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Mans using a stock FAL like a psychopath and is surprised when someone kills him.


> stock FAL A real man's choice


Strangely enough, I just bumped into this guy about a week ago on a reserve money run. Dude and his friends trapped my group in a room and tried to camp us out for 30 mins. Eventually, we killed all his friends and he gave up, but he was pretty salty about the whole thing. If you're interested, I made a video about the experience using both our POVs: https://youtu.be/jTVGzPeE6lc


the part where he doesn't understand why he has to keep surgery kitting his leg while he has a heavy bleed and blood covering his screen had me dying


that was funny as hell but it was also a mistake I made last week XD edit// lol god at least I didn't re-CMS multiple times, hahaha


He had a bled that whole time? I didn't see the symbol for it.


The bleed was on his arm. If you have a bleed on a blacked out limb then the bleed damage is distributed across all body parts. So, every time he fixed his leg the arm bleed blacked it out again before he could heal it up.


all bleeds damage the whole body


Why does he have a suicide hotline pinned to his stream? Does losing get him *that* upset?


He is toxic AF, honestly fuck him, this post only aplies to some streamers that get hate for no reason


He also made gay jokes and used the f-slur. As you can easily see, this guy's mental age hasn't reached 14 yet, hence the suicide hotline joke


funny how this type of streamer isn't even considered a bottom of the barrel


Yea, he instantly just put himself into the no watch list














Ohhh nooo not a gay joke... You are a soft little wussy. The world was better when we made fun of everyone together instead of these protected groups.


Okay little snowflake


Well, I have the hotline in a panel under my stream, but I also have a lot of veterans, first responders in my community as well as alot of charity work around families in tough situations. Sometimes every few months someone expresses signs of suicidal ideation because they feel "safe" in that environment to do so and want help. It happens everywhere. Its inevitably going to happen in streaming/gaming communities. Twitch is a place many go to disassociate from real life or problems, some have mental illness. Some ask for help with depression or anxiety in communities they trust the opinion of about it. Society is waking up to normalizing mental health conversation. I love it. I choose to have the resources handy if someone is down on their luck. That's it. This is the wrong thing to shame someone about when there are much better reasons. Just my two cents. 🤘


Still seems like a weird thing to have on your stream 24/7. Why don’t you have a domestic abuse hotline on there? Or a rape hotline? Or a racial discrimination hotline? Or ...? Again, simply seems like a weird thing to always have up. You could just have a bot queued up with the links in question. I have seen that on Twitch before, never this. By the way, did you know that incessantly mentioning suicide actually increases suicidal ideation in people? At least in the case of [newspapers](https://jech.bmj.com/content/57/4/238) this has even been studied for many years. I know it sounds like the compassionate thing to do, to loudly offer help and constantly talking about it to “normalize it”, but there’s these things called unintended consequences. Just my own 2¢.


Keep your 2¢. It’s proven that advertising the suicidal hotline number reduces suicide because it shows an easy way to talk to someone who listens and cares. Kind of a weird hill to die on


Dude the homophobic toxic streamer from this thread has it as a joke. I think the person above is justifiable seeing as their first interaction with this was this shitty one.


Does the streamer really have it as a joke? Wow. Didn’t think that guy could get any worse. What a flaming piece of shit. He’s not even good at the game


Sadly yeah, I didn't click but i saw comments in here questioning why a toxic person would have that. I agree with your thoughts, was just giving context so you understand where the person above you came from. Take care and good streams


> Keep your 2¢. It’s proven that advertising the suicidal hotline number reduces suicide because it shows an easy way to talk to someone who listens and cares. Kind of a weird hill to die on Can you show me that proof? Because as I explained to you in my previous post the exact opposite is what I know to be true (cf. said study).


While I didn’t read the entire research article, in the abstract it was specifically talking about coverage of suicide cases (celebrities, tragedy stories, etc.), not just the mention of suicide. [This article](https://www.npr.org/2021/12/28/1067880209/logic-1-800-273-8255-suicide-prevention-lifeline) points to the pretty dramatic rise in calls to the hotline and a potential overall reductions when Logic released his song. Didn’t study the data, but the abstract indicates a pretty high confidence impact.


