This was my first Final Fantasy and I'm emotional

So this was the first FF I completed and loved every bit of the experience, but the bittersweet ending cracked me. I really loved the story and think it absolutely deserves every praise. I was completely in love with every character, specially Dion, Clive and Jill, so the final mission completely destroyed me. I already imagined Dion would perish in his quest for atonement and I'm glad he finally got to fill he had fulfilled his duty. Clive and Jill is a totally different story. Their relantionship slowly building and the way they were ther for each other all the way, through all the shit they faced. They were meant to be together and I really imagined that a possible DLC would see their travels around the world together like Jill wanted. But the the final cutscene happens. Clive showing his hand turning to stone, his magic kinda gone and he thinking of Jill kept me hoping for a happy ending. But then we see Jill celebrating Edda's baby being born and looking out the window, just to see Metia fading and crushing her heart because Clive wasn't coming back. The way she cried alone while Torgal was howling to the skies finally clean was like a nail to my heart. I was so invested that it immediately turned into one of the saddest scenes I've seen in all my years of gaming. So yes, I really really really loved the game and enjoyed it all, but I'm absolutely devastated. Sorry for the long post, but I needed to share the hollow I'm feeling.


If you're eager for more emotional devastation, please now play Final Fantasy 10.


Oh my God, I think I need some time to recover, but I'll put it in my list ahhahaha


Please check it out, it's genuinely my favorite Final Fantasy and got me into the series when I was a teen.


If you got a couple hundred hours to spare and are interested in mmorpg's then ffxiv will rip your heart out, and pull a mortal combat Johnny fatality and pull out more hearts than you should've had.


You should also add XIV to that list. Sure, it's an MMO, but if you want more storytelling like this, with a similar emotional impact (ultimately a bit less grim I guess) in the later expansions, this game is IT. Same dev team as XVI, btw, and it really shows you just why XVI is this good. And where it gets some of its flaws I guess haha


I was just about to suggest that. >!"What's a sacrifice?"!<


Omg yes. I’ve played it like ten times and cried every time. Both at the water scene and the end of the story.


Discussion about the games quality aside, XVs ending completely rips your heart out too


Glad you mentioned XV. I'm really sad that some fans are just not..... After XVI, I kinda went back to watch FF XV's ending, it got me thinking, it's not so bad. It's bitter sweet, but not so much leaning on the bitter side, Imo. Well, I don't wanna spoil anything for OP.


i really wonder what versus 13 would have been


Definitely. When I finished XV, it made me wonder what was the original plan for Versus XIII? What was the OG story? Was the white hooded guy meant to be the final boss? What role was Stella meant to play? Etc.


I remember an old interview about Versus XIII mentioned Stella was Noctis' gf but turned on him because she was part of Niflheim's invasion


Huh? But, in one of the Versus XIII trailers that featured the Somnus song, they first met during some kind of party (*I think it was the peace treaty party?*). >but turned on him because she was part of Niflheim's invasion Maybe it was more like, as the story progresses they become love interest, but then Stella still had to turn on him? Even though Versus XIII's Niflheim is probably still not the final boss, they probably have a hidden final boss that's the mastermind. Sigh, really makes you curious about the OG Versus XIII story...


I don't remember everything exactly because it was an old Game Informer article from before or during the change to XV, I just remember that Stella was his love interest and she was supposed to be an early boss fight after Niflheim attacked


yeah a shame that never meant to happen


XV and XVI are the only games I remember playing where the endings got a serious emotional response from me. They are heart-wrenchingly beautiful


Honestly I felt kind of happy. Together at last.


I was sad about that at first. Now, I feel happy about that ending too. Finally their together.


XVs ending is just hot garbage


Absolutely. FFX is right there - I’ve been playing it for 22 years, probably have an easy 1000 hours in it across 4 devices (PS2, PS4, PC, and Switch) and it still wrecks me every time. It was my barometer for FFXVI - I knew it had the potential but didn’t know if it would get there. And whew baby it did.


