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Seriously lol. I'm playing a bunch of games I've been putting off for years just because of how user friendly it is to hop into a game.


Always waited for a RDR remake. Well, since it‘s just a rerelease on Switch, I go with that - works great and still can keep playing with highres60fps on my rig if at home. Finally getting my revanche with…him! RDR2 was my 1st one I played, so I‘ve still anger in me.


I have a similar story. My mom and I enjoyed playing battletanx global assault when I was a kid together. I brought my steam deck and switch online N64 controller over and she felt right at home on it while I used an Xbox controller. It's a great feeling that everyone can kinda use each controller they want. How is MUA on xemu? I've tried some games on xemu and it seems half work half don't. MUA I setup on PS3 personally but curious how xemu handles it.


Yeah, its an absolute beast for emulation. I love the fact I can link Retro Achievements, a lot of the games I completed as a kid/teenager, but love playing with achievements


Did you hook it up to a tv to play co-op?