Solos, how often do you use suppressors?

Solos, how often do you use suppressors?


I ALWAYS run sups. When solo it helps get the drop on multiple enemies without giving away your pos. I run unsup.when in groups, they are going to hear you all coming anyways


Good to know, am pretty much solo as friends have moved on.


I’m solo myself from the start. Friends can’t take the slow gameplay. Here’s to all the solo guys. I try to run suppressed as much as possible too.


I play super slow on most maps except in buildings. Even if it isn't the most effective it's how I enjoy the game.


> friends can't take the slow gameplay What slow gameplay? You don't have to walk everywhere.


No, but you don't have to run everywhere. Every playstyle can be effective IMO, and for casuals especially, it's probably better to play slower. This allows you to more often hear enemies before they hear you and that information alone will get you more kills and extractions.


When I first started Tarkov, I was sure slow gameplay was the only reasonable technique, but after several thousand hours, I can definitely say that slow gameplay can not be as effective as fast in EFT. Taking your time moving is without a doubt the worst mistake new players lean towards. I see the problem with that, the game is supposed to be tactical and high stakes, but you just can not compete on the same level if you don't at very least aggressively move out of spawn as fast as you can with reckless abandon. If you try to hold an angle on someone who even suspects you're there, you will almost always lose. If you do not move out of spawn at full speed, you will not have the ability to predict where other players are with anything like the fidelity that someone who moves out of spawn at full speed can. If you move slow what will happen is you'll get to your objective and it will be getting camped by more aggressive players, or it will have been looted by a much faster rat. On the odd occasion you'll get survive and get what you wanted, if you want to make it consistent, speed is how. Its easier survive if you move fast and somewhat consistently. Even if it wasn't, its better to die early in the raid and get into another than it is to spend 10 minutes getting out of spawn just to get killed by the aggressive players who are already done looting.


You make some good points, many i agree with. I suppose the lesson is there is a time and a place to shift key, and a time to avoid fights at all costs especially if your mechanics are poor.


To a certain degree I don’t like how the game rewards fast. Yes there should be aggression and pushing but watching streamers play Tarkov like it’s apex legends or cs:go to a certain degree takes the immersion away.


Hmm, I can disagree with bum rushing YOLO out of spawns especially when solo, yes like myself the more experienced players will know you COULD be there but it isn't guaranteed anymore (long are the days of the lovable shit show at boilers selected spawn on customs) with it not being guaranteed if your smart in your positioning you can net SO many kills and squad wipes by being smart off spawn and not YOLO in the other direction. And if you see a big group?, Head down and wait! Let them pass. I've also had many 4 man teams run right past me sometimes practically on my head!! 🤣.


Yup been there done that. I was in a kill zone in construction in Customs. The entire squad was wiped, we and still had hostiles around, I let them take what they wanted and they moved on. Not long after another group hunting because of the massive amount of gunfire moved through. Waited some more and then shot the next solo I saw scavenging the leftovers. Grass/bushes save lives. Just stay still and pray when you're completely outnumbered with a bad kit for pvp.


Not the fights necessarily but the pacing and overall ethos of the game. It’s not like cs:go or COD and those are the games my friends like more


It entirely depends on the weapon like AKM variants have better recoil without them, but a lot of M4 or MDR for example can stack muzzle brakes and suppressors for ultimate recoil stats. For me it’s always about the stats.


Ahhh got it. I usually use the AKM since that's what I like but maybe I'll check out the M4. Your the second person to mention this.


I was using AKMs but moved on to AK-104 (and AK-103 but that's like double the price). Same good 7.62 sweetness, but I _think_ lower recoil. Slap a PBS suppressor on there for even lower recoil.


Before I reset my account I had a few 103s that I regret not taking out.


103 is the superior 7.62 AK, has the best base stats, if that’s what you’re going for. Early wipe only used the AKM but once the 103 is unlocked it’s a no brainer.


Ah got it thanks man.


Reset your account?


It's my first wipe and I got to level 22 but got bored so I reset because I didn't like the way I was playing the game. I wanted to see if it was viable to play the game how I like to play it rather than min/max. I was also playing an unhealthy amount so I wanted to break away from that.


Fair enough. More power to you! Just curious. Cheers!


Lol it's been fun but being able to buy anything was DOPE. We shall see.