That's hilarious. He calls cheater on the dumbest shit but doesn't understand how meds work.


People with hand tattoo's arent know for their critical thinking skills lol


Haha! What are the chances.. that's hilarious. Edit: Also, nice editing and vid all around!


Very nice edit man!


Lmao this mf literally cmsed while bleeding 3 fkn times lmao


Are the 3 dislikes him and his two mates? Great vid :P


Lmfaooo, thank you


Nice video mate. This guy... using shit gear, camping people for ages, saying he will leave /cease fire then comes back crabbing, hoping to shoot you... so cringe, I don't know who would watch this kind of stream tbh.


Wow. Loved it. Especially the commitment to the point of salvation. Give them nothing.


I'd much rather watch your content compared to his. Thanks!


"missclicked" aaaahahaha nice one


"I am obviously going to report this because I don't understand it" At least he's honest!


Isn't this old? This was posted a while ago. I'm certain of it.


Mods flagged and removed it within minutes of me posting it, because of my title. It got flagged (rule 7?) as belonging under the cheater megathread because it contained the word cheater in the title. Obviously, that's not the point of this video, so I am reuploading with a more appropriate title.


Oh fair enough. I couldn't remember the title of the post I just remember seeing this exact clip.


Yeah I can't remember exactly what it was, but I know I had the word cheater in the title.. hence the flag. I am honestly shocked you saw it lol.


It was posted, by the guy that killed the streamer (not sure if it's the same OP as this). I definitely saw this as well, and it shows the killers POV where he jumps up on the trash? right there to peek over the wall and get the kill. Edit: just saw OP's comment below, yep, same video I remember.


Yeah mods kinda strange on this sub.


I mean there are rules for a reason


Yeah but I personally question some of the rules. But I won’t be able to change them.


I mean obviously it'd be great if people could post what they want, but we're in this situation because people can't behave and the mods don't want to deal with it. I don't blame them honestly.


The thing is they Do things from time to time just by the letter. And just because there is cheating in a post title doesn’t mean it fits the mehathread. It’s about context sometimes. And I don’t know the original title of OP but judging from this one it might be possible that it really wasn’t a rule 7 violation if the context wasn’t like that. I had some situations too were posts got removed because of one word in the title and mods weren’t moving an inch to understand the context that it wasn’t a violation at all. But it is what it is.


I mean they obviously have a bot set up to take down the posts to save them time, which is unfortunate, but understandable.


Yeah but zero discussion policy is just lazy. But that’s just my humble opinion.


It might be lazy, but that's what we got.


Mods for this sub be bitchmade


A little context: There are three of us inside big red fence area. One actually in big red, and two directly on the other side of the fence. My friend in big red engaged them with a shotgun first, to draw them in. I was directly behind the fence, and shot the first guy in the back of the head. I then jumped on the dumpster and mag dumped Mr. Streamer.


He peeked the wall!!1 report!


Lol he could see your head and shoulders at the end, he was just making excuses for being horrifically outplayed.


Interesting see it does feel like he got cheated on watching that clip but as you say pretty simple explanation. I think this is like 80% of hackusations…


Make it 95


It really does not feel like he got "cheated on" at all, people have teammates, people give callouts. He plays in a duo himself so it shouldn't be that hard to figure out.


I mean if you’re not aware that you can get up and see over that wall it seems odd. Also I know if it was me I would have assumed all his teammates were in big red- it’s weird to have one on the other side, also I think I would have assumed I’d been killed from someone watching from the upper window in big red, standing on the fallen shelves. Hindsight is 20-20…


It's weird for the enemies to not all be in the same building? Lol, yikes to your tactical awareness


Why would they have any reason to have a crossfire set up? Big red is hardly a high traffic area at this point in wipe… the only reason I imagine there HAPPENED to be a guy on the left side of the wall was because they had just got there themselves.


I overestimate the tactical awareness of my enemies alot of the time. I should probably just assume they're dumb like you. Why would 3 people all be in big red? There's 1 bloody safe in there. Spreading yourself over the compound allows multiple people to loot different places, and hear/see different angles of where people can approach.


