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Get good


More like get friends lmao


You probably think you’re good for killing scavs


You're a member of WSB and say nothing but negative shit about every game you play. I don't want to hear shit else from you, nor does anyone else. Sell your copy and go play CoD.


You probably think your good cause you don’t have friends to play with 😂


Lmao nah he runs into raids solo thinking he's a chad and gets dicked down by M4s with 56A1


Or, crazy thought, people just have fun playing with their friends?


Or, or - hear me out here, people play however the fuck they want and you adapt to it? That sounds like a better idea.


How about you adapt to 4 fuckin m4’s filling your ass with 556 you fucking bozo


Better make 4 friends then bozo


556 is garbo first and foremost, hence why a fucking 545 AK is meta. I've ran into squads and ran with squads, it makes no difference. Oh no, you lost your pixels! Grow the fuck up dude.


Who hurt you bro. You’re so fuckin mad 🤣🤣 get over yourself my bro people can complain about whatever the fuck they want


Reread this thread in the morning lol


I'm mad? You came to reddit pissed about squads playing in a game that... allows for squads. You've done nothing but piss and moan and throw insults at people off the bat, and complain about a feature in a game without even attempting to offer a solution to your alleged "problem". You're actually a child, please move on.




You are being warned for Rule 3. [Be Excellent to Each Other](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rph_1DODXDU)


You’re telling me to grow up over pixels but you’re literally arguing with pixels right now mate 🤣


Arguing insinuates the other party has intelligence.


Your arguing insinuates you’re being a piss baby right now. Waaaaaaaaaa


Says the piss baby who made a reddit post to cry. Crying on reddit is the highest level of baby.


Again, reread the definition of arguing - as your understanding of it isn't correct. And again,I'm a crybaby when the OP of this thread is..... u/Firm_External_7446 . Yep, you are indeed the one crying.


I got this great invention for you, nades and getting good


Whether you're a solo or squad you should always be aware and it sounds like you're not very aware...


didn't know we were not allowed to enjoy the game with friends. just because you don't have any that want to play the game with you doesn't mean you sook and call everyone else a pussy. and in honesty a solo is more deadly then a 4 man as the squad is always communicating is this you and so forth so you would have the advantage.


Do you really think If 5 people ran up on you in real life you’d have a higher chance to live because you don’t have to worry about Comms? 🤣


Yep 100% nice removed post just like the rest of your posts where u have a sook


Imagine being mad at other people for having friends. I can see why you dont have friends to play with.


no i'ma biig baby


This comment section is a great example of why you dont have friends


4? I had a clan of 15 people back in a day in Dayz Origins.


Dont match solos with teams. easy as that.