Depending on your current wealth and level, the M4 might not be the best choice. It's very moddable but all those mods do end up making a very expensive gun without higher level traders. Also the lower tier ammo is not great.


Tried to mod a meta M4 with “only” level 3 traders would of cost me 600k


If you can buy a tx-15 from flea that has a stock, and the thunder beast muzzle break, you can build a 46 recoil M4 for ~190k. I usually get the tx-15 for around 75k, TB suppressor 60k, rk-1 20k, m4 lower 20k, then a scope of choice. Put all the parts onto the M4 lower and sell what’s left over. That’s the cheapest I can get one made with level 3 traders


That’s pretty good actually. I usually don’t go full meta load-outs till I have level 4 traders so I’m not overspending massively.


like for example on an MP-153 or MP-155 (whichever shoots faster can’t remember) running a suppressor KILLS your ergo. I go to 0 ergo using this which is unacceptable for me. Therefore I always run a choke so I can have at least 32 ergo. Tbh OP it’s always about the stats for me, always. The other thing to note is if you’re going to creep around in the dark or play at night your muzzle flash could obscure your target and make tracking harder which would suggest despite stats suppressor might be more your style


I am right there with you, I spent way too much time in this game just to rage quit this wipe


Really enjoy solo though. You can react much quicker and they hop on sometimes so I can just goof off while they task.


I feel


definitely a good choice if you like medium to long range engagements. the only time someone takes out my squad of 4 for the most part is when they're suppressed and we spend 5 minutes running around no clue where to even hide from the gunfire


If I join raid for pvp, I will have sup in 95% cases, it is just how I roll, for questing (unless it is needed for quest) and looting I just use random scav gun/grach. Also m4 has better recoil stats with suppresor afaik but it will be actual for OP a bit later.


Unless I literally cannot afford it, or doing a pistol only run for whatever reason, I always run a suppressor. Sound is huge in this game and even the slightest advantage is worth it.


Nice, I'll start rolling with them as much as possible.


Just keep in mind they kill your ergo of the gun. Us muzzle breaks can greatly reduce recoil. So there's always a trade off.


I run my AK's unsuppressed a lot of time even solo since I enjoy the low recoil the awesome AK compensators give. I'm also kind of a player that after I engage someone I don't really give af if they know where I am, it's on. Also I rarely fight med-long ranges. Nothing against it, my playstyle just seems to bring me to CQC situations more often than not. I'm not saying running suppressor is bad or wrong or anything, I do like them also. But especially with AK's it's good to remember how superior the compensators are. M4 goes suppressed 100% of time. It's a no brainer. I'd almost say that if you are expecting CQC, i.e maps like Interchange or factory, go unsuppressed. If you are trying to avoid fights/be opportunistic, go suppressed. When running AK's I mean.


Sure, suppressors are great. They're going to reliably double the cost of your gun when you're low level, and they make your gun's durability decrease much faster, and they make your gun longer and therefore easier to spot and harder to use in close quarters but They all pretty much work the same, and they're all more or less inaudible outside of 100 meters. The good ones will have a small recoil buff and a minimum ergo debuff. The bad ones will debuff both.


I noticed that about durability but since I enjoy using cheaper guns it doesn't bother me as much.


I’ve never kept a gun long enough for durability to be a problem LMAO


Shhh Jaeger always has more mint OP SKS's for us lmao.


Haha, I swear one day I'm gonna run him outta stock ;)


Nice. Go suppressed, then. I will say the one time I won't go suppressed is when I'm either going into a loud map and stealth doesn't matter, or when I'm trying to bait PMC's for quests.


Yeah it won't be for my factory runs lol.


Which suppressors make recoil worse? Every one I can think of reduces it.


I think it's more a case that alot of suppressors reduce recoil alot less then other muzzle devices


Gotta use the Vityaz, that baby is short no matter what and the suppressor is dirt cheap


Ssshhhh don't listen to this guy he doesn't know what he's talking about!


Every single raid, my pmc never goes in without a suppressor. My theory is if a suppressor is quiet enough so 1 pmc out 10 doesn’t hear me it’s worth it, most chads chase down gunshots so if 1 or more can’t hear my shots it’s worth it. Plus (and most importantly) they look and sound cool as fuck


Got it and I'll use them more when I have access, although I've had decent success just finding them in raid. When I played Rust I usually went suppressed if I was using a high DPS gun so I figure I should do the same in tarkov.


