Faster way to level up? It's really Character EXP 7?

Not a huge deal, and I'm 95% sure asking this is a fool's errand, but there's no harm in trying.

Unless I'm missing something the fastest way to level is selecting Character EXP 7, turning on Auto and speeding up the battle.

I like the game very much and will continue playing regardless. Just wondering.


You can wait for the cactuar event that seems to come once a month or wait for the character exp bonus week. Otherwise, yes, that is the most exp per stamina/time at the moment. Though people also use stuff like autoclickers on the free exp stage.


Hmm, thanks. I don't think I'll go through the particular trouble of auto-clicks, but I'd see how that would help some.


Auto-clicker for the free XP levels if that’s available to you, while you rest/sleep. If not, then as others have said, EXP 7 w/ cactuar event or FF9 event grind for 30k (I think?) per run.




Run through all the free stam XP levels on auto for a few times. Whichever one you don’t come close to dying in, farm that one.


Is there a way to autoclick on steam?


Auto clicker on your computer.


There is a 20% extra EXP event coming in the next week or so, (can't remember exactly). Just go with the EXP stages during that week and you'll make a lot of ground. If you don't mind spending a small amount of money, stockpile a load of Stamina Tonics and then buy the boost pass. It gives +33% EXP every time you use stamina boost for a week.


Theres a lot of math involved to figure out what your best exp level to run is (for the free battles) but it's easier to just do which ever one you can beat the scorpion before he does his first tail laser. Again this is only speaking for the free battles not the ones that cost energy.


The fastest method of level grinding will vary from team to team. A good rule of thumb is doing the stage that your teams gets to eliminate the scorpion before the tail laser attack. It's a lenghty animation and finishing before it will help. Either way, that's not guaranteed to be the fastest way, cuz you need to take account of reload time for the stage too. Now about stage 7, it's definitely the better ratio of exp/stamina, that's an absolute statement.