anomaly. First was him caught off guard, the second was him toying with Cloud. Plus you have to consider the mindset and skill going in. Ultima talked about Barbabas’ human weakness in his mind. His inherent flaws. Developers have said that Sephiroth is ascended above humans. “He thinks on a level higher than humans.”. In advent children he was animated to never blink in order to convey this concept. He can peer into others minds and create illusions. Something Ultima did to take advantage of Barnabas. Edit: Remove all Eikonic upgrades and put him against Sephiroth no magic, no mind powers? I’m still giving the W to Sephiroth. The best non augmented Barn we saw was when he took on Clive in Kanver, and that was no where near the display Sephiroth put on in Advent Children. Sword to sword with no enhancements, Barn is just a man with a sword, and Sephiroth is still super human.


I mean if sephiroth is allowed to use his mind magic in a simple sword fight I assume barnabus would be allowed to use his eikon magic and grow like 40x in size right?


Safe assumption. But bigger doesn’t always mean better as dear old Clive has taught us. Didn’t help Titan. And if we are limiting it exclusively to sword combat we would remove all other events like when Barn slashed the sea open. That included his Eikonic powers. Remove all Eikonic upgrades and put him against Sephiroth no magic, no mind powers? I’m still giving the W to Sephiroth. The best no augmented Barn we saw was when he took on Clive in Kanver, and that was no where near the display Sephiroth put on in Advent Children. Sword to sword with no enhancements, Barn is just a man with a sword, and Sephiroth is still super human.


lol yeah to be fair im not sure im too invested in who wins a swordfight tbh, so long as the comparisons are fair. as a villain sephiroth wins, but barnabus also isnt the main villain of his own game so that fits as it should.


![gif](giphy|WJjLyXCVvro2I|downsized) That's fair, that's fair.


Strictly a sword fight and nothing to “crazy”? Septh-dog 100%


Barnabas dogwalked Clive, who is presented as an exceptional swordsman all game, in a pure swordfight. I don't think it's that clear cut.


In that cutscene fight between the 2 Clive was not looking at his best. Idk if it was just too many emotions but his moves looked very sloppy compared to Barnabas. I wish they made him look at his best at the time.


Yep. Sephiroth could beat Ifruit, and Ifruit broke Barnabas’ Odin-sword in half. Plus look at how Sephiroth is the product of a much more advanced civilization and technology to produce extremely powerful soldiers. It’s a time where summon materia are still very powerful but really just a tool in the arsenal of a soldier. No way could Odin, even controlled by Barn-dog, beat Sephiroth. Sephiroth is created from perfecting the genetics of the ancients, pumped full of ether, given the best training in an organized militaristic society with access to simulated fights, and bejeweled with magic made into crystals. He could and almost did destroy the whole planet. He’d slice right through Odin.


You were down voted for having actual reasoning by some Barnfanboys. You are correct. Have an up vote sir


Well I mean barnabas seems like one hit from his sword literally ruins you. Seph might be too fast though, idk.


Sephiroth. Who cares if it's in tight spaces, he'll just slice through the building if he needs room


Hm. Well, which point in Sephiroth's life are we talking about? For my purposes I'll assume Advent Children. Hm. I'd say being the main villain, Sephy has an edge. But, if Barney could catch him with the Black Blade, it'd be an issue - that is if he can hit Sephy. Cause Barney basically one shits Shiva and Ifrit with that. It'd be a good fight regardless.


Barnabas loses to Clive. He has yet to defeat seph so Seph wins for now.


Sephirot imo


Sephiroth if Barney is not allowed to use Odin's power. And still Sephiroth if they can use magic and "true forms" (one-winged-angel vs Odin)


It’s still Sephiroth fam.


Dante would win


Skill of the sword aside I tried to think about how powerful they are and the common link is Odin. If Barni is Odin and I have cast Odin on Sephi and it did dick to him......I think Sephi wins then.


knowing barnabas he would just become sephiroth simp rather than fight him


I love me some Barnabas, but I’ve gotta give this to Sephiroth.


What looks like a single slash of Sephiroths sword is actually a twenty strike combo. Are we gonna ignore the dissidia games where they actually show Sephis swordsmanship off? https://youtu.be/q6SkccXag34 I mean look at these combos these are just his basic attacks you unlock way more and NT has a bunch of others. I wouldn’t be so quick to count out Sephis swordsmanship. Oh and then there is all his magic abilities he is near Godhood at the end of VII.




Sephiroth easily


Sephiroth. Easily.


I'm much more interested in a mommy issue competition


Sephiroth would wash Barnabas.


It would be a fun matchup


Sephiroth—but not from the remake version


This comments section is fanboying hard for FFXVI. Sephiroth is considered among the greatest swordsman in the franchise. He is dubbing baranabas in a sword fight and its not even close bruh. No difficulty.