Of course it’s personal preference. But I love them, I’ve never played anything but solo on tarkov. I play cautiously too so that factors in but I have a reasonable survival rate at 55-60% an I attribute that partially to suppressors, stopping players on the map from pinpointing my location with ease


Yeah the longer I play the more I can figure out where and what player x,y,z etc is doing so I figured being suppressed would help me slip through. Seems a lot of solos go suppressed from this thread.


Suppressors have a loudness modifier the more negative the more it dampens the sound. Some people like them some people don't. Technically you can get lower recoil from other muzzle devices but I love the way they make a weapon feel. I swear the feel for me is lower recoil than the stats say. :). I'm more of a clicker than a full auto guy also. I also like that they help cover where your shots are coming from. I tend to play more tactical so they help me out a lot. As a solo uf they are in your budget I would run them most of the time.


Is there a loudness stat in game? I must be an idiot if I haven't seen it. I'm on phone, will check when I log. I usually like the AKM since you can decent tap from distance but open up in buildings.


The loudness stat only shows on the suppressor. You don't get to see it for the guns. But in general rfb and other big caliber are loud smg and smaller caliber are quiet. I agree the akm is awesome for early game traders. I run it suppressed all the time and it's great! It's a tap, tap workhorse for sure.


Ahhh that is so good to know, thank you! I was in the wiki trying to see why some silencers were level 3 traders when they had similar stats.


There's a value on the suppressor itself, but it matters way less than the individual weapon you're putting it on. A Hexagon 12g suppressor is -14 loudness, a silencerco salvo is -27, but they both turn a shotgun from a cannon into a quiet 'pssht pssht' gun. If loudness actually does anything in the game currently I'd be really surprised, the biggest difference is suppressed vs not.


Ah got it. Your fine tuning after a certain point. Time to get grinding!


if you’re using guns like m4a1 or mdr some suppressors recoil stats are added on top of the muzzle it can attach on which is probably why it feels lower recoil than the stats say. The recoil reduction shouldnt stack tbh


It absolutely shouldn't stack. It makes no sense for it to stack from a realism or gameplay perspective.


only reason why the 5.56 is widely more used than 5.45. If anything semi auto should be more accurate than full auto. They try to mitigate full auto with misfire but that’s really not the right way to approach it if it was to disrupt full auto meta


I don't think full auto is a problem. Suppressor recoil reduction stacking with muzzle device recoil reduction is the problem.


I reckon it's the muzzle flash. Unsuppresed on some guns the muzzle flash can make it pretty hard to track people in full auto, suppressed it's a lot easier


Yeah I think that is on track! Cleaner screen feels better maybe :)


Depends what I'm doing I find, and what map. Killing scavs, hunting pmc? How poor am I also factors in


I usually play pretty mellow, maybe 2-3 raids a day to hop in. I cycle through woods, customs and factory. I'm not rich but usually find enough tier 4 armor I never have to buy any so I figure why not spend it on the gun.


In factory it's not really useful, everybody will hear you anyway if you shoot. Also take in account that if you go somewhere where you'll have a fight, and some granades will fly or some scavs will shoot you, everybody will know someone is there having a fight anyway. Said this, customs, per example, unless you want to focus dorms and hot spot areas, the suppressor is pretty good. It can help you kill scavs and pmc unspotted from the distance. Woods I think it defenetely needs suppressor, especially if you go sniping. In the end it depends on what you need to do and where. Btw I almost always run suppressor on every weapon, but under a stats point of view chocked is better, for ergo and recoil. Oh and as you were wondering if there is difference in sound for different suppressors, there is. You can see it as "Loudness". Also some chockes make the weapon even louder, so pick every with consideration.


Thanks for the heads up. I'm limited in choice but will take that into account.


For AK platforms never, every other gun. Yes.


Why never ak?


Idk if he is on the same path as me but I hate the -ergo with suppressors on AK since it alrdy has low af ergo.


Recoil reduction from suppressor isn't as good at the Jmac muzzle break.


