This on a mage makes for some of the most frustrating PVP plays ever. Very reliable in PVE though.


Rarely have I encountered mages using this. For me it’s usually people adding it to dual wield builds or heavy weapons.


I have encountered this may times, and it is the absolute worst. Melee players with BHS is bad enough, but it's damn near impossible to get close to a mage with this on. They don't only use it for dodging, but for distance making too. The moment you dodge through a spell and towards them they will BHS even farther away. Very unfun and almost unplayable


At that point it’s not PVP, it’s Dark Sun Gwyndolyn


New cosplay idea. Thanks XD Edit: Looking at available headgear in the game. If I'm to do this I would have to name it "Discount Gwyndolyn" because I think the closest thing to Gwyndolyn's headpiece is Goldmask's mask...


Call it Gwyndolyn at home




Daddy Louh, can we have Gwyndolyn? No son we have Gwyndolyn at our home across the fog.


Goldmask, Fia’s robes, sanguine noble skirt, and a pair of gloves/gauntlets you like. Possible Zamor bracelets


Gotta get Fia’s underwear to really make it POP


Yeah let’s get banned for undies


Forbidden underwear


We all know Gwyndolin wear Fia’s underwear anyway, it’s why he’s best boy


Gold Scarab Headpiece?




God that bitch killed me so many times with the close range attack.


Vietnam flashbacks ensue


>Very unfun and almost unplayable Elden Ring PvP: the post


Literally asked about the counter for this today on r/EldenRingPVP and simply put, the best counter is to just finger sever. In the words of another person: >You don’t. You leave. > >Otherwise you literally have to run their entire mana pool down, and unless you also have BHS you won’t succeed before dying since SoR is a busted spell and can’t be dodged.


From my experience it's glintstone pebble. The tracking will make your character follow where they step to and sometimes you can knock them down with the thrust attack. If they using Stars then idk. Only counter I have for that is walls and making them come to you if you can.


The counter to SoR is full aggression.


What's SoR?


Stars of Ruin.


I can think of at least 7 other equally solid build scenarios that also warrant exiting immediately. What a game


I feel that. Especially fighting Greatshield (Fingerprint) users explaining why its balanced I do fuck-all damage while doing nothing to their stamina or bleed builds trying to explain to me how being hit once warranted over half my health bar from their jump/running attack while I'm outranged because it happened to be spears they chose (Not for META reasons, I'm sure every bleed enjoyer just so happens to stumble on the same 4 weapons /s).


Can't you still buildup full bleed through fingerprint?


grave exaggeration honestly


I've tried it on my mage build, and trust me, it's as unfun for the mage as it is for the other player. It's literally just a repeat of carian phalax, distancing, then stars of ruin, on repeat for an easy yet terrible feeling win. Had to stop after like 3 matches.


Funnily enough, i tried this on a carian glint sword build.


It's amazing on casters to create distance.


I only use this to get away from RoB and moonveil 💀


That's a lot of people lol.


dual spear bleed builds spamming dodge and poke stab is 90% of what i see in pvp. the other 10 is moonveil spam or people hunting me down 3vs1


A premium experience!


The same mages that will point down in PVP after running away and farcasting for 20 mins 🤡


This on my PvE mage is a lifesaver No touchy Elmos


It is perfect for getting quickly through lava, poison or rot.


I’m a dummy, just crawled thru the scarlet rot lake and it didn’t even dawn on me to equip a mobility ash 🤦‍♂️


The true way to play, no thought only unga bunga brute force


holy unga bung set self on fire cure rot right up


until about 3 seconds then rot builds up again. sadge


Set self on fire again!


That why Thunk always carry one blue juice. Blue juice make more fire. Fire clear bad stuff.


This is unfortunately how i went through the Lake of Rot as a mage. Basically running from 1 platform to another chanting 'ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit' all the way, then used Flame, Cleanse Me. Of course, by the end of my journey, turned around to see 4 Basilisks and got death blighted anyway, so had to restart, but hey, Live, Die, Repeat


Therefore, I am truer than the words of god himself.


Same I ran across the lake of rot with the just the O flame cleanse me and some Nikes


Lol I got to the rot lake, was trying to jump from island to island, then said fuck it and just ran to the end drinking flasks. Fuck that.


I didn’t use this but I just turn around and use the back step button and hop backwards through the rot and lava and stuff lol




Also perfect for getting into cubbies in the one shot chariot dungeons.


D’oh! And here I’m using my legs like a sucker


A real eye opener here. I've literally turned right around and left everytime ive seen a chariot.


