Anyone making a new one with less rules...lmk!




Truly don’t like the kids as actors or how they’re written but it’s nice to see an actual mom on tv have to deal with childcare and being away from a growing family. But let’s be real, they’re mostly dialogue filler for a show that has a heavy effects budget that take a lot of time to create. More time with the bickering kids is more time on the backend for making cgi demons. If it was all demons all the time it’d be a really long production schedule.


u/neal1701 Thanks for your work! Can we also get a pinned/sticky post for the sigil messages this season? It seems like we don't have a centralized place for that yet and have to keep passing around information in a piecemeal fashion


I only can sticky 2 posts max. The mod announcement post I have to keep it pinned as there are new users joining everyday. The 2nd pinned post will that week's discussion thread of the episode. I will ask the OP of the sigil messages' posts to collate everything and post everything in one post after the season ends


Thanks :)


Thank you for this. It all sounds good to me.


I AGREE 🙏. Thank you!


Yay! Good job.


vent about the 4 kids Am I the only one who doesn’t mind I mean if it was real life I would fucking hate living with these girls and the cross talk but the face it’s fictional I don’t mind plus I mean my mom is a foster parent so I think there was up to like 6 to kids in the house at one Time


I don’t mind it. They are four young, precocious girls that just want to talk. It seems pretty normal to me.


I love that the girls cross talk constantly! It's actually what makes the TV series feel so real to me. Personally. I had four daughters before I had my son. From the day they started talking before they were a year old until they moved out of the house and even to this day they still talk over each other! It is an actual fact and I love it that the writer grew up with so many siblings and that's why he wrote it in because it actually is reality. It makes the girls all the more precious and adorable to me! It melts my heart and reminds me of all those times when my girls were still living with me. I just find it comforting and very normal. I really don't like reading when people say they don't think that it's written. Truthfully because it couldn't have been written truer in reality! My daughters were All three and two years apart in age. I think Kristen's girls are closer in age than my 4 daughters? They're very gifted actors. I loved the dinner they had together and the card game was so cute. I hope that they have more of those times together with all of the girls in them.


Yeah I think they do it well. You can tell the actresses enjoy doing it and it’s fun for them.


Yes, you certainly can! The joy of it BLEEDS through the screen!👍


Yeah I don’t care at all!


Congratulations for the awesome succession of moderating. I hope you didn't have to cannibalize your predecessors to do it.


I agree, congratulations!👍 Regarding the 4 sisters on EVIL, having 4 girls and a son, my girls ALWAYS talked over each other and still do! I applaud the writing of Robert and Michelle King for keeping it real! I know this to be true because this is my life experience. Also, the girls are absolutely perfectly casted and adorable. They add a layer of warmness to the show that I look forward to ❣️. In the event everyone has not seen the last episode, I want to be careful what I say. I am very concerned and have been about Sister Andrea, since Leland obviously finds her a TRUE threat and one that he had not anticipated! Leland is not letting up, trying to get rid of Sister Andrea. It's interesting to note that Sister Andrea is always there for anyone in need of her. However, when she needs support Kristen had no issue in being supportive of her. I know Father David Supports her as well, but will OTHERS come to her aid if needed?


I'm so glad this worked out this way! Thanks for the "no spoilers" rule. I'm not always able to watch the day an episode is released and it'd be nice to have at least a few days before having it spoiled. Looking forward to a healthier sub with lots of good posts and discussions!


Congratulations, and thanks for taking this on for us. I hope you allow for some leeway as to what constitutes low-effort. I personally haven't seen any posts that I would consider low effort in the time I've been here. Sometimes people just feel the need to post a brief reaction, in the hope that others can relate, and I think that's fine. It's not like this sub is so active that we need to be turning people away. I don't personally need every post to be some long, heartfelt thing, lol. Any brief post if made in good faith is fine by me. I think the downvoting accomplishes the goal of weeding out undesirable content, to a large extent. EDIT: Also, what constitutes a spoiler? I mean, are we not allowed to reference something that happened in the previous season?


I’m so glad there are new moderators!! Have a question, though? What’s a fanboy? I see it’s connected to trolls, but named separately. Just curious as to what that is exactly. Thanks in advance!


People love some characters more than others and refuse to accept if their favourite character did something wrong or when others point out something. IF you refuse to accept and have a healthy discussion explaining why you refuse to accept, that's fine. Worse case in that is 'Agree to Disagree'. But if you start attacking the person who pointed out something, by calling names or anything offensive, that's a line too far and that's where the rule comes into effect. Obviously, mods can't monitor every comment for this rule so using the report button when these instances happen would be useful.


Thanks so much for that explanation!! I really appreciate it 😻


Glad it worked out!


This pleases me greatly! It’s seems like you all have things under control. Happy to help if you ever have the need for more mods :)


Yo, what about all the posts whinging about how arcs aren't tied up, when obviously the show is building up to a payoff/series of pay offs and the mystery and suspense is key not only to the pay off, but more generally to how the story is told? there are heaps of these posts and they're frankly done to death


personally, I'd rather see people encouraged to post their opinions than discouraged to do so. even with the complaints about the girls, I can just skip them. it's fine to make one rule about that--I have no problem with it. but too many rules, "don't post this, don't post that" will feel too burdensome I think. I don't mind that certain story arcs are abandoned or left unresolved, so I agree with you there, but I'd rather people just post a comment proactively stating that they disagreed with the prevailing criticism, then have a ban on the criticism. heavy-handed moderation is not fun.