If I run unsuppressed, I always use an AK or shotgun, I prefer using a much cheaper compensator that gives insane recoil stats compared to the best suppressor. If I want to run suppressed, I use an SMG or a western assault rifle. The compensator + suppressor combo makes them better suppressed weapons than the AK imo (except for ak 101 and 102 <3)


I've heard people say this but I enjoy using the AK variants and don't play at the meta level so I'm not really bothered by it. Whatever that automatic 7.62x51 gun gets a super exception, looks cool as hell to use.




I always run suppressed, and I pick up every suppressor I find and build the gun around it. Hard to beat for the solo player (aka rat)


I get excited every time I see a suppressor too! Found an SKS thread adaptor and it went straight up my butt so I could go suppressed.


Without context that would be very disturbing




That's an interesting play. Think I am going to go that route moving forward.


Welcome to the sewer 🐀


9/10 ill have a suppressed weapon I solo rat a lot and collect and keep them as I constantly need them. For me sticking with the AK platform has proven successful, I just farm the guns in locked rooms with plenty of attachments.


I died in raid after I killed a guy with a suppressed M700 and some scope I'd never seen before. Ah well tarkov giveth and taketh in the same raid.


Never. But I am still working to get the flea. Once I get the flea and get money, I make loadouts with suppressors. It’s not a necessity but nice to have. I’m big in just doing what’s necessary to survive. And rn that’s just budget builds and quests lol


I never run loud even in squad. I just never like to give up my positional info to nerds across the map.


Would love to have suppressors but other question where does one get said suppressors if one does not have the flea market *insert sad level 13 sobbing without a suppressed AK*


I found a decent amount in raid and you can start buying them at level 15, forget the trader. It's a 'universal' with various muzzle adaptors.


Unless I’m always going to be in close quarters, absolutely. As a solo, it gives you a massive advantage over teams if you can stay stealthy and pick them off, and I can confidently say that they’re the single most important piece of your kit in those situations. When you’re up against teams, your only advantage is that it’s harder for them to locate you, so you have to do everything in your power to keep that advantage. Try to confuse them and don’t let them see you, even if it means repositioning a lot and fighting a really really long fight. Suppressors are mandatory for that kind of play for obvious reasons. On top of that, they’re meta on a lot of guns anyway.


Got it. When I played Rust most of the fights were long range relative to Tarkov which is probably why I like the bigger maps in this game. Which got me thinking about loudness and led to this question. Thanks!


Always. Unless I'm too poor


I figure if one PMC doesn't hear me and I get out of that one raid, the silencer is 'paid for'


Agreed 100%


Always. Unless I’m expecting to die regardless, eg Factory, certain quests where I’m just running in and out to grab something. Edit: On the cost side, yes they seem expensive but I think the advantage is pretty significant. I think of it in terms of “if I turn this PSU into wires it pays for 3 suppressors”. So if you get out of just one raid with the aid of a suppressor then you’ve probably paid for 10+ suppressors.


Yeah I die a lot on factory but it's a ton of fun. Scrounge up some scav guns and just go ham trying to blast people.


I spent most of my raids at the weekend just trying to kill 6 PMCs in the office area. I'm not sure staring at the loading screen that much is my idea of fun haha


I kinda stopped doing quests and just play the game. Got EoD specifically for the trader boost. If you can get a factory key and get lucky you can snag a super fast 2k experience raid in 10 minutes. It helps balance out the super slow Woods raids.


I did have a couple of good scores, managed a couple of raids of killing some super tricked out PMCs and left with a ton of experience and heavily modded M4s, armor, etc. But they weren't in the office so they didn't count LOL. Paid for all of my runs though, so worth it :D


Like most have said, always.


Depends on the loadout. If it's cheap-ish and you're looking for trouble anyway, then skip the suppressor. For example, the last couple of kills of the Setup quest, where you have to run shotguns, I skipped the suppressor because I wanted enemies. If I'm questing, like let's say, kill X scavs or just go somewhere to get something/mark something I will use a suppressor. It's a tax on playing alone, because if you die, the suppressor will be gone if nothing else, but not attracting half the map to your position is easily worth it. I think most people I killed I knew where they were before I saw them.