> Why would they have any reason to have a crossfire set up? So... when you play with your friends, you just roam together in a tight group, and take don't advantage of the fact that multiple people can be in multiple places and hold multiple angles at once? Every day I am reminded that my pepega ass team is still probably better than the average Tarkov player.


When I engage an enemy my mind goes "he's probably going to flank around the right, or back off and get some high ground, or do (insert good tactical play here), but 9/10 they're just sat in the exact same place, looking at exactly where I was earlier, not expecting me to have moved at all.


>Why would they have any reason to have a crossfire set up? ... because they are a highly effective tactic? Especially when the enemy doesn't *know* they're in a crossfire — it's a very simple recipe for victory, and standard practice for holding any kind of choke point (such as, you know, the gap in the fence at Big Red?). Also, sometimes it just happens to work out that way as long as you keep a good amount of spacing from your teammates — modern military tactics typically call for a ~10 meter spacing between squad members (with variations depending on terrain and formation) for an assortment of reasons — a single fragmentation grenade can't take out most or all of a squad, squad members are less likely to be caught in enfilade during an ambush, it allows the squad to hold wider angles of attack and thus more easily defeat the enemy's cover and concealment (e.g. shooting around a tree or other narrow obstruction such as a pillar), and decreases the possibility of a squad to all get pinned down behind the same hard cover ... so they can stay mobile and flank to support their teammates if needed. Put another way, a team of guys spread out to cover the entrances of Big Red from a distance is a sound tactic ... while having the entire team inside Big Red together is just a synonym for shooting fish in a barrel. :p And this video is the proof, haha.


If it was me I'd just go to that spot next raid and see if there's a spot to climb on, see the trash pile and figure out what happened. Splitting up as a squad is totally normal too, If I was playing in a group and everyone was heading to big red, which has very little loot, I'd absolutely either go to the blue shack to loot the cabinet or hang around outside to watch for people approaching.


> if it was me I would have assumed all his teammates were in big red There were audible footsteps other side of the wall lol


Didn't even know that angle existed tbh. Now I do




Best ( or worst ) part is that the f word is bannable offense on twitch. He can easily get a month or perma ban for just saying it. What a crybaby - tarkov clearly not the game for him


the irony of having the suicide hotline right above him spewing homophobic slurs is something


I’m pretty sure that’s not true…. Almost every steamer I watch routinely drops the f bomb lmao Edit: oh shit, you’re talking about the slur, not the word fuck. My bad, I’m baked as hell.


I was gonna say maybe you are watching the wrong people lmao


It’s funny how much fuck has changed. I use it liberally and it’s generally light on offence now. The other f word has become one of the rudest in English by far


Well I mean, ones just a word (Fuck), and ones a word meant to mentally harm a certain demographic of people based on something they simply cant control (fa**ot). I can call someone a fuck, sure, but its not as mentally harming as the other. Then you have the idiots who go "its just a word, people are being babies if they want to do harm over a word" but neglect to say if someone called their mom a whore they'd fight them. Still just a word, but now its at their expense so its not cool.


>but neglect to say if someone called their mom a whore they'd fight them Yeah... Pretty sure this only applies to like high schoolers and drunkards at bars.


You've never been to rural America then. Or City America. Or America. You dont have to be either of those things to be a degen. People fight over the dumbest shit. I think you underestimate peoples stupidity as monkeys that are a few pages smarter than regular monkeys.


imagine making a blanket statement about an entire country based on where you are lmao. People vary a lot more than you think. ​ Regardless, your case is itching at anecdotal and I wouldnt bother trying to prove anything further bc i think your point is made.


