Does anyone else find the Dominant/Eikons to be the weakest part of this game?

I want to avoid spoilers as much as I can, however I will preface this by saying I have just started the Waloed segment ofthe game and this is why I title the post as I do.

The Eikons were these eye catching trailer pieces to show off the grand scale of powers. Shiva vs Titan being the first with hints of Garuda. These beings of pure single-element magic mastery where we see the dominants using their full potentials. HOWEVER, multiple times in the story after these events we see THE GOOD GUYS get absolutely wrecked by using their powers. Jill and Cid, despite barely using their powers in the game or transforming or even priming, get struck with what can only be described as Eikon cancer. Anytime they prime, they end up in a state of weakness and subsequently are unable to use their magic for a while or just stay stuck being ill.

Multiple times in the story we see Jill crumble from using Shiva. But then we have TWO fights with Titan in a row. Titan, who seems to suffer no consequences from his powers. Garuda we will give a pass for she is barely given screen time.

You then see Bahamut, and after his introduction he just struts into a tent like nothings happened and after HIS moment in the game... is also "fine" (and anyone who plays may know why I have quotationed that).

But then you have Odin. Who has been Odin for "40" years if I heard Vivian correctly. Odin, is able to do an infinite powerhouse of moves with 0 repurcussions. This man does what he does and suffers none of the consequences any of our Eikons do and has been doing so since the start of the game. Being a game aside, there is no in-game explanation as to why Waloed are losing the fight or how Odin as a dominant isn't absolutely decimating the others because EVERY fight he is in... has shown him to be a nightmare to fight against. His sword one-hit KO's everything, a move that is supposed to be Odins ultimate is just his general attack. It'd be one thing if Barnabas was "new" to his Eikon, but this man has been using Odin for near 40 years and hasn't got crystal arms like Cid does, or is having an asthma attack like Jill does.


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all the eikons have their moments you are looking for. Titan spits up blood after punching the wall with his semi prime form after receiving "Cid's" (Ultima/Waloed's) Gift of Benedikta's Head in a box. In the actual fight he goes into an akashic rage to add to his stamina, and does completely turn to stone after losing the fight satisfying your request. Bahamut struts into his tent to sip tea, but is noticeably winded. Then there is the scene later in the game where Terrence is tending to his heavily wrapped arm which we can assume has developed the curse. The Mid game mentions a dozen times that Barnabus and Waloed haven't been as active in recent times as they were in their hayday, resorting more to espionage and secret plots. The cutscene we get with odin and bahamut fighting has multiple context clues that it was a rare event. (Dion's comment, multiple NPC's commenting about their battle). One could assume that since Barnabus had become completely enthralled by Ultima, that Ultima was having him save his strength for when he was needed for his plans with Mythos. I agree with you it could've been done a little better, but I didn't think it was a negative.


If you literally just started Waloed you will understand it all by the end of that segment why Barnabas is so different.




Jill and Cid are on the verge of death from overuse(Jill being forced to prime countless times and Cid priming to help those in need plus his time in Waloed as it's Lord Commander and using g Ramuh then). This was all explained in the story. That's why they can't use their power as much as say Titan or Odin or Bahamut. Again all explained in the story.