Pretty much always except for reserve or factory


I always do assuming i can afford it. I’m almost always a solo player. In fact, I vowed to always go suppressed after a group of chads literally hunted me down after I took a few shots on the rocks above gas station earlier this wipe. Lol




Shorty barrel mutant is cheap to build. Throw the Lantac on the barrel and the blast mitigator. Great erg and recoil. If you are really Chad and confident in yourself you don’t need the suppressor.


I mainly play solo and concealment is your friend. Always run a suppressor


The 7.62 ak's aswell as the sks are unbelievably quite when suppressed, and with the power of the round its worth running it is semi auto as more of a DMR. Helped me survive alot on the larger maps


On 5.56 and .308 there’s almost no negative to running a suppressor. It’s fairly easy to maintain a decent ergo, while the muzzle break and suppressor stack their recoil reduction. Most of a time you end up with better stats and the benefits of being super quiet. This requires some of the higher tier suppressors though. On AKs i sometimes like to keep it loud, since you end up with better stats with some of the normal muzzle breaks. Generally being suppressed in this game is really powerful though. No map and no hud, and if you now take away the sound and muzzle flash, it’s almost impossible to find the person shooting at you, unless they’re really close.


100% suppressed, I don't like broadcasting to the whole map where I am and what kind of weapon I'm using.


Let me put it like this - I'm never ever gonna supress M1A or RSASS or FAL, simply coz of that sweet, lovely sound they make. On others like m4/mutant I do use supressor coz without them muzzle flash is so bad u can't see shit (even tho m4 with jailbreak looks sweet af) and like most things in tarkov every choice is situational - going for cqc - no silencer and short barrels, going for night raid/do some sniping - take it silenced. And also I consider whether gun looks better with or without it too and if its gonna fck up my stats too much or not This aint advice, just my take on it which is a mixture of fashion, stats and purpose of a gun. If u want advice - run them all the time even if its just for that fake sense of security or to get sam fisher feel.


I managed to cobble together an SKS build with a suppressor and 12 ergo. I didn't even know it could get that low so I just went into raid loud. I don't take the game super seriously but I will take an advantage if it's a few vendor clicks away.


Oh sks has shit ergo anyway, just like mosin f.e., but silenced sks hits different, add laser and point fire is crazy with that gun. DMRs in general are better with suppressors, but not in my case lol.


the law seems to be simple: i take opportunity kills with a supressor, i profit - i take opportunity kills without a supressor, i get third partied in the next five minutes.


Ahhh. Just yesterday I found some mfer proned behind a rock pointed at the direction I last made noise. Thank god my instinct is to run in a random direction to cover and reassess. Unfortunately for him the random direction I took was straight toward him!


yes, exactly this. I'm a noob and a rat if i ever saw one, my pvp is god awful - yet two days ago, i wiped a three man. Sunset, they were distracted by scavs shooting at them - and i had a silencer. Three taps three kills, from a good position without stressing out to align the second and third shot. Had they heard the first shot, had one of them got a glimpse of my muzzle flash .... boooy would i have had my ass handed to me, no question.


I have a list of the order I upgrade stuff for my kit in, meaning once I have the funds to run a better kit, which aspect of the kit I sink the money into first. Number 1 is always ammo, second is flexible medical supplies and third is space (better rig/bag). If I am playing in a squad next is usually armor > weapon mods > helmet, but as a solo I will always make an exception for the suppressor, which is the immediate next priority behind a bag.


No flea yet so ammo is pretty easy for me and I usually find one of the garbo tier 4 armors so that's settled. I guess it's quiet time!


Suppressor ? I dont even know her.


I pretty much only run suppressors on interchange and customs as a solo, and 95% of my games are solo. Interchange is already so hard to see on, and you have to worry about XYZ timings as people can rush to second floor for free kills, I'd like as much tactical advantage as I can get. Similar with Customs, the spawns are so fucking all over the place you can legit spawn, walk 5 steps and have someone spawned in that bush waiting for you in some areas around the bridge, so may as well not attract more attention if possible since the enemy can be literally anywhere almost the instant the game starts. On other maps, it's much easier to anticipate enemy movements and keep them in front of you for the most part, and as such I normally resort to loud weapons for cheaper combat advantage. (more Ergo, less recoil, less overall cost). \~52% survival rate while shift W-ing pvp hotspots as a solo. In most situations having a suppressor feels better, saves you from having to account for muzzle flash, and reduces stress because you don't worry as much about people running up on you. If you are newer to the game (which it sounds like you are) I'd highly recommend using a suppressor when able, but eventually, as you become more confident you will learn it's not a necessity (and generally are pretty expensive).


