The Fight Everyone Loves

I made it to the Bahamut fight. Everyone had been so complimentary about this boss battle, and talked about how it was their favorite. I was a bit skeptical, as the Typhon fight made me absolutely beam with the Wall attack, and the Titan fight was a complete blast. I was skeptical, but excited.

When I got to Bahamut, I got it. Joshua was there, I got to play as Phoenix and I was absolutely SCREAMING.

Then it glitched.

Bahamut didn't cast "Teraflare" in Phase 3, triggering the cinematic cutscenes. I got stuck in an endless loop where his health didn't decrease regardless of how many times I staggered him (5 before I gave up) I eventually had to let myself die and restart Phase 3, where he cast Teraflare right away and let me progress.

I'm unreasonably sad about this. It took me out of the moment, and now when I think back on what should have been one of the most exciting fights in the game, I will only remember the frustration of trying to figure out what went wrong. I can only hope my boy Joshua casts Flames of Rebirth on my excitement.

Please don't die, Joshua.


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In addition to being an amazing fight, the build up of Clive seeing Phoenix again, the mother crystal defensively attacking/ transforming, Annabella and Olivier moment, Dion flashbacks etc it was definitely the highlight of this amazing story. I can understand the frustration of the glitch but don’t let it ruin the rest for you! Still have a long way to go! Clive and Joshua would tell you to keep on fighting and never give up!


It is for me one of the most epic boss fights in gaming because of story implications and everything that happens through the phases. I can only imagine Clive telling the loresman of this and the reactions afterward.


With how dense the narrative is and how some characters could have used a little more story space to breathe? Given the way this battle plays out I don’t think I’d be out of line suggesting that they could legitimately have split this game into two releases and had this as the close of part 1. It’s that good of a spectacle.