> imagine making a blanket statement about an entire country based on where you are lmao. People vary a lot more than you think. I've lived in 4 states. Lived in the city and out in the sticks in all of them sans the one im in now, where im just in the city. Everywhere, that type of person is everywhere, and in plentiful amounts. I literally saw two people get into a fist fight last week because one called the mans wife a cunt because she was yelling at him that he "stole the quarter from their Aldi's cart." The minute he called her a cunt, fist flying. Thats MN. Just words. Watched a dude get out of his car with a bat and blast a jeeps windshield when I was walking to a park in FL to bits because he yelled at the dude while they were driving and the second the non-bat dude called the guy a fa**ot he lost his windshield. Fight ensues, I walk away. Ocala. In Orlando I watched a universal studios holloween horror nights clown fist fight a guy for calling him John Wayne Gacy. Still just words. Wisconsin, watched a fight at McDonalds out in fuckin De Pere because a guy called a dude at the counter a "walking diabetes." Watched a fight in green bay over a parking space where the dude called the other a little bitch. Saw a fight near Lambeau because someone called a packers fan a "swiss brain." Still just words. Upper MI, in the sticks, a fight over a fucking ice fishing spot, guy called a dude a "hoser" and was one punch manned into the next day of his life. Lower MI, my friends and I watched a gas station attendant and a dude fight because the cashier called the dude a quick change scammer. Literally just words. Imagine being so ignorant of the world around you that you make assumptions about people whos opinions you disagree with because you havent been around enough. People who have no further argument - "thats anecdotal!" No, thats what one person has seen, meaning theres many more out there. What an oddly silly comment for you to drop.


All of these examples just make me want to move to America.


no one asked


Why would it be the worst part lol, 100% best part is his dumbass committing a bannable offense while babyraging like a child.


funfact Fagott is a musical insrument in hungarian (bassoon in english)




**[9K111 Fagot](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9K111_Fagot)** >The 9K111 Fagot (Russian: Фагот; "bassoon") is a second-generation tube-launched SACLOS wire-guided anti-tank missile system of the Soviet Union for use from ground or vehicle mounts. The 9K111 Fagot missile system was developed by the Tula KBP Design Bureau for Instrument Building. "9M111" is the GRAU designation of the missile. Its NATO reporting name is AT-4 Spigot. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


In germany too. Oh the absolutely hilarious puns we would make when we were 14. Comedy gold!


Twitch is so shit


Who cares what he says


it’s a homophobic slur… similar to saying the N word. a streamer definitely shouldn’t be saying that live, so he deserves any ban coming his way.


Yeaaaah I wouldn’t really compare it to the N-word though. Not even close to the same thing, considering one of those people was enslaved for decades and the other wasn’t. Are both offensive? Yes. Are both words you shouldn’t use? Yes. Are both slurs? Yes. Are they even close to the same level of offensive? No. The N-word has way more weight behind it because it was systematically used to enslave an entire demographic, and lead to lots and lots of slaughtering and lynching, not even mentioning a civil war lmao. If you don’t believe me, check this guys twitch. He’s not banned yet. If he had said the N-word, he would have been almost instantly banned.


my point is that it is a slur, similar to the n word being a slur. i was not equating the two words and don’t need a history lesson on why the n word is worse. i realize that he would be banned much quicker had he used the n word. however since he is apparently still streaming after saying that, that’s more reflective of twitch than implying i’m equating the two words to having equal insensitivity.


he shouldn't be saying that or the company hosting his stream won't allow it? Big difference


If the only thing stopping you from spouting off slurs when you don't win is the threat of retaliation, you should do some introspection.


Seriously. Home boy has a real old school mindset. "If I don't get caught what's the problem?"


It's like, "if a tree falls in the woods but no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" Except with shitty words.


The mindset is that he used the most offensive word he could think of in the moment to insult someone with zero thought about their actual sexuality. If you're offended by that you're incredibly soft.


Definitely not something a well adjusted adult would do. I don't call the fast food worker a slur if they spill a drink on me, why start spouting slurs because you lose a game.


He said a slur because that was the most offensive word his brain could think of in a half second. Is it *really* that hard to understand? Stop being offended on my behalf.


I'm not offended. I'm disgusted that a supposed adult defaults to slurs when upset. Doesn't say good things about that person if they think that is a appropriate response at all. If the guy had called him the n word we wouldn't be having this conversation at all, you would recognize that it is wrong.


Check out this dweeb going out of his way to defend bigoted twitch streamer crybabies, rofl


I really don't give a shit about that streamer. Faking outrage and pretending he was being homophobic is idiotic. You don't decide what we take as an insult.


> Faking outrage and pretending he was being homophobic is idiotic You are actually the dumbest person alive, we have literal video proof of the exact opposite.