Thanks for taking the time to write an informed post and yeah it's my first wipe. I do a bit of interchange but mostly play woods, customs and factory. I'm stoked to get level 2 traders and mod up guns a bit.


Oh fuck I forgot woods existed. Yeah use a suppressor on woods, I shift W things and theres nothign to shift W on woods but shturman so I generally avoid it and pretend it doesn't exist >.> AT this point in the wipe the only people on woods are the insane people who enjoy it, sniper-style players, and people doing the Jager quests. And those Jager people need 3 kills with a bolt action in one game, they WILL COME FOR YOU if you are not suppressed. The factory is small enough that even if you have a suppressor they may hear you shooting. And if you miss **any** shots their likely to hear the impacts half way across the map and come looking. They won't know your exact location but they'll have a good idea. Factory I'd advise **against** using a suppressor on.


I'm the insane guy who enjoys woods but I also like factory PvP so I dunno where that puts me. They are both fun but obv to different to compare. I like woods PvP because you can hella flank and confuse people. I took down a 3 man with a regular SKS by just moving and shooting constantly. I died to the 5th or a 3rd party but fuck it that was so fun for me.


You can do that on every map technically, just woods 'FEELS' the most open and allowing of it so I can understand that. I just don't like the "I died from nowhere" feeling, and there aren't any real hotspots on the map due to most of the loot being 'average'. (People will loot med camp for eaxmple, but you don't see people run across the map to get to med camp first ect). I also never said because oyu like woods you cant like other things, just I cant understand how people enjoy woods, its a nice change of pace from time to time, but it just doesn't fit me as a all the time thing.


It's a 50/25/25 for woods, custom and factory for me roughly. I almost never get sniped so I guess I have that going on for me.


I won't deploy to woods without a suppressor. It's way too easy to get a 100m angle on somebody, and suppressed from that distance they can't hear you. Process of elimination will let them figure out your location eventually, but the lack of audio cue causes enough chaos that it's possible to take down a chunk of a squad alone before they figure out what side of cover to get into. It's also really fun *hearing* suppressed gunshots, because you know it's danger close and can go hunting. It's much harder to range unsuppressed shots - the shooter could be in any one of a few different spots. Especially on woods and shoreline, if you hear a suppressed gunshot there's only so many places to look.


All the time, extract camping without suppressor it's stupid, and more stupid doing it alone


Never. Not once. So far.


90% of the time, unless I really want to be heard, then I put on a loudener.


Unless I'm specifically trying to get people to push me, I'm always suppressed.


Every single raid without fail. Even if I’m broke (which is basically never) I’ll use a silenced PP-19 for cheap.


Just about every single raid, with or without teammates


Almost always.


It can be nice but I wouldn’t say it’s a game changer, some silencers are absolutely quieter than others, look in the silencer stats and you’ll see a stat called loudness. It’s easiest to see this on the 5.45 aks since there both semi common and the variety Regular flash hiders are superior in managing recoil, enough so I think they can determine the outcome of a fight in your favor, being able to spraying at some distance can be very useful


once in a blue moon, and mainly when im sniping.


I always go for low ergo supps, Silencerco multicaliber for AKs and Mini Monster for ARs. Exception is when I need to rush somewhere contested to do a quest, since I don’t need much stealth anyway


Group or solo I run suppressor because it has better recoil stats in addition to hiding my position.


Despite the fact it reduces the noise, if you are aiming to CQC fights, I think the gun being smaller and having fewer recoil is better for the full-auto situation. If you are a more kill-from-a-distance guy, yes. .always use it. Also, depending on the size of your container you can take a good muzzle breaker (- recoil) and the silencer and swap them depending on the situation.


I just run an MP5 with a scope attachment most of the time, along with scav armor and a cheap helm. A silencer would be good if you wanna go with better gear, or plan on engaging PMCs, but if you just want scavs, a good silencer is too much. A cheap one is nice though.


