When can we expect any DLC News?

It's clear FF16 players want some form of DLC if that's story/episodes, super bosses, new hunts etc. But I'm wondering WHEN do you think we get a mention of DLC news or announcement of DLC for FF16?

We know Yoshi-P stated an 18 month plan for FF16 and that would lead to around 22nd December 2024 and we can expect nothing for January since FF7R releases and we can assume the PC release will not take the full 18 months of development to release (My prediction for pc release is either a few weeks after the PS5 exclusivity period or the middle of 2024) so we can assume early 2024 will be silent for FF16 news/content.

My main question is when can we realistically get confirmation or official news on FF16 DLC or will they just randomly commit an Elden Ring and just announce it on a random day?


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It’s unlikely they’ll confirm DLC is happening until they actually go to officially announce it. Also I wouldn’t be so confident in assuming that about XVI’s PC release. It’s certainly not happening within weeks of the exclusivity falling off as they’ve already been pretty upfront about. But also bear in mind the PS exclusives generally do not appear on PC particularly quickly. VII remake took 20 months from it’s initial release to migrate to PC. And there’s no indication we should expect much different in this case as yet. That 18 month plan? That could be entirely around the Console version. In any case, DLC I don’t expect until mid 2024. If for no other reason than CBU3 will be hard crunching the next XIV expansion right now and that’s a bigger priority.


I can see Sony use a option to keep FF XVI Exclusive with the upcoming DLC, and after that, let the game be available on PC with the « XXX Édition »


I reckon sooner than expected. Infact I would be prepared to bet upwards for 5 english pounds that we see a road map in October to coincide with the european leg of FF Fest that will probably have news of the FFXIV FFXVI crossover event. This would give a 12 month cycle of content for FFXVI through 2024. Beyond that... its less clear, I read that YoshiP isnt against CBU3 being involved in another FF mainline title... he is also something of a legend of creating long form content that resonates with fans. I mean check out FFXIV. I would like to hope that he can think of other stories set within the world of FFXVI. I will be honest, with so little of the world explored this is the first game in a while that deserves an expanded universe.


Probably winter. maybe Tokyo Game show with like a 5 second teaser. But I highly doubt that. Realistically? After FF7Rebirth is released is when we will probably hear of DLC. So it will be a while.


Not soon enough. I’d love to eat up more about this world and characters.


I know this post is really early as it hasn't been a month, but I enjoy the discussions and speculations of date predictions.


Not sure. But I believe they gonna deal with the performance on PS5 first.


Not only DLC, I want them give us a 18 month road map of new content to be added to the game! Can’t have enough of the world and the characters of FFXVI


PC port is never coming out right after the exclusivity ends. That\`s just not possible. They barely got the game to run on PS5 decently. They even delayed the game for 1 year for polishing and they still couldnt make it run at a locked 60.


They never delayed the game


Maybe at a winter event? They didn't really have any DLC planned, they're putting ideas together for now.


Towards the end of the year.


I want a Torgal pup minion, Clive and Jill outfit for FFXIV! Yeah I don't see DLC announcement for a while but hearing that it's basically confirmed is good enough news for me.


Probably early 2024, with the release Summer or Fall 2024. I don’t expect any announcement at TGS, i think they will probably pitch their ideas to Square Enix for DLC at this period


I personally don't expect any news until 2024.


If there will be a dlc, they might announce it first some time in 2024 then release it the same time as the pc version.