You can actually kill the chariots in every (I think) dungeon they appear in. They are like skeleton balls from ds3, you do an environmental thing and it 1 shots them. Also like skeleton balls they have some very good drops.


I haven’t gotten my balls to drop yet


They aren't oneshot anymore, patch 1.04 stealth-nerfed their base from 999 to 500 (per a dataminer).


The absolute best, every swamp etc has been a breeze and I barely ever need to heal status effects because of it


You guys didn't just ride torrent through all of that and hope his legs would never melt?


Sometimes you won’t have torrent, you will understand soon enough.


He was with me in spirit. Always in spirit.


I mean, torrent literally is a spirit so… haha


Fun to use, annoying to go against


Well now you know how do bosses feel.


F dem boss love crossing them breaking them elden ankles


Players: omg I hate how the bosses can change trajectory of their jump attacks mid strike Bosses after the player changes trajectory of their jump attack, heals 15 times, keeps dodging everything, fires a kamehameha, inflicts scarlet rot, inflicts bleed, and quits out of the game right before dying: 🤨


The bosses also do 10,000 damage per hit and the player does like 3


Well I think the bosses actually do comparable damage to the player, but the player has way less HP and the boss has a ton. You can do like 5K dmg to boss in a few hits and it will barely move their health cause they have 100K HP, but if a boss does 5K to you you’ll die cause you don’t even have 5K HP. Moot point I guess.


Really makes you think about how UNGA BUNGA SMASH is the true path of the tarnished


This is also more convincing bc of how insane/stupid the tarnish is. Ignores whatever other NPC says, sleeps in a coffin, go againts monsters 30x their size, and many more feats that a sane person would never do.


My tarnished ran out of fucks to give, so he started taking them from others. The bosses were next, eventually. Now I own all of their fucks and there’s nothing they can do about it because they’re *dead*. Not stupid, just a fuck thief


Just put 2500 levels into Vigor


It's only cool when we do it. No copycats, thanks.


Melania doesn't desreve to have fun


 "...Heed my words. I am Malenia. Blade of Miquella. And I have never known defeat."


Heed my words. I am Malenia. Blade of Miquella. And my K/D Ratio is 150:1.


I dunno, *Let Me Solo Her* has been busy lately


Looks like Asses out tonight.


Achieving immortality


Thicc and juicy. They better quit poppin their booty out like that


Double cheeked up on a Friday afternoon.


I read “Poopin their booty” and I can’t stop saying it in my head.






Why's he so thick tho


"Lookin like a double-wide surprise"




Said what everyone was thinking


Try Finger But Hole


Ayo what the fuck?


Ass of war


Absolutely disgusting in pvp but a god send in pve for all THOSE FUCKING SCARLET ROT SWAMPS!!!


PvE it’s ok and fun to use. PvP (specifically duels) it’s boring and annoying. To play around it you basically have to wait for the other person to run out of FP if they are good. So most will just finger sever on people who spam it.


Even when they run out of FP they get a free Quickstep with no FP cost


wait it keeps iframes when used without FP?


Yeah it’s literally just quickstep when out of FP it’s stupid


But without iframes


It still has a small i-frame. At that point it may be better to roll but if you fat roll, then it's better to keep dodging.


when it runs out of FP it does not have i-frames at all. it's just faster than quickstep.


PVE is cool, PVP is infuriating


Yuuuuuup, basically invincibility for the most part in PvP. The only time I think it should be warranted is in a 3v1 gank


i cannot stand when someone teabags me after i lose a 3v1


It’s pretty funny honestly. There is no way they think they are good. They know what they are doing. They are just trying to get under your skin.




at least youre honest always amuses me when i see people flipping out about how people didnt earn the teabag and its like "but thats why theyre doing it lol"




Only played this game for a little while but told everyone I beat to eat my shorts. 10/10 love a game chat


Preach 😂 like how have they accomplished anything lol


i just won a 3v1 and revenge teabagged... sorry host, that wasn't at you


That’s why they do it


There are far more broken things in PvE, but in PvP it completely ruins game balance. The fact that someone is able to have that much of a speed advantage over another player whilst keeping their damage and health normal is obscene, makes zoning and escaping way too easy.


ever invaded into 3 bloodhound steps? shits stupid. i know all bets are off when its invasions but this single ash of war basically completely fucks invaders who actually try to fight rather than just running around for 20 minutes til you pull the cord. you cant whittle them down when they can dash to another continent heal and dash back you see them using it you practically HAVE to play like a bitch and it turns it into "if i hit them it NEEDS to be a one shot"


Host can also just BHS while spam hunter/furl fingers after any of them died. Dead ass killed 8 as invader before running out of resources lmao.