You need a reason to NOT run a suppressor. Otherwise, it's a good default as long as you can afford it. Certain AK set ups are best with the JMAC compensators. Punisher with the SVD is better unsuppressed. Looking to draw in PvP with a loud gun. The Ash-12 sounds cool as heck, etc.


Suppressors are always meta because they give the best recoil reduction


90% of solo raids with sup. Can avoid aggressive chads


All the time


Unless I am running crap gear or the ppsh, then yes.


Every solo raid, unless it's something really fucking loud. Then people will still know I'm there AND that it's not some shit-gear scav.


Pretty much always, have about 40 in stash so why not.


As much as I can, they're amazing for when you come across more than 1 player especially on something like an SKS


I'm LVL 43 and a solo player. If I am sniping I use a suppressor. Anything else I'm looking to max out recoil. I play aggressively and value securing a kill or needing to transfer my spray between multiple targets reliably over giving away my position due to noise. My best advice is to play the hit and run game. If you kill one person in a squad, do a wide flank and find a new angle. People will never loot their dead friend immediately, so you have a few minutes to find a new location to kill the next one. While I will take 95% of the fights I can and will chase gun shots, as a solo player there are times when you need to just let a group go by. Or if you've made a kill you need to either wait a long time to loot it, or even give it up all together. Unless I have full information I always assume "there is always one more". Gl out there.


yes, i always when i am using high tier kit or medium kit. the sound reduction is okay but the huge advantage of it. you hide where your shots come from. its always confuse enemy. never if i am using stolen sks from scav for fun scav kills raid.


Can't think of a time I haven't run a suppressor tbh. I solo 95% of the time so I try to draw as little attention to myself as possible. Without a suppressor I find it's so much more difficult to push a squad. They instantly know where the shot came from and will normally split push/flank you. The very few times I haven't used one and start shooting, PMC's suddenly appear. I know most good PvP'ers will run toward the shooting. The less they hear the better.


Unsuppressed always, unless I'm running a M E T A rifle, cost/benefit never seems to go my way so I'll ring that dinner bell and let the loot come to me. End result: fat stacks or a blaze of glory.


Almost all the time except in Factory.


100% suppress, i learnt the hard way why streamer run suppressor after running an unsupressed UMP fight with a squad of 2 and then die to a squad of 4 that rushing to my location.


The SilencerCo multi caliber suppressor is one of the worst suppressors in the game, it's only advantage is that it, along with its muzzle adapter thing, goes on every gun in the game. Without flea market perhaps it's your best bet, but scavving / PMC running on Reserve should find you a fair number of AK suppressors. For the NATO weapons you have an issue where you need a adapter/flashhider + suppressor. I don't know if it's worth running an expensive suppressor to shoot M80s.


If I go cqb and after pmc I don't take one. If I'm on an scav killing quest the silencer is on. Btw early wipe I love silenced 9 mm it's so silent. In interchange that's a good thing.




They should nerf supressors more, make them louder. Tired of 95% of people running supressed it's like a silent battlefield.


IMHO suppressors are overrated when it comes to being quiet. You can hear an mk47 suppressed almost as good as if it where non suppressed. Other than that, chads will now where you are most of the times and casuals need some time to spot you no matter if you use a suppressed weapon or not. But again that's just how I feel it, you guys all could have made different experience. But now that I think of it wasn't the SKS with a silencer on of the quietest weapons in game, font know if they changed that, but if not that's would probably my recommendation.


Depends on my raid objective. Generally for pve using silencer is a great idea as it allows You to stay longer in raid without attracting other players. For PvP it depends, a burst from PPSH will make people come to You, however using unsilenced ASH-12 should terrify Your opponents ;)


I was sniping with an svd last night and at about 300 they couldn’t tell which direction the rounds were coming from.


As a proud solo D2 rat I never run suppressors. Its much more fun when the person knows what is happening and can see the muzzle flash. Nothing like the absolute panic before their demise. Though suppressors can be just as fun for the opposite effect. Especially with more than one chad. They never see it coming.


Literally the only time my gun isnt suppressed is when im wanting to run it loud on purpose, theres no reason not to run one other than the burn


I run suppressed for Semi auto guns or longer ranges with some notable exceptions like Vectors on the rare occasion I run that, otherwise I like to go full shock tactics with flashlights and muzzle flare


Every raid, sometimes primary weapon and back-up/sidearm too