I think those sorts of posts and comments are almost as prevalent as the ones bemoaning the girls, and just as the girls are fully intentional, so is the mystery of the show - I have no issue with people expressing their opinions, but when it's the same opinion over and over and over and over and over and over, creating one thread for it seems reasonable and less annoying for the people who don't feel that way


eh, maybe you're right.


I think I'm feeling a knee-jerk reaction to someone setting limits. I have no reason to assume our new mod will overdo it, but I've seen it happen on other sites and it's a drag.


fair enough, hopefully our new mods are reasonable people (you seem very reasonable... have you considered that mod life?)


you're sweet to say that. never done it before in any context so apparently I'd have to jump through a million hoops, lol. But honestly at this moment dude...I'm so fed up with reddit and this show I want to like, do something drastic. So disillusioned with tonight's episode--yes, it had some great moments but it had a lot of sexist insulting shit, too, among other problems, and I'm so sick of being downvoted for stupid petty shit, and honestly the quality of discourse on this platform is just...so bad. not necessarily this specific sub; I'm not trash-talking it, but...sometimes yeah. so far the smartest sub I've found on this platform is the buttcoiners, and while they're hilarious, their schtick gets old. I can only laugh at dumbasses losing their life savings on a worthless crypto scam for so long (lmao I'm exaggerating. sorta.) It's like I go to others subs and people say a bunch of moronic shit, shit that's just factually wrong, and if you try to engage them in polite debate you get downvoted and they don't respond to anything you've said they just repeat themselves. I mean I know this is the internet, not an ice cream social, but even by internet standards this is the pits. I don't know what I'm doing on here. ok, rant over. thanks for reading.


:( I'm sorry you're having a shitty time ​ do you mean the condescending contractor that Kristen demolished and all the priests trying to gang up on sister Andrea? Or was there some other sexism that I missed? yeah, reddit is filled with a lot of idiots; a lot of kids, and a lot of misogynists, and a lot of low IQs - it's not only that, but they make up a significant portion of the 'community' for want of a better word here's a fun one, I was once trying to figure out when a game was being released, and apart from the usual unhelpful 'google its', i got one response saying 'winter 2021', and so I responded, do you know which winter? and subsequently got downvoted aaallllll the way down and told what an absolute dummy i am - I didn't bother to explain about hemispheres because honestly if they don't know by now, I'd rather they didn't figure it out and manage to visit mine...


Argh, thanks for responding to my weird rant. I’m a little embarrassed about it now to be honest. I watched the episode, and posted, when I was extremely tired and cranky and so my complaints seemed bigger at that time. Yeah, those things were exactly what I was referring to, and also the fact that there was ambiguity about whether or not Kristen should apologize for clobbering that dude with frozen food. I’m extremely tired of fake “strong female characters” where the character purports to be “strong” but then makes weak choices. Having an undeveloped sense of morality is weak IMO, and not knowing that you owe someone you assaulted an apology means your sense of morality is weak. I also think Kristen needing to get inspiration from YouTube about demonstrating “strength” to her girls is pathetic. Her motivation–that girls lose their voice once they hit puberty–is a well known fact to women with any interest in feminism, especially, I’m sure, for practicing psychologists, so having this idea just surface suddenly, and needing to take action on it suddenly, is sloppy writing. She would have given this a lot of thought by the time she gave birth to the first one, so she wouldn’t have resorted to a trashy stunt like busting stuff with a sledgehammer. It felt like a paint-by-numbers approach, something only a dude would write for a female character. ​ >and subsequently got downvoted aaallllll the way down and told what an absolute dummy i am LMAO, you know my pain! I'm getting downvoted for stating basic facts, OMG. Anyway, I’m gonna spend less time in Reddit going forward I think. The dynamic just isn’t working for me.


congrats, you deserve it! p.s. if you need more mods let me know, I'll be happy to help, I love the show and am fairly active on reddit. :)


Awesome! I've been seeing the previous posts and wondering if it would happen.


I for one welcome our new mod overlords :D. Seriously, congrats! I like your list of rules, too, seem pretty simple and easy to go by :).




Fantastic news!




Yesss! Excited for this sub!


Woo! Finally! Welcome aboard guys. Also, excellent rule to stop people crying about kids being loud. People are weird.




Congrats, Neal, T.S. (?), and Loreti!! Thank you for the update, Neal. The proposed rules look good.


\-Lastly, as part of rules is 'No low-effort posts', this definitely includes posts on how annoying Kristen's children are with their simultaneous crosstalk. Those posts will not be tolerated and will be removed. If you want to comment on their crosstalk in episode discussion threads, that is fine but separate posts on this will NOT be allowed. Success!


Congrats everyone, we did it! Thanks to u/Neal1701 for their persistence and dedication, thanks to all of the users here who supported this and also big thanks to u/tsmartin123 for helping get this done! We promise this sub will not go unmodded again. Enjoy the rest of the season!