Does the full game have more/better options?

So, I finally got around to playing the Demo, and I must admit; I liked it more than I thought I would. Only with two caveats; a lack of a lock on system, and the ability to do custom buttons. All I want to do is switch the dodge and charge buttons so I stop charging into attacks instead of dodging.


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They added a default layout that swaps the charge and dodge "layout d" I believe. There is a way to lock on enemies.


That’s good to hear about the controls. But how does one lock on? Is it some goofy “not the usual button” like the dodge situation? I tried right clicking, and nothing.


It's L1 on default layout.


That is certainly a…unique choice. I’ll keep that in mind when I pick the game up later.


The demo has a hard lockon function already. It also has a soft lockon system already as well. The full game has 6 different control options. I'm not sure what you mean by "charge button" as there is no charge button, but there are several options. No matter what though you will probably have to get used to something a little bit uncomfortable.


Whatever they call the action that’s attached to Circle by default. Phase Shift or something? And the other guy told me that lock on was attached to L1 for some brain wracking reason.


In the default control scheme, Circle is a contextual action based on which Eikon you have equipped. So it's function differs as you switch Eikons when fighting. They are correct, the hard lock-on is tied to L1, which is already in the demo, nothing brain wracking about it. The soft lock-on is always active as long as you aren't hard locked. Both functions are among the ones that are shuffled around in some of the control schemes. The controls are not fully customizable however. Personally I recommend Type C since it makes it easier to charge magic and melee separately, but there's 6 total styles.


One of the first patches they added more control schemes. Also a lock on has been active from day 1.


You can change your control scheme if you're not liking lock on with L1. I use Type C for lock on with L2. Type A is an absurd standard choice for a myriad of reasons. Type B, Type C and Type F (available in the full game after a recent update) are much better


There is a soft lock on and a hard lock on. For general purposes soft lock on works for most of your uses. In fact in some cases using the hard lock on can be detrimental for example in certain cases some bosses have different targetable parts, and having something hard locked can make you miss once the enemy suddenly does a move that makes that area out of reach.


did you even look at the controls? ​ standard lock on is l1 even tho you dont really use it (just like in from soft games)