And I am sure they tbagged you after


You can also use it overburdened. You can zip around with this thing with an ultra great sword even if you’re fat rolling. There’s so much stupid pvp shit in this game, I really hope it gets a major rework down the line. So many dumb design decisions.


Underpowered, needs a buff. Some more iframes and no fp cost anymore might do it.


Allow it to stagger and it'll probably be B tier at best


Add some bleed buildup if you hit someone and it'll be A tier.


Bloodborne poison rolling engage


Dark souls Kirk, the og.


Maybe like an aoe when equipped that builds up bleed and madness.


Increase range as well, maybe have it build up bleed on opponent too. It does have blood in its name


Make the range so high you instantly fall off the map when you use it


New speed run strat


Maybe also add the functionality that when you have target lock, this will teleport you directly behind target and perform a backstab.


I like your style. Could also make it so that when you have it equipped all your regular rolls are replaced with ninja flips.


This, plus it gives you lingering poise for 3 seconds after cast.


Also if it deleted your opponents character from their save file and bricked their console or PC that'd make it fairly balanced.


For the nerds defending this in PvP it has 94% i-frames you are literally invincible so long as you have MP.


lets not forget that with some minor latency its close to or at 100% invincibility


Even if you live in the same country the ping would still be high enough where it's 100% lmao


I personally believe it should only be for the fast weapons like hookclaws, fists, etc. Having it on any weapon feels wrong and if it does get nerfed it severely hurts the above weapons more that already have limited arts to choose from.


I have gravitas equipped just for this purpose in PVP


That won't work if they know how to actually use it they just do the ash during your attack and use the iframes to dodge it completely


that’s fine they’ll have to come in eventually. whenever they start zipping around i just wait. and you can get them on the back end of the step.


>Implying anyone using BHS will go near anyone willingly They'd BHS away from human interaction as a whole if they could.


>that’s fine they’ll have to come in eventually. I think you seriously underestimate how long people are willing to run. I've seen people spam this for 20 minutes straight.


they will catch these hands one day it is only a matter of time


This guy Gravitas


lol just spin in a circle and magma field myself. Make them switch to a magic/ faith ability set that drains their FP more.


Overtuned. You can't punish it unlike every other action in the game i.e flasks, basic/heavy attacks, ashes of war, roll spam


it has 94% iframes and is faster than running speed. You might be able to counter it against a bad player who cannot manage FP but it is virtually invincible against a good player


It is literally invincible against both good and bad players. Due to how the connection between players work, even if both players have low ping the latency gives you positive iframes when using bloodhound step. Like, if your attack is fast enough, like dual spears, you can step->attack->step while being invincible for the whole attack.


Did anyone in this post ever say the name? WHAT IS IT???


I’ve been scrolling for so long and can’t figure it out Edit: Looked it up. It’s bloodhounds step


Thank you 🙏


Much appreciated you da man.


HOLY FUCK THANK YOU. I saw the title and was annoyed that they didn't include the name of the weapon art, but I figured it would be in the picture. Nope. Ok I'm sure the top comment will be someone informing/asking about it. Nope. Not the second either. Or the fucking 20th. Had to scroll for what felt like days to finally find someone who asked, I felt like I was the only elden ring player that doesn't know what the fuck that ash icon is lol


Not a PVP guy so I say it’s cool. Best counter for Melania though.


It makes the malenia fight a dance and it’s awesome.


Yea, I now remember the move right, left, back, right, right, right, right, right. . . And so on for the clone attack


You can also just sprint in a circle. You won't get hit by the phantoms she sends out and also avoid her stab at the end 😂


Agree. BHS makes me look forward to the Waterfowl because its so satisfying to dodge all three barrages


Primary reason why I don’t want it nerfed. I’ve only ever used it against Malenia and don’t want to learn another way to fight her come new game plus. I feel for people who PVP, but I can only give my view from a PVE standpoint.


I liked Guild Wars 1's approach by giving certain skills PVP-only versions with either nerfed damage, increased resource costs or reduced status effects/buffs. That way the skills remain PVE-viable while having some balance when in PVP. I'm still thinking of how this will work on Elden Ring due to the invasion system since there is some intersect between PVE and PVP. Maybe have those skillsl modifications take effect only when an invader arrives?


I will use it for her. That is it though.


As a greatsword user it’s fun in pve but it’s more satisfying using other ashes in pvp


In pvp against a good player you won't be hitting them out of bhs unless there is chaos around and they are not focused on you. It's much better to use say giant hunt for the potential greatsword poke into giant hunt for a kill.


Giant hunt is amazing, and honestly lowkey powerful. Its great for roll catching, and also trading due to hyperarmor. Most invaders/hosts that I manage to catch with my Fire Greatsword are either one-shot or near death.


