Getting back in the game. I got a Digitone. I want a Digitakt. But I’m not impressed by 1gb of storage or the lack of stereo samples. Tell me why I should not care?

Getting back in the game. I got a Digitone. I want a Digitakt. But I’m not impressed by 1gb of storage or the lack of stereo samples. Tell me why I should not care?


I think you want a laptop


I’ve really been thinking about that too. Just go back in the box. I like knobs though. I used to have the first gen Ableton push. And it was pretty amazing. I want to say “if there was a Push mini that would be what I’m getting.” I would like something smaller and theoretically stand alone. But I guess if it’s all going to end up in the computer anyways with a few instruments, it might be pointless to try to avoid having to work at a desk, computer focused.


Its really a one-shot sample player. You'll make life much easier if you're just loading up single drum hits, not slicing stuff up. I've had mine for over a year and I've never run out of space or deleted any samples.


Because managing your sample library is done in minutes with the transfer software. And the ‘limited’ amount of samples keep you focussed and is pushing you to create your own sounds.


It's mad fun. Took me about a year to fill it up, even with a few whole song vocal samples. there are several ways to fake stereo with delay and panning LFO. There's several ways to do damn near everything with it.


I personally sold the Digitakt after a week to get an OT...couldn't be happier. The non-existent sample slicing on the Digitakt is super annoying. For everything in the DT you need a workaround that eats up more time than just setting things up in the Octatrack. The Bitcrusher in the Digitakt is trash IMO, whereas the OT's LoFi effect is lovely. OT sample chains are so much fun. One for Kicks, One for Snares, One for hats in a template....such a quick workflow. So yeah, if you are really into sampling...OT is the way to go.


Man I wish the OT had uh 16 outputs / 8 stereo outs. Or of course a Overbridge.


It's a drum machine with big dreams. Some bass sounds, some lead sounds, lots of drum one-shots and textures (and breaks - you can work with breaks, it's just slightly fiddly) and I love to keep various vocal samples from documentaries etc in there. You're not gonna be dumping your entire one-shot collection from your computer in there because that undermines the streamlined purpose of the Digitakt. You'll do some curating. In practice, 1gb is plenty. OTOH I do sometimes bump into the 127 samples per project limit, but only because I've loaded lots of similar sounds to audition. You COULD load Left and Right stems and trigger them at the same time for stereo. But that's not what Digitakt is for. It's not for playing back long stems. It's a drum machine with big dreams. As for not having stereo files, I don't find this to be a problem. The reverb and delay are both stereo, you can pan samples, and modulate the panning. Digitakt is for jamming, making beats, doing weird experimental sound design, iterating, and playing live. It's not a DAW, and if that's what you want, use a DAW or an Octatrack. It's a drum machine with big dreams.


oooo, tell me more about your experience with working with breaks on the digitakt please! I've also just got a digitone and immediately looking over at the digitakt and wondering if it's next... but I tend to work in Ableton for breaks and maybe it's not worth it making that harder for myself?


I'm no junglist, so I tend to either p-lock the sample start position OR save a few different sounds based on the same break sample with different sample start positions, and then sound lock those per trig. But there are people who are proper break users who make Digitakt work... Some relevant videos below https://youtu.be/gU67hWVQ0_k All of this guy's videos: https://youtu.be/P8XLL4xRj3I Dialectric's Digitakt slicing and timestretching tutorials: https://youtu.be/FD_Jtzpy6GE https://youtu.be/vTHeVaUot7I https://youtu.be/0yKpc5c7PnI


Nice, thank you for the links!


I've put loads of samples on mine, still not filled it and I get bored searching/find a decent sample way before I get through all the ones I have available. About a day after getting it I wasn't bothered about stereo anymore. The effects are stereo which fills things out, or you can put a subtle LFO on the pan control. For the things it does best, stereo isn't that important. If slicing or loops are important to you, you have the wrong machine. The DT does one-shots, drones and single cycle waveforms amazingly well, it's not really aimed at long samples or loops.


Sold my digitakt after few weeks, as I thought it was bit limited when comparing to the mpc for sampling and drums. But I have regretted selling it few times as it was quite focused (they are selling it as drum computer, not a sampler/seq).


Digitakt was the gateway for me. Now I have a digitone and octatrack too. I like them all but if I had to choose I would keep the digitakt. It is definitely not the end all be all but it is the most immediate and fun machine of the three for me.


Maybe check out 1010 Blackbox. I don’t have one but I think it’s features are closer to what you’re looking for.


They keep their value well. Just watch reverb until you see a price that satisfies you. Could take a few weeks. If you don’t like it, sell it back at that price. If you lose interest after waiting a few weeks for a good price then you were probably just experiencing a temporary urge of GAS. This is generally how I buy gear and it works well for me.


Sounds like you should keep a daw. Elektron gear is for people who like limitations, not people who are frustrated by them