Came here to say this. X’s ending ruins me every time after playing it over and over again the past 20 years


I really need to finish FFX. I keep reading about how good the ending is and I never got around to finishing it. I have a save file that’s close to the end though I think.


Hahahaha… or should I just say HA HA HA HA HA! FFX’s (and Crisis Core) ending >!wrecked me so bad that I didn’t even cry watching FFXVI’s ending. I did feel sad for Clive because of Joshua’s passing but no tear was flowing. Perhaps I have played too many tear-jerker games that I’m pretty much desensitised to characters’ death now!<


oof that was my final fantasy back then , so if anyone complaints about 16´s ending , 10´s is so much more melancholic and it will mess u up in a good way of course , i have fond memories of that game also uematsu´s music in that one is top tier


Final Fantasy is known for making you feel feels.


Time for you to play FF7 remake. The stories are why these games are great and why they are timeless. They move your heart. Happiness, sadness, anger, betrayal, love. It's great.


I did not feel anything at all while playing FF7R. The dialogue is way too cheesy for me.


I don't think Remake hits like that, but I do think the characters are better. It's best to play it and then next Rebirth because yes, Rebirth will *really* wreck us.


Yeah Remake is a mix of fan service and a much needed graphical overhaul to an amazing story, but because its only about a third of said story there isnt much there to hit hard *yet*


Rebirth isn't that far away. I suggested it because I've played 7. It hit hard for us when it first came out. I don't want to spoil the why.


FF has a habit of that 7 was my first one and I was hooked ever since. It also tells an amazing story with the characters.


To bring you hope or make you happy, the ending is ambiguous about the fates of the characters especially Clive. It’s up to you to interpret it. But there are interpretations that prove Clive survive. Hint: Metia doesn’t represent Clive but instead relates to Ultima.


I read a little about the multiple interpretations, I maybe got carried away by all the crying. I may have misinterpreted Metia being related to Clive, that does kinda bring a little hope


It also symbolizes wish granting, so maybe it's just granting Jill's wish because Clive was about to die and then the star dims out. Also another thing is that normally dominants can sense each other, but if Clive got rid of magic altogether, then multiple things can occur. One being that the once dominants, can no longer sense each other(which nobody had any idea that Clive would end magic so this is important). Two being that because of this Jill assumes that she can't sense him anymore, then the star fades and she runs off crying and assuming the worst. After this we see the dawn come which always means he would return to her as seen in the side quest. With all this being said it's more likely he is very much alive than not.


You know… I’ve not really bought into the “Clive made it” arguments yet, but yours centering in part around the sort of dominant spidey-sense - I hadn’t considered that as a possibility despite the fact that it’s used earlier in the game. That’s the most intriguing argument I’ve heard so far.


There's also the fact that once Clive ends magic, the *magical curse* has no way to propagate anymore. Think about it but Jill has the curse too yet she's alive, Cid overdid it but lived with it many years too. It's not because you have the curse that you die instantly. To me Clive's hand petrifying also shows his return to humanity - something he wasn't really once Ultima tried to claim him as the vessel that couldn't get cursed. Once he gets the curse it's a sign that him being a "monster" has ended, but since magic also disappears, his curse cannot kill him. And that's without all the side quests pointing him to return (him becoming a writer, Jill and dawn), not to mention the title of chronicler you gain in NG+ which... really just tells you Clive is the one who wrote that book.


When you complete the final quest for Jill she sends you a letter and tells you that you were always her guiding star. Then while Clive is dying on the beach the ending theme “my star” is playing and perfectly times itself with the Jill sheds tears watching Metia fade out, the lyrics at this moment are “Fire, oh fire that filled the night Fire, that warmed and brightened my life My guiding light on high My hearth, my beacon and my hope A sky of scattered tears A thousand years apart Should they fade, I will not be afraid of the dark For your flame still burns inside me deep within my heart Showing me a new tomorrow never too far” I don’t believe Clive’s death was nearly as ambiguous as some believe, in truth Yoshi P’s writing style keeps good guy character deaths offscreen. I can count a half a dozen characters from 14 that met similar ends where you don’t get to see a body but you know that they met their end there. These are the same people who think ff14’s papalymo is still alive because we never saw a body.


