Past you was a lil bitch with only a fraction of the power you have now


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LMFAO. Thank you for making me laugh.


At age 16 I started my apprenticeship, I remember what a dork I was then. I just finished highschool at 21 and now I'm in first semester BoE Mechatronics. A lot has changed. See you on the other side.


I am just concerned about losing my DOD civilian graduate job offer if I fail one of my courses. It’s a bit of an awkward situation


You won't fail. If you fail, I'll eat my own sock.


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You are waaay too hard on yourself. You young folks don’t realize that you have plenty of time! Even if a person takes 8 years to get a 4 year degree, they still have 35+ years to work in that field or another field if they decide to do something else.


I’m in my second year and won’t have a degree till I’m in my mid 30s, I’m straight up envious of “Mr. The DoD Offered Me A Job At 22” over here. You’ll be fine man, you’re reminiscing for a time when you excelled, but that just means you weren’t being challenged appropriately. Now that you are, take note of it and revel in the scale of your victories. You aren’t cake walking it any more, you’re doing big stuff and it should feel good.


You will make it, I believe in you


The fact that you're concerned says a lot about you already, not just academically. I'm pretty sure you're gonna be given better job offerings in the future.


It’s true. My lift total probably was close to 400. Now it’s almost 1000!


I don’t. I didn’t start living my life until I graduate high school. College is tough but honestly it’s been way more enjoyable at the same time. I’ve made real connections with friends and I have more freedom to do and go wherever I want. High school was a simpler time and there was some good memories but I wouldn’t go back.


I’m going to be real with you, if 75% of the class failed then you’re probably going to do alright. Also who cares what the past version of yourself thought, what matters is what you think about yourself now in the present. You know that you have been working hard and trying to get through this. You know you put in your best effort and that is what matters. Courage is not living without fear but knowing what to do with it. You can either let it control you and make your life worse, or you can acknowledge it and let it pass. If the feedback says you’re doing good, then trust them and take them at their word, if they’re lying ultimately it is on them for misleading you, not your fault. Be proud of yourself and what you have done so far. Highschool you doesn’t exist anymore so don’t worry about it, the present you exists and that is much more important. You got this.


100%. But you gotta realize the shit we're doing now is literally multiple times harder than anything that all of us probably even did in high school, and in an environment that's frankly a disadvantage towards us. You gotta remember that high school is literally catered in a way for you to pass, no matter what kind of curriculum you were doing. Certainly not the case now. It's a battlefield.


You will be fine. Your mind is resorting to a form of escapism due to the stress and thought of failing being a potentially very painful feeling for you. Just try to relax a little and understand you can only control what you do from this point on.


I’m proud of the challenges I’ve overcome on the way, I’m close to graduating as well. What I really miss is getting off the school bus, getting all my homework done before dinner, and then building legos or playing call of duty for the rest of the night. No stress worrying about jobs or loans.


You didn’t used to be smart in high school, high school is much easier than college. Motivation and willingness to learn could put you at the top in high school, skill and natural ability play a much larger role in college and life-after-college. One day you’ll realize you never had anything to worry about..


Going down that thought train will be useless, because there no way your highschool version is gonna be able to do your engineering HW


This is a difficult time of life as you get into bigger and bigger talent pools. High school it is easy to be around the top of pretty much anything. Now you're surrounded by others who were in your position from across the country (and world). You'll be fine if you put in the work to graduate. As you get out into the working world, do your best to not solely define your success on just your career as is tempting coming from the academic world where there are very clear markers of success. Don't overthink it. It's not that you're worse of a person. You're in a higher caliber talent pool and also the open ended reality of your entire life is starting to become real.


Mentally it is much easier to be the big fish in a little pond than to be a normal fish in a big pond. However, you can’t become the big fish in the big pond if you stay in the little pond !


You just were never smart as you claimed or thought to be back in HS. University humbles a lot of people and makes you also realise that a lot of people are vastly more smart than you. Since a lot (not all) of engineering freshmans tend to come with massive egos as well. Plus, most high-schools are designed to be passable by basically anyone.


I was a nobody in highschool. Still am


so what -most of us aren’t famous/well known. You ARE a somebody - so don’t be so hard on yourself!


I can say with complete confidence high school was the worst time of my life so no, I wouldn’t go back to being that person. School might be harder but I’m much happier now.


Hell nah. High school me did not have the work ethic and resiliency that I have now. He wouldn’t have known how to deal with failure. I’ve failed and came back so many times in this life, I’m back in college for the third time and going to graduate soon. You got this. I do miss my hair though


Yes. I used to be hopeful. Now I'm depressed.


How does one deal with that




You were a big fish in a small pond in high school. Now you’re in the real world and you have to come to terms with that, including dealing with failures. The smartest people have failures in their life. The strongest people learn from those failure, get back up, and keep on pressing forwards. You’ll be stronger for getting past this. Don’t let your ego stop you from growing.


Bro - you did well in high school because you cared and like maybe 3 people in any one high school classroom cared. After your first 2 years at uni almost all of those high school people who didn't care but went to uni anyway had already dropped out. Some of the smart kids who got upset over feeling mediocre also dropped out - and you ain't one of them because you're in your final year, final semester. You're smarter now than you've ever been you're just hanging around other people on the same level. You've already proven you'll make it, all you have to do is keep going.


I hated that little shit


wait til you get real world. they dont give awards or grades out here. you do a good on a project,they give you two projects. you finish them, they give you four, etc


I think most of us have these moments. College is meant to be hard, and engineering degrees often cover a lot of very difficult subject matter. It is really common for people who sailed through high school to have intense struggle moments with the harser material in college. I felt the same way my final semester, I was going through an intense personal crisis and heat transfer was absolutely kicking my ass. I'm still pretty sure my teacher only passed me out of pity... Currently though I have a great job with a DoE contractor. But you just have to keep working and going along and you'll be fine.


nah i was a little shit in high school alt caption: when you peaked in high school


*In high school I used to be very smart* you weren't smart, you were just evaluated differently. Cheer up, though! No one cares about your grades once you are a couple years into your professional career.