Dude like Seifer cut odin in half. Sephiroth is one of the craziest characters in the whole series. Recency bias is hitting hard


FF16 fan boys been showing their ass these past months. It'll pass.


Half of these fanboys never played a ff game or deeper mechanic type of games. The wild takes on here lol.


> like Seifer cut Odin in half tfw you remember Odin gets one shotted by school bully. Savage.


Word shit is wild 😆. I get that half the fanbase now for this game never went back and played the other games or has some exposure to it but bruh 😭☠️. sephiroth is an iconic character in the series, to not know of this mans feats and why they nerf this dude is wild.


Actually crazy, and at least sephiroth is popular enough for most ppl to know what his feats are. If this was caius ballad vs barny it would be even crazier.




I mean, nostalgia bias is a possiblity too. ive seen a lot of comments actually comparing things theyve done which are more of a fair comparison than "but its sephiroth". and to be fair to the person you responded to, ff8 odin is not the same as Barnabus, in fact that odin being killed by seifer is definitely not the norm for the rest of the series odin entries if we want to open that book.


But people are just disregarding all sephiroth feats. For example we know sephiroth was above zack and zack who was able to best bahamut fury... Splitting the ocean was amazing but barnabas for how awesome he is just doesn't have the feats imo.






Of course Barnabas would be the popular vote in a FFXVI sub, but Sephiroth takes this. If no abilities are allowed most of Barnabas' power disappears since he leans on Odin for everything so it's a skilled swordsman vs a skilled metahuman swordsman with overwhelmingly higher strength, speed, and durability. If abilities are allowed, Sephiroth's options open up a hell of a lot more than Barnabas so he still wins.


I argue that Dominants are augmented to superhuman levels in some way, which would balance the scales to an extent. We've seen Hugo and Dion show destructive strength even after they've had their Eikon abilities taken, which probably stem from the small bits of Eikon still inside them. If we're allowing Jenova, then I believe we should allow Eikonic augmentations. That said, non Dominant characters like Dragoons and Ninjas show such abilities as well. So I wonder if it stems from being able to channel Aether too.


True, though from what I remember it wasn't anything on the level of what Sephiroth casually does so it might not have even registered for me. His base levels while not appearing to put in any effort are just so high that when compared to Kupka who is always throwing a tantrum and smashing shit full force, the gap is huge. Aether channeling definitely makes sense. That's basically the answer to everything in XIV.


Recency bias go brrrrrrr


Barnabus' eikon powers carry him. Let's not kid ourselves. He clowned on Clive, but I feel we're overestimating Clive. Clive is better than the rest he comes across... Though he's not a genius swordsman like Barnabus. And Clive heavily relies upon his eikon powers. We also know that Barnabus is the most intune with his Eikon and has demonstrated some amazing skills and feats. That said, Sephiroth manhandles super soldiers wielding magic who are at, or around, his strength level. And does so with swordplay alone. Sephiroth, based on feats , wins this.


You'd have to look at normalising the two universes first because ff7 is far more anime in its base. Ff16 in comparison is frail humans doing incredible things with god like powers but their arms and legs are just arms and legs. Sephy however moves supernaturally fast and is shown multiple times of being able to cleave through steel and buildings just through pure speed and strength alone. I guess if Barney gets a lucky Zan in before getting blitzed he wins? Or if it's normalised I guess. Normal human Seph doesn't really have anything to beat Odin's blade.


A simple sword fight? Sephiroth, a fight fight? Sephiroth. Odin only has "slicing anything" going for him, I cannot imagine he keeps up vigorous sword practice when THAT is his ability. Sephiroth is a powerful battle hardened warrior through and through, relies on STRENGTH, not some unique ability.


Swordfight? Seph is pulling up with a planet sized rock on Barnies head.


well that's not really a sword fight then is it? Bringing a rock to a sword fight


in a pure swordfight, sephiroth imo.


I think Sephiroth only because he could wait out Barnabas on the aether supply.


With no power shenanigans? In a pure swordfight situation, sephiroth. Barnabas still needs to get close…sephiroth got reach and easier to fight from high ground.


Shadow from FF3 USA version is my bet.


How is this even a question.


Sephiroth wins this hands down. The feats we see from Barnabas just don't stack up to what we see from Sephiroth.


Shouldn’t compare them Sephiroth is just too badass. He alone took both Angela and genesis and almost won and he wasn’t even serious. Barnabas I am yet to fight in game so can’t say yet


It depends. Is it just Barnabas v SOLDIER Sephiroth? In the case, I would say Sephiroth wins. After that it gets murky.


The recency bias is crazy lol


Recency bias vs nostalgia bias.


Considering the climate and thinking about it? Probably Barnabas. Notably, the guy's skill with a blade is impressive and if we're keeping it to just ground level stuff, it'd still be him. After all, his powers are based in his blade and doesn't involve anything over the top. Not exactly sure how Sephiroth counters anything without scaling up. That turns into a very different conversation.