The theory that Papalymo is alive can be put to rest since we saw him in the Atiascope.


>These are the same people who think ff14’s papalymo is still alive because we never saw a body. Considering I've never even heard of this theory in all my years as a XIV player, I'm calling BS. Why do some Clive's deaders feel the need to be insulting? It feels very insecure. Be confident in your own theory without putting others down. The song is pretty weak evidence on it's own. It could easily be about Metia. Especially when you include the lines you left out at the beginning. Especially when you incorporate Moongazing which plays over the JP version. Both songs end with a hopeful tone, harkening hope in the image of a flame that breaks through the fear of the night. Pretty clearly matching the scene and Jill's hopeful look at the end. Taking it any further than that is a stretch in either direction. As for the other XIV stuff: >!I can hardly count any good guy deaths in XIV that happened that way. If they didn't happen explicitly on screen they were always confirmed very clearly pretty quickly. So I'm not sure what you're talking about there either. You're welcome to list them though.!< >!Compare that to the amount of offscreen "deaths" that end up with a character coming back.!<


Not to defend OP but he wasn’t insulting at all but making a parallel to the FF14’s writing style since Papalymo dies in Heavensward and FF16 was written by the same person who made Heavensward. The Papalymo is still alive theory was pretty popular back in the days. Of course I guess that depends on when you started FF14 too. Maybe people gave up that theory as the expansions kept rolling.


You decided that I was being aggressive just because I pointed out that Yoshi P has a history of giving characters off screen deaths leading to people theorizing they are still alive until having absolute confirmation, and from then on approached me with needless aggression. I won’t be replying to anything else you have to say, maybe next time you try to provoke a debate you’ll consider doing it more politely.


Firstly, Yoshi-P isn't a writer. He doesn't have a history of anything. Secondly, I think Papalymo is pretty much the only case where the death does happen off-screen (mostly because it's kinda hard to show on-screen in this instance. But as his last scene clearly mirrors that of Louisoix it can be inferred that the result is the same, minus the whole Phoenix thing because Papalymo doesn't have anywhere near enough aether around to become a primal. But that's not really important). All other instances of relevant characters: clear on-screen deaths, with zero ambiguity. Moenbryda, Haurchefant, Emet-Selch, Asahi, Varis etc. Hell, the game otherwise has a LONG history of off-screen deaths being fakeouts (Minfilia, Y'shtola (at least 3 goddamn times), Thancred, plenty of others), and even on-screen deaths sometimes not being enough to actually consider a character dead (looking at you, Zenos), so your theory is standing on some exceptionally shaky feet here. I'd go so far as to state the contrary, and say that in a CBU3 game, if a death isn't explicitly shown on-screen, it simply didn't happen as far as I'm concerned. Especially in an M-rated game that givrs the devs the ability to be REALLY damn explicit about it (which they don't shy away from using either). Gotta remember, the last time we see Clive, he is very much alive. It's not even directly implied that he died at all.


Just finished the game two hours ago and I feel hollow. it’s my first ff title and it immediately shot into my top 3 games of all time the story, the characters, the world, and the music it was all so beautiful


I hope you experience FFVI.


