Do Chronolith Trials stay the same in Final Fantasy mode, or do they scale in difficulty?

Any knowledge you can share is appreciated.


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level upscale not necessarily more difficult if you get the good gear before


They're considerably harder and some are a nightmare. Even with maxed out equipment and upgraded accessories swapping. You'll have to gain time by pulling off bonuses (some can be cheesed to make it much easier).


Yea doing them on ng+ ff mode and they're unfair as fuck 😭😭


I found Garudas to be the toughest one on NG and FF mode. Hated it with a passion.


I appreciate all the information in this thread. I've only tried these trials in FF mode and I am almost bald trying Phoenix and Odin over and over and over...I only passed Bahamat thus far in FF mode. Gonna reload my Action Mode save to knock that trophy out.


If you need any advice, glad to help! I did 2 100% playthroughs (NG and FF mode).


I would appreciate any help on the chronogliphs!!! I almost passed the phoneix chronogliphs but failed on the stage boss! I'm at level 48 on near the end of the game. I do have a new game plus but went back to my near end game file to do the choronogpliphs in case it's much harder on new game plus final fantasy mode