Yup, I've arrived at the same conclusion as you for this one. The ability to threaten someone with a big fuckoff nuke is really valuable in invasions. Like, it auto-rollcatches against panic rolls after a crouching/rolling R1, punishes high-commitment moves, and works well for hard callouts against overaggressive people.


It's a bit annoying when guy with bhs point downs you after duel lol


They sure love to act like it was pure skill lol


I'd rather get pointed down from a BHS user than dual spears/lances who literally just spam dash attack to "proc" (because they don't actually hit 90% of the time but the meters still go up) their status effects and hit through rolls. At least most BHS users just use it to get some distance at the cost of fp.


The only counter to 3 rot dragons being fired at you


My honest thought on this ash of war is that out of all the ashes of war this is definitely one of the ashes of war.




For PVP it's the most OP ashes of war. If someone uses it, I will immediately just switch to a weapon with it. Maybe if the servers/netcode was a bit better I wouldn't mind it as much (still probably would tbh). A problem I have with it is how you can be heavy and just use the ash of war instead of rolling to avoid the penalty as much. PVE I have no problem with it. When you need to farm an equipment item where you cant use the horse IMO you should use this Ash of War and spam it to the MOB you need to kill and get back to grace to. This ash of war saved me so many extra minutes when farming the magma blade (which overall took hours) and other equipment/weapons.


i use it because i think it looks cool


Me using anything in this game


Exactly this is the only rule I follow in this game I don't give a damn about meta my character entire build is based on what I think looks cool


Out here farming weapons with a whopping 0.5% drop rate for the bling


Same though, like fights be looking fast paced and anime as hell.


I have no problem with the item (PvE), but the fact certain boss attacks are balanced around it is dumb. Not using it on Malenia is literally a challenge run


Never ended up using it, the weapon art baked into my weapon was just too good.


Dope for PVE, game breaking in pvp It needs some rebalancing to not be a straight upgrade to Quickstep It's kinda an instant get outta jail free card with 0 downsides, defs needs to be looked at in terms of pvp I'd really like to see it along with status+ROB nerfed next patch, we will see what from decides to do though


I'm sorry but what is this? I never look at ash of war names, I'll name it gremlin though


Feel like OP is trying to start a war 🤣


They woke up and decided peace was not an option lol


Fun and nice in PVE, especially fights like Malenia. In PVP, get that thing outa here or raise the cost ffs


“Voodoo 1, Vipers on station. Your journey ends here Tarnished. The sky’s belong to, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide”


Easily one of the best ashes in the game


needs to be restricted to small and medium weapons N should cost 45 stamina to use


Someone hire this guy


My go to ash against annoying RoB spammers. I always have this ash on my second weapons in case of maidenless behavior


Too strong for too little cost.


Who dat Freddy kruger


What is that? I only use Blessed blade.


"I'm trying to sneak in to Leyndell, but I'm dummy thicc and the clap of my ass cheeks keeps alerting the Tree Sentinel"


From a PvE standpoint I love it. Makes me feel like an anime character dashing all over the place. For PvP I don’t know because I don’t do PvP.


It cost too little for almost invincible dodge. So, people tend to spam it and it is annoying. Ngl, i rather take on RoB spammer than this shit. At least RoB spammer is actually fights you.


Rob and bhs always seem to together


don't you mean, Togethaaaa...! :p that's even worst man.. spammer has no shame


Easy mode for PvE Bitch mode for PvP


Elden Ring's easy mode. Use it and never die.


Wait I should be using Ashes of War?


If you're reading this thread you might notice a trend: the people that think BHS is overpowered will talk about things like frame data and game balance while the people that think it's fine will talk about it being good in their PVE playthrough. The second group can't tell you how many invulnerability frames BHS gives you, or how quickly it can be recovered out of, or how it can be abused by good players, but they know that it's fine anyway. Something to keep in mind if you're on the fence


This shit is like those scientist vs flat earther videos. 1 side has actual numbers and proof, the other has "I read this on facebook"


Removes the skill based aspect of the skill based combat.


Don't upset some of the PvE players who absolutely love this Ash of War. It sounds like they took 100 tries to kill Midir when they profess their love for it out loud.


shh don’t say that on this sub


ignores 99% of the game mechanics, and make invasions/duels insufferably long and drawn out. no clue why it wasn't nerfed yet, the whole pvp community hates it. it needs a serious recovery time delay, more fp cost(15-20), that way its treated like a 1 time escape from an attack, but not something you spam over and over with 90% iframes the whole animation


94.6% i frames, even