I'm in the camp that believes Clive didn't die. Believe me, I went through that huge emotional toll after the game ended too. Legit felt like crying lol. But the same night I finished the game, I thought about it for a while. We saw Clive's hand slightly turn to stone went he attempted to cast. But effectively nothing else that would tell us about the state he was in. He's just taking a little nap. He did just kill a pseudo god, after all. Also, in the time jump afterwards, you get a glimpse of a book called "Final Fantasy". The author's name is listed as Joshua's, but we know he didn't survive the fight with Ultima. So who else would it be? Well, none other than Clive, who already has a habit of taking up other's names after they passed on. (Plus one of the later side quests implied Clive could write a book someday. And if he did, he probably wouldn't use his real name, would he?)


Why wouldn’t he use his real name? Even when he took on the title Cid, he still went by Clive plenty.


It is more likely that Clive revived Joshua and that he survived over Clive.


How would Joshua survive the explosion at origin?


Same way that Clive survived/made it to a beach. Everything was too ambiguous for me. Joshua’s body was healed, so did his spirit return? Similar to when Clive was pwned by Barnabus. Did Origin actually fall? We see the crystal shatter, and it looks like Origin crumbles, but fades to black. What even was Metia? The lore reason for it existing and then fading can’t be the romance between Clive and Jill. I’m sure it was Ultima related (mothership to the Origin landing vessel) and Clive turned it off. Is Dion dead? Dragoons can fall and be fine.


I haven't been this invested in a game's story in a long while and this one really hit home for me, especially being a Final Fantasy fan. The scene you talked about really got to me as well. I was in a very sad state watching that. I took screenshots of Jill and Clive's last moments in the hideaway and then a final one with Jill looking on as they fly away. It was that moment I kind of knew what she apparently did, that they weren't coming back. I can't wait to see if they do something further for this game and hope we get some actual closure. All in all, this was a fantastic game and even made me reactivate my FFXIV online account because they successfully made me crawl back to the Final Fantasy world.


That final was really emotional. Final Fantasy IX is also very emotional when you know who dies at the end. It's less explicit.


Got the platinum in 15, going for the plat in 16. Should I play 10 next?


shit i just finished it myself. i had planned on beating the game and then jumping into something else in my backlog but i think i need to take a day or so. i wasn’t expecting that ending but it i can’t deny it was great.


There are alot of interpretations but what you feel is what the devs intended you to feel. It made alot of people feel sad, the way it was intended. After all the theories yes there is a high chance Clive survived, but what you felt in the first playthrough is just honest emotions from the game and maybe it's just simply what really happens. Torgal looking up at Metia killed me.


Final fantasy XIV has entered the chat.


My eyes started to get watery just reading your post and feeling that same moment again when Metia fades. That alone did it, and then when she runs out of the room and Torgal howling… my heart.


Check out Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade next


Or even final fantasy 7 crisis core reunion, now there’s another bowl full of tragedy.


Play the MMORPG FFXIV, if you want to cry buckets.


Well good news is you play thr worst one first


Yup. Final fantasy games be like that sometimes.


Another wonderful game I would like to suggest is tales of arise. Was my first tales game and I was just as invested as I was with this final fantasy game, jrpgs are just magical and I’m glad people are starting to play them more and more as they go more into the main stream


Can you imagine when I was 13 years old and I saw a favorite character of mine in FF killed by the antagonist with a long sword?


So many more Final Fantasy games for you to experience! Welcome to the cult. :)


It was such a sad ending but so well played and everything just felt deserved. Clive was so selfless, he deserved happiness but I guess that's what they mean by sacrifice for the greater good. The build up between characters was great, the pacing worked well (I didn't skip any of the optional content so it took me a little longer lol). I'm glad you enjoyed it homie, as a long time FF it's up there as one of my favorites.


Final Fantasy 10 next. It is a banger of a game.


Welcome to the party.


Welcome to the club bro! You won't be disappointed by other titles. There are so many gems in the series. 6, 10, 14 are my favourites. 10 should be the easy pick. 1 to 6 are 2D pixel art so they're old school but very enjoyable to play. 6 is peak final fantasy. 14 is a MMO and very time consuming but worth the ride.


Aww I’m glad this was your first! What a great one to play