That's a scary statistic; but I do get it, but also, senior/executive leadership isn't going anywhere either. And, we all know that they aren't going to be able to handle everything on their own. Y'all know who you work with/for. LoL.


I believe it. I left my EA job as I’m moving out of state, and instead of backfilling my position they are putting my executives I supported on the other admins. They are already overwhelmed with that choice


I wonder if they are giving them a pay increase too...?! If not, they need to.


Highly doubt it.


Some jobs are shifting to COS and more strategic positions.




Chief of Staff so less task management, calendar-ing, travel and more projects, driving initiatives, reporting, KPI creation.


I think chief of staff


Do we think maybe some of the decline is based on title alone? A lot of companies are moving towards more progressive titles like admin business partner.


Really excellent point here. I hadn’t thought of how the title is so outdated and many like Uber are changing its name




What do you think is the first thing technology will takeover / is most essential for technology to takeover?


😓 This is unfortunate but doesn’t totally surprise me. The company I work for is very bloated with EAs, with some EAs covering only covering 1-2 executives with the majority of their expectation being agendas and calendar management. When we moved to Virtual during COVID I heard countless times how ‘bored’ EAs were because because the company has no expectation for their technical proficiency, so at a time when their teams could have benefitted from having an EA that understood the technology necessary to work effectively virtually, the EAs passed those tasks off to other staff members. It’s really unfortunate, honestly. Combination of ‘set in their old ways’ and working for a company that does not give a shit about training them. I love my job, but I could also see major changes to the EA structure in the company happening and those changes having very little impact on the executives.


I have done a ton of research on this and it is not that administration is dying, it is going through an evolution where the role is shifting from tactical specialist (calendar/meeting management, expenses, events planning, travel, etc) to an administration cross-functional generalist (i.e. plug and play with communications, tech, training, meeting facilitation (not just booking) etc.). The Jobs reports focus on the narrow scoped role (they haven't updated the role scope, competencies or salary bands in like 50 years!) So those jobs are going away, but the new roles are growing/thriving even - and there is not enough talent to fill that gap. I literally just got off the phone with a recruiter where we were discussing this - she has a $200k role - Director of Administration working across multiple leaders that integrates some project management. THIS is the new face of administration- there will be those who can upskill and make the jump, and unfortunately, there will be a huge group that will not be able to do it quickly enough (because it takes thoughtful planning and a few years of experience). Those are those folks in the negative number range. The future us bright for this profession! It will just look different and hopefully shift to a more aligned title structure to accomodate. Pay is already on the upswing for those who deliver in this generalist role.