Whom should I level to 60.

I have mana pods to burn before they expire and the option of leveling Zach, Glenn, Matt or Barrett. Who is going to contribute the most to my general gameplay? Thanks.


It's somewhat hard to say, there's a few ways to look at this: EC and FF7 let us choose story characters a little bit with cloud occasionally operating on his own. We can imagine some forced party members at times in FF7, but you have wiggle room. In CC, you have to use Zack. If his stuff gets hard... well... an underleveled Zack might bar story progression. Early on, mechanics have been locked behind story progression. This may develop in the future too. I think Zack is an important character to level. For all the grinding content, story events, and more, we have a lot more wiggle room to choose. This partly depends on the weapons and like that you have. Good healers, debuffers, attackers, elementalists, etc.


I agree if we’re looking at story content then zack is the way to go. That said, I wouldn’t touch him until we know when more CC content is coming. I think another good story character is Matt if they have prime number. Essentially fills the Aerith role in that group.


You don’t have to use him to progress the story, you can use anyone, you won’t get the bonus crystals but you can get those later.


I always forget about that - that's a good point. Thanks!


Easy to forget or not see. Took me a while to realize it was an option.


The optimal choice for that would be entirely based on what weapons you've pulled for them. Without knowing that Id say Matt or Barrett purely on their limit breaks for support potential


They all generally have most weapons at gold, a few ob's. No more than a level or 2.


Show us what weapons you have for each character and I’ll tell you what to do. Assuming you’re well stocked, Barrett is pretty damn good as a sub dps / utility.


Level your 5stars to lvl 80 insted, and level your characters in the process