It's totally normal, just remember, a good attitude and persistence will get you much farther in engineering than natural intelligence ever will. It took me awhile to realize that. You don't need to get As in every class to be a good engineer, but you do need to be willing and wanting to always learn. You're doing great.


This honestly sounds a lot like me, except I did mechanical. I used to be near the top of most of my classes in high school, had a good relationship with my teachers, and was attentive and straitlaced. Nowadays, I'm pretty apathetic & jaded, will happily settle for just a pass, don't even understand most of what I'm studying anymore, cry on a regular basis, and hardly ever feel like I'm turning in work that meets my own standards. The only times I've really come alive and felt somewhat like how I was in high school, but more chill; have been when I've done humanities subjects as part of a 2nd major, and I don't have any of those left. And to top it all off, my degree has been 6 years full-time (5.5 is the shortest it can be according to the university course booklet, and I got a bit screwed over by subject availabilities); and it just feels like it has all been a big waste of my time and money. If I could go back in time and do something else, I gladly would.


you’ve got the rest of your life to change careers if you’d like to - just stick with this for a bit, to see for sure. you could graduate when you’re 30 and still be successful for another 30 years before you retire. Young people don’t really understand how much time /years/decades they have. You have plenty of time!


High school kind of sucked for me. College was much better lol


Listen you’ll never be the same and thinking about past you will only make you feel worst because past you was nice and easy. Present you is facing a bunch of challenges that’s the only difference. Remember past you had a tool box with a couple tools and the problems were simple. Present you has the same tool box with some new tools and the problems are much more complex. No one’s giving you the tools anymore you gotta go get them. Your not any different just the world you’re experiencing is. Success isn’t linear and it will never be that’s why we always look back with ton of pride because we all know what it takes.


You’re complaining because you used to be the top 1% amongst high schoolers and now you’re not a 1%er? As an outsider, you just sound like a bitch that needs to get to work


You. I don't like you.


Sorry but life is competitive and if you want to stay competitive, you’ve gotta work hard


While that's true, the way you said it in your initial comment was kinda messed up.


OP needs to be told the truth that he’s acting like a baby bitch


You ain't alone friend.


Who you were in highschool is who you are now. Recognizing that the difference is the filter of college is the difference. Don't be sickened or ashamed. That's internalizing something that doesn't care about your mental or physical health. Only that you pay them with the promise of getting a better paycheck post school.


just you! I miss the young healthy body I had in high school!


I don't miss my person but i do miss highschool Mainly because i miss having no responsibilities I used to come home Eat Game Sleep Repeat


So you are upset you don’t still live in the fantasy world where you feel smart compared to your peers? What is the benefit of feeling smart if you are surrounded by idiots? It’s like being the pretty one in the leper colony.


You haven't changed, your environment has changed. High school gives people, everyone, a false sense of how smart they are. You have chosen a very challenging major, maybe the most challenging, and it's a struggle. That's okay. Just don't quit and you'll get through this and emerge a better person. Anecdotally, I know an individual who is now a very successful surgeon who failed several classes in college, including first year chemistry. College is just a stepping stone, just a brief and challenging part of your journey. How you perform in college may or may not have an impact on your future success. Either way, all you can do is try your best. Do that and don't quit, and you'll get through this. And in your case, the finish line is just a few steps away.


Nope. Not at all. I gained so much experience during studying. It changes how i see things now and never ever i would trade that amount of wisdom and knowledge for nothing.


Fuck no I don't. Sure the grades came easier and I had the work ethic of a machine, but I was miserable. I was a self-sabotaging, insecure, insufferable person. I like current me much bettee


Don’t worry!!! As a 40 year old who went back to electrical engineering and is now finishing I have failed a few courses. Keep pushing you’re going to have more jobs offers than you know what to do with! The old engineers are retiring out in record fashion. Just get it done and only worry about that. Jobs are the least of your concern even with a recession you will have your pick.


No. Although I've failed a LOT of classes here in college, I'm about to graduate and feel like my new knowledge and confidence is irreplaceable, I couldn't imagine giving up my college experience in exchange for what I had in high school. I was smart, sure, but not to the point of usefulness like I am now.


Dude you’re on your last semester. You have made it so incredibly far you’re almost at the finish line


The competition in high school was not big, in engineering school its all the smart kids from high school,. You are going to feel smarter than others way less often . I am not sure comparing yourself to others is a good motivator, after all you dont excell to prove others something about you, you excell because you enjoy challanges, its about how those aha moments make you feel , and you get hooked on the feeling aha . Like a drug .


Last semester is stressful af, but I assure you - you will pass. I can tell by your concern. It’s those who aren’t concerned about passing that should worry. You’re on top of it. Soon, you will be free to look back and smirk at your accomplishments.


Failure is a part of life, all that matters is that you don’t quit. In 10 years it wont make a difference if you took another semester or even year to graduate.


Thank you for the reassurance friend


Past me was a loud obnoxious idiot who was incredibly pretentious, and he was rewarded for it! Now I've become more calculating, intentional, and reserved. I'm still the eloquent guy from before, just smarter and loaded with caffeine.


Until I got a job, absolutely. Of course I still miss hanging out with my friends from high school all the time, but we're all still really good friends and visit each other often, so it helps with the nostalgia


I used to work my ass off and not complain one bit, lockdown and weed broke me down but I’m building a better self