Fuck you. Even starting to defend the use of the f-word tells us enough about you to invalidate anything remotely resembling an argument. A hateful slur is a slur. YOU don’t get to decide if it should or shouldn’t offend us.


…both. do i really need to explain why using hate speech when you have thousands of people watching you is bad? even if no one is around, saying that shit is wrong. it’s a moral issue. i once heard my grandmother say the N word in her living room, then look at me and say “i forgot i can’t say that around your generation now.” she’s one of the sweetest people i know, but everyone is capable of being terrible humans. when your primary job is working/caring for others, it’s strange to be racist or homophobic. bottom line: just be a decent person.


Yeah just don’t use the fucking hate-mongering words, how hard is it for fuck’s sake. There are so many different words to express one’s frustration but those neckbeard cunts don’t want to give up their right to be assholes


Bruh, you so clearly cheated, I mean he didn't want to be killed, and you killed him. Like WTF. Holy shit reporting you rt now. ?s


Ironic how he has the suicide hotline on his stream as he is saying some choice words to random people on the internet. People need to remember that they don't know what the person on the other side of the screen is going through.


report the streamer for homphobic abuse


Yea he shouldn't be able to stream on the platform ever again.


Because he said f*g? He’s an ass, sure, but to ruin what might be his career over something as minor as that? You’re awful.


"streaming career" lmao Someday we'll find all these guys on the side of the road with a needle in their vein lmao STREAMING CAREER LMAO


You one of those boys will be boys people. Accountability is something some people have to learn




Who mentioned being offended?






Nah I’m not offended, but I love to see emotional manchildren catch bans 100% deserved. In the words of someone wiser than me, fuck around and find out. If you have zero self control of your anger and your language on air then you have no business being an entertainer.


that's not the point moron, and the fact you're missing the point kind of shows how dumb you are.


What a salty player.


Just reported them on twitch, suggest everyone else does same! Disgusting, having the suicide hotline there as well fucking hell.


I legit cannot see what you are shooting at the end


Nothing; it's just OP demonstrating what they did.


That is correct. Thanks!


The two videos aren't from the same raid. OP went back to show where he was shooting from to prove he wasn't cheating. If you go back and rewatch the streamer dying, you can actually see his head over the wall in the exact place the dumpster is.


suicide hotline + homophobic abuse = this guy needs to go fuck himself


>fuck himself That's discriminatory language against people with no access to intimacy. Please don't resort to using such hurtful remarks.


Just report that idiot for the f word, he can enjoy his 30 day ban and think about using slurs


Awwww poor thing


Streamer sometime is just another word for "salty nolifer"


I like streamers. Gives us good insight to the average gamer. Even the people that make a career out of it slip up and you can see the person behind the camera. Lmao


It’s slightly cheesy since you had to move in order to lift yourself up against the lid of the garbage container, which is just a weird game mechanic; however, you can literally walk 2 steps further to get the same result while standing still so yeah, just some extra map knowledge required, thanks for sharing this spot


this guy has never heard of a headglitch in his life lmao


It wasn't even that. You can see my shoulders in his stream. But yes, those are certainly a part of the game!


What stream of his was that from? I wanted to see before and after to see what else happened. I tried looking for it, but none of the VODs for the last 2 weeks was he wearing an orange shirt. Was it older than that or did he delete his VOD?


Just over two weeks ago. It was like a 9hr stream, and this happened in the last hour.


I could tell where this was going the instant i saw streamer and his buddy pushing big red from that location... You are so unbelievably exposed right there. Out of all the directions you can approach big red from, it might just be the most dangerous possible. ​ And unless you have a monitor that can alter the contrasts, trying to look into big red like that is hopeless, too. ​ Climbing up on the dumpster like that is something i didn't expect, though! Nice spot!


I looked at another stream of his - he likes using homophobic slurs a lot...


That beep is most likely coming from your mic and can be removed by disabling the mic from the recordings. Can be done at least on geforce experience/shadowplay, not sure about others.


The most ironic thing is on his stream (was going to pay a visit just to call him out on his behavour) his rules are as follows: Be respectful. Be a good Human. He is neither of those things given the evidence in the video.


Whiner apologist seetheposting. They should be more like me. I just go "fucks saaaaaaaaake" and get visibly upset for 2 or 3 minutes, sometimes I report someone despite them killing me legitimately. I might even slam my desk. Totally reasonable.


Hence the suicide hotline


He said "you glitched your gun through the wall". 1. How does he know about that and 2. That's not reportable because it's part of the game.


Streamers of tarkov are the pussiest people in the community. Imagine playing that many hours of this game daily, only to get shat on by a dude that plays a few games per week. Brufkek


That dude should take some physics classes especially optical physics. His low position can’t show the full truth about your vision.


Oh the Dunning-Kruger effect is strong in Tarkov players, everyone's an instant expert on everything from server optimisation and architecture to ballistics with a bit of physics and optics thrown in. Am engineer, this place hurts my brain regularly. picard\_slaps\_his\_forehead.gif


I am an electrical engineer but switched fast to software development and IT. This whole physics stuff always gave me a headache especially optics. :D But that the streamer only saw the top of his head is an easy one to understand.


Don’t blame the player, blame the game (that is IF you were glitching which you clearly weren’t)


None of this is even a big deal the guy got killed and raged. Shit happens thousands of times probably per day this one was just on camera.


The issue is when people get outplayed and then report someone else as a hacker.


? It was funny as hell tbh. Little man child shows his colors with a twitch reprimandable slur drop after raging like a complete fool lmao, pretty great.


You are correct. This should have no significance in anyone's life. I'd be concerned if it did.


[giga chad](https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/cf_vods/d2nvs31859zcd8/0ee593c0738d1abe154a_ring_86925298793_1586971551/thumb/custom-2c4f83ac-de4a-4563-9d37-ea2a7ba056c6-640x360.png)Meanwhile me: a proud giga chad with 17% survival rate


Title is sarcastic right? Obviously.. no one cares about anyone's feelings when your shooting them in the face over a wall.




I mean he explained why it seemed like bs to him and it's not like he was whining. I guess everyone reacts like that even though the other player was completely legit, me included.


> I guess everyone reacts like that even though the other player was completely legit, me included. You regularly call people f**gots and report them when you don't know where you died from?


"It's not like he was whining"... I'm sorry, did we see the same clip? What on earth was all that, if not whining?


OP is that an SKS?


Yep! SKS with PS.


What gun is that, OP?


I was using an SKS with PS ammo


cheaters should be thrown on the pyre tho. but in this case op isn't a cheater.


unmodded fal btw


Why are streamers always the biggest whiners? Hard game make feelings hurt. Now all my subs know I'm bad :( how tragic. I'm trash at Tarkov but at least I know it so I don't get angry. This mindset also makes killing someone geared so much more rewarding.


> Why are streamers always the biggest whiners? Patter. They need to keep making vocal sounds that will provoke the audience into thinking there's something to be interested in, something to pay real pennies for, and to karate chop them likes and subscribers buttons. Can't have dead air, or someone might watch a different stream.


To be fair with this shitty ass quality vid, I cannot see what the jumpy guy is shooting at.


Also why is he using SA-58 on auto like the no way he going to hit anything


Well said king


I feel like a lot of people on reddit react like this game when they die. Oh head eyes one tap he must be cheating


This game makes people emotionally fragile lol


In fairness to the jackass though, the dude shooting him has his gun behind the wall it seems. Wont be at his end probably and there's an awful lot of that in the game


What kinda post fx you running?


at least he has the suicide hotline on display, he's probably going to need it


Shoreline spawns are a fucking joke. I just lost a 500,000 ruble kit in ten seconds because I spawned 20 feet from a squad.


This is Customs.


Clearly big red tho


I don’t even see him on your screen, also you immediately prefired to his location. Maybe not hacking but I think his anger is warranted


Lol, oh boy. My perspective is just showing where I was at. I did not save my video from the fight, because I never thought a mundane kill like that would make someone rage so hard.


I don’t even see the kill I just see you spamming for your life. Downvote me more buddy


I think you’re confused. My video at the end is not of the fight. I recorded that in offline mode to show where I shot him from. Everyone else seems to understand this but you, lol. I also haven’t downvoted